Dealt a Great Hand: Casino Royale & Date Night

21 11 2006

***Update ***March 12 2007 : Casino Royale is released on VIDEO & DVD this week

***Update*** March 12th 2007 : Daniel Craig talks about Nudity in the new un named James Bond 22, read my thoughts, including PICTURES :

***Original Entry*** November 21 2006 : So last night Colin and I re-hatched “Date Night”. We haven’t been to a movie in eons, or at least it felt like eons . . . . . It felt really good to go out with Colin and just chat. Work keeps us both so busy, that sometimes we forget to sit back, take a deep breath, shut off the cell phones and Blackberrys and just live. I’m hoping date night becomes a weekly event again.

We went to Montanas for ribs, and then to the movies to see the new James Bond film “Casino Royale”.

My Thoughts on the film.

  • NEY – 2.5 hours, it was “Waterworld” long
  • NEY – Too much darn card playing, (I know, I know, its called ‘Casnio Royale)
  • NEY – The villian, “Le Chiffre” and his demise
  • NEY – The Asthma inhaler. (I’m actually going to make a seperate Blog about this)
  • YEAH – Daniel Craig (I’ll comes back to this one)
  • YEAH – Some great diaolouge scenes (Bond with Vespa in the train in CLASSIC!
  • YEAH – Opening action sequence rocked. Lots of “parcour” (or however you spell it)
  • YEAH – Not overly “Bond Cheesy”, although I have to say I did enjoy when the lines got used. . . . . .
  • YEAH – Astin Martins.
  • YEAH – Daniel Craig. Did I mention him?

Ok, Let me talk for a moment about Daniel Craig. Adore him. Colin and I discussed him at great lengths on the car ride home. And in the simpliest of terms, I am extremely attracted to him as Bond.

I was watching “Ebert and Roper” and they said that Daniel Craig’s protrayal of Bond is the closest ever to Ian Flemming’s novel. If thats the case, I might have to pick up a copy of the book!

He is chisled (oh is he chisled), looks smashing in the tux and boy can that guy order a martini. His gorgeous bright and deep blue eyes, and the glint in his eyes as the corners of his mouth form a mischevious grin.

Every man who has donned the dinner jacket embodies this character differently – like Pierece Brosnen who in my opinion was debbonair Bond (snotty and eliteist) – I didn’t enjoy or really like his take on Bond.

Up to now, I’ve always like Sean Connery as Bond. . . . . .

Perhaps I like the “bad boy” Bonds. The rough around the edges, sharp wittied, inner romantic kinda Bond.

Back to Daniel Craig, for the ladies there are several shots of his well oiled, tanned and ripped stomach, as well as a very satifying “crotch shot” when he is in a bathing suit close to the end of the film. Lets just say with a body like that, you wouldn’t be kicking him out of the bed for eating crackers. . . .

All in all. Good action scenes for the guys, Enough of Daniel Craig in various states of undress for the ladies.


casino Royale

Daniel Craig as Bond

Daniel Craig bathing suit crotch shot


New March 12th 2007, Daniel Craig talks about Nudity in the new un named James Bond 22




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