Tonights Crafty Bits, before I ran out of thread.

3 04 2007

One of Colin’s paintball friends, Will and his girlfriend, just welcomed their first baby over the weekend. A little girl.
I thought I’d make something I could squish into an envelope to send to them to congratulate them. . . . so I made a pair of baby shoes. I’m pretty pleased for a first try.

I also made another headband, I love love love that pattern! So easy! Including cutting and pressing its no more than 15 minutes!


And then I ran out of thread. . . . .      😦




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3 04 2007

Love the booties!

4 04 2007

Thanks Holly!

9 04 2007
Christine Hann

Those are the cutest booties/shoes!!! Can you make a pair for my round two? It won’t be for a while though.

9 04 2007

Oh GAWD Christine, when you have a number two that poor child will be FORCED to wear all sorts of weird craft-like objects and clothing I produce. . . .

The child has been scared even before its been concieved!

I pity that child already. . . . . .

woooo hoooooooo.

Maybe I could make you a matching pair too.


11 04 2007

I wish I had someone to make such cute booties for. Those are adorable.

11 04 2007


I’m making a bunch, for any ‘just in case’


18 04 2007

Hi all!
I like this forum!!

4 11 2007

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14 01 2008

Where you wanted?


16 01 2008

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16 01 2008
18 01 2008

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22 01 2008

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26 01 2008

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27 01 2008

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1 02 2008

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1 02 2008

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16 02 2008
4 03 2008

Hello guys
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18 03 2008

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19 03 2008
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27 03 2008

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31 03 2008

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7 04 2008
11 04 2008

Hello my friends 🙂

14 04 2008

Al-Salaam Al-Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh,Sisters AND Brothers!
A’uthu billahi min ash-shaytaanir-rajeem.
First off,and most importantly-how are you’re Grandmother and Mother?!
I dearly love my Mother[without bein’ a “momma’s boy”](hint,hint:look up my Mom’s favorite song “Kathy’s Clown”-The Everly Brothers)
Allah’s(s.w.t.) Qadr is on-time ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I desperately miss my 2 Grandmothers,we were real “clingy”(they died 2 weeks apart!-in Dec.’95&Jan.’96,just after I was furloughed from my first “good job” from Amtrak.
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BTW,what is “mid-America”?!
If you’re from S.F.-it’s anywhere east of SAC.
If you’re from N.Y.-it’s anywhere west of Rochester.
Whatz-up with THAT?!(hahaha)
I guess all of us “travellers” have similiar qualities.Allahu-Alim.

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My BEST neighbor,for almost 12 years,has been a Mexican immigrant named Armando-family man,massively hospitable,humorous,and a strong male!
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Love ya babies!!!

I made shahada in late Feb ’97…….Allahu-Akbar.It was almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit that day(in late Feruary)~~~~~~~HIGHLY unusual.
Allah’s(s.w.t.) Qadr is on-time ALL the time.

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*Allah’s(s.w.t.) Qadr is on-time ALL the time!(Please smile,—Sweeeetiez!)*

***I love baby booties…,babies…., and…………. BOOTIES!!!(SHAME on MEEEE-HAHAAHAAAAAAAAA),-I’m SORRY-I couldn’t resist. ——-[astaghfirAllah]>>>>>>>>>>
Hey……,ain’t there somethin backwardz about that joke-(DyyaaaHaaaaHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!)***
….Oops,me sorry
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My intense, natural “joie de vivre” also gives me a “tend-[ency] to shout” as well.I’m told I’m too ‘light-complected’ for that sorta’ thing(lol).
My parents(sometimes via physical beatings-which I usually deserved,hehehe)
taught me how to use my “inside voice” and table manners,Al-Hamdulillah!

“white dude”: “Duuuude, why ya gotta be so loud all the time,dude.”
Now C’MOOOON—that’s FUNNY[“I wish”-Insha’Allah]!
I just LOOOOVE—FUN,BEAUTY,and healthy MISCHIEF-don’t YOU?!
And,ain’t scared to fight for it-for the sake of Allah(s.w.t.) ONLY.
Al-Hamdulillahi-Rabb-iil al-Ameen…
Is that so wrong?Is it a crime?!
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Maybe,I can take a trip by airplane,Amtrak,or my own automobile soon,Insha’Allah!I really miss travelling.
I LOVED the movie “Planes,Trains,and Automobiles”,—wasn’t it great?!
(hint,hint:”It’s Good to be Here”-Digable Planets)

Oh!-btw,I just “found” 2 WONDERFUL songs on YouTube[Jazak-Allah-Khayr!]:
“Mom You’re My Hero”-Ray Schinnery
“Heavy Women Excite Me”-Ray Schinnery
Masha’Allah-how could a man want it any other way?!!!

“Ebony Eyes”-Rick James&Smokey Robinson

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14 04 2008

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14 04 2008

Al-Salaam Al-Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh,Sisters and Brothers.

(This is Bob Mc-Barker saying:”Do NOT have your pets spade or neutered!!!!”)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew!That was a CLOSE one,Jazak-Allah-Khayr,Bob!

17 05 2008

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4 06 2008

Приветствую всех!
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19 03 2010

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3 04 2010

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11 04 2010

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11 04 2010

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21 04 2010

You may have read that the creators of Southpark are threatened to their lives by Islamic extremists for playing a episode showcasing Muhammed.

If you have viewed the show you will be aware that they did not even show him. Anyone else think that this went unbelievably too far?

22 04 2010

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30 04 2010

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17 05 2010

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29 05 2010

Maybe you have learned about the massive oil leak outside of the Gulf of Mexico. Do you think this will likely have a major damaging effect on our animal population near Mexico?

3 06 2010
Jerrell Winger

Instead of criticising write the variants.

9 06 2010

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12 06 2010

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15 06 2010

Is it just me personally or has been down a lot as of late? Does any one know the explanation for this all down time?

25 06 2010

Did you guys catch the pathetic game in between Brazil and Portugal at the 2010 WC? I seriously believe it is unsportsly behavior and should be disciplined. What do you think?

30 06 2010

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1 08 2010

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29 08 2010

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3 07 2011

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1 04 2013

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