Tell Them That You Love Them.

1 04 2008

2008 has already proved to be a trying year. . . .
At Christmas my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, and is expected to pass away before may.  At almost 30 I’ve never suffered the loss of a family member.  I wonder how I will deal. . . .

And as many of you know, this past week my sister in law Kate was in a horrible car accident, caused by the carelessness of a drunk driver.  She is currently in the ICU.  Updates about Kate’s condition can be read on Paul’s website at, I have some updates on my FaceBook page as well.

Finding out about Kate’s accident was gut wrenching – simply put it made me realise just how important Kate is to me, and how much I love her.  The sad thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever told Kate that.

We only got a few brief minutes to see Kate, and I had a minute on my own with her.  I held her hand and told her I loved her.  I really do hope she heard me.

Get better soon sister, I have so much I want to tell you. . . .

First Day

27 08 2007


I hope your first day of Teacher’s College was good.

School’s Back In

7 07 2007

Congrats to my sister in law Kate.  She was accepted to teachers college and plans to attend during the next school season.  Lots of new changes for her and Paul, including a temporary move.  Kate will live closer to school, and Paul will be working at a satellite plant in Port Colbourne so they can be closer to one another.


I Need a Vacation

18 06 2007

I haven’t been on a true relaxing vacation in a few years. Sure I’ve taken a little time off here and there. This year I took time off for my Brother in Law’s wedding, but it wasn’t for ‘me’ or relaxing/refreshing/rejuvenating like sitting on the white sands of a tropical paradise with a fruity drink dressed with an umbrella.

I need some time off for myself (and Colin)

In August Colin and I have booked a week off, we will drive up to Sudbury for a few days to see P&K and their house and hopefully head off to a cottage for the rest of the week.

I’m looking forward to no internet, no laptops, no phones, no cellphones, no Blackberry. I am far too attached to these items day to day. . . . .

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Walking in Heels

30 04 2007

I love the look of a hot pair of heels.  Be damned if I can walk in them, though.

I suppose the irony of the fact I can’t walk in heels is my years and years of dance lessons and competitive dance.

I danced in “Character Shoes” which were high-heels with straps.  I did kick lines, and Can-can, pirouettes et all and never a problem walking in them.

I also took 4 years of Pointe.  You’d think with the rigorious routines you subject your feet to in Pointe, walking in heels would be a breeze.  No dice for Joey.

Last weekend when my In Laws were here my Mother in Law bought me a hot little pair of sandles (see below)

image hosted by image

I love them, but as with any pair of heels, I have to bring a back up pair of flats when the pain gets to much.

I blister easily.  What can I say.

I wore them to Gibby’s and all the walking around we did by the Old Port, but on Sunday when we went to Church – I couldn’t even keep them on for the service.  I slid them under the pew in front of me.  I hope they weren’t ‘pew’ themselves.

We went to Tim Horton’s for lunch and onto Ste Anne De Bellevue to walk along the boardwalk, needless to say, on came the flats.

The day after P&K’s wedding we all know about the high heel boot fiasco, I sprained my ankle really badly (infact i’m still in a bit of a pain from it) – after my tumble, on came the flats.

For P&K’s wedding, I bought a great pointy pair of heels, and a back up pair of flats that looked the same.  During the ceremony I had to walk up the little staircase, and I knew I didn’t want to chance fate – on came the flats.

Then walking back to the car between the service and reception, well, I couldn’t keep up with everyone in my heels.  On came the flats.

Then there was the dancing.  I couldn’t be expected to give my heart out to the Village People’s YMCA in heels, could I?  On came the flats.

Even at my own wedding, on came the flats.  I switched to a silvery pair of flip flops from my heels just after the ceremony and pictures. 

Colin can always tell when I’m uncomfortable in shoes, he says I go from having my shoulders back and standing tall and confident to a hunched over waddling penguin with piegon feet.

Perhaps I’m only destined to enjoy LOOKING at fabulous heels, and never wearing them.

Sigh. .  . . . .

Raclette with the In Laws

21 04 2007

Yesterday night for dinner we tried Raclette, often also called “Party Grill” – raclette is the new fondue of the 70s.  You sit around, grilling your food as you eat, talking and laughing.

 Those of you who know my father in law, know he doesn’t cook for himself.  Never has.

 This has been a year of change for him, at Christmas Paul, Kate, Colin and myself watched him serve himself coffee, and use the microwave at Christmas.  The room fell silent with gobsmacked onlookers!

Both Mr and Mrs Graham enjoyed the experience, but won’t be hosting their own raclette meal any time soon.


Project Code Name: Sewing Guinea Pig Subject: Music to my Ears

28 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : IPod Holder.
  • Mission :Your mission, should you choose to accept it, make a nice small gift to send to your new sister in law. Make it up as you go along.



For Christmas P gave K a red Ipod, I thought since I’m on a sewing streak I thought I’d make her an Ipod holder. I’ve got it ready to send in the post tomorrow.

I even made a little pocket on the back for earphones.

I didn’t make a pattern, I just played it by ear. . . .

Get it “played it by ear” . . . .man I crack myself up. . . .  . .