Family Guy Hour Long STAR WARS Episode to air SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23 2007

22 09 2007

Tomorrow is the long anticipated one hour season premiere of The Family Guy. At least Colin has been long anticipating it. . . . . (This poster is not accurate the the episode that will be playing tomorrow – I couldn’t find a Family Guy Star Wars poster besides this one)

This kick off to the fifth season of Fox’s animated hit “the Family Guy” will see the Family Guy characters morphed into Star wars characters, who will recount Star Wars : Episode IV A New Hope.

The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a huge Star Wars fan, and worked tirelessly to get George Lucas’ blessing to do the episode.

Stewie as Darth Vader. . . . does it get better than that????

Here is a sneak preview!

The snacks are ready, the chicken wings are in the freezer, the beer is cooling. . . . . . . At this historic moment, will you be able to say “I know where I was”???

Lake Clean

5 08 2007

Colin and I are going to a friends cottage next weekend, and then up to the big nickel to see P&K.

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Finnegan’s Market

4 08 2007

Colin and I went to Finnegan’s Flea Market today.

Colin hates this stuff, but he did it anyways.  Because I like them.

I’ve been looking for chairs.  I’d like to buy 6 different and unique chairs, and refinish them the same.   I’ve always loved the look of the different chairs on “Friends”  in Monica’s kitchen.  Currently I have the SAME chair in different colours, now I want DIFFERENT chairs all in black.

Colin vowed not to buy anything all day, and in the end – I ended up chairless, and Colin ended up with 2 jars of homemade steak seasoning and a book about the FBI (with the Forward by J.Edgar Hoover)  Total cost for the day, $9.00.

After the market we went to water, and watched the wind surfers and jet skiers on Oka beach. . .

It was a beautiful hot day, and it was nice to get some more colour in my face.

Not The Scariest Guy On the Train

3 08 2007

Colin commutes to work on the train. Normally he gets a row of seats to himself, even when the train is hot, busy and crowded.

Colin is a big, broad man. His large frame slumped into the seats, mustach and goatee, dark sunglasses listening to his iPod. Shoulders hunched and arms crossed, usually wearing a biker hoodie.

Needless to say, if you didn’t know Colin he perhaps doesn’t have the air of the most approachable person on the train, and simple not the person you want to sit next to. Either that or a younger blonde member of ZZ Top – and I believe its a common fear to be afraid of ZZ Top.

Tonight, someone DID sit with Colin on the train. And HE was the scariest guy on the train.

Meet Skull Face. . . .

Picture Source

I couldn’t believe that a quick Google search actually found pictures of the guy!!

For those who are interested in body modification, and extreme tattoos you might have already seen this guy (who’s name I couldn’t find). What I was able to find out about our friend is that he is from Montreal, (still lives here) and had this extreme tattoo done at Derm FX Tattoo by “Frank” here in Montreal.

What a brave man for getting this tattoo, what a brave artist for creating it! I just don’t know how you’d get something like this!

I wonder what this guy does for a living!?!? Imagine going to a job interview with tattoos like this?

Colin and I have been looking at the pictures, and we are trying to imagine him smiling too. . . .we just can’t see him smiling. . . .

Naan Bread

6 07 2007

I have a big deadline at work coming up, so I’ve been staying later to get more work done.

I intended to stay to about 7-8pm on Friday, so I had less to do during the weekend. I called Colin to confirm where/when I was going to pick him up (we’re still a ‘one car’ family)

He says to me (in the funniest little grumpy man voice) “I don’t want to stay at work, they are having curry and someone always eats my Naan bread”.

I could just imagine him sitting there, slouched in his chair with his armed crossed, pouting.

Yes, my 31 year old big, full bearded husband – pouting.

Does anyone remember “The Dinosaurs”??


Who took my Naan bread. . . .


4 07 2007

Colin and I went for a meal last night to “Soupbol”.  Colin had the Pad Thai noddles and I had a chicken Tonkinese soup.

I love Soupbol, its one of those few and far between restaurants that you can get a warming hot meal that fills you up, but doesn’t stuff you to the brim.  Also, its very affordable.  You get a meal, and appetizer and a drink for under $30 for two people.

I have to mention the staff as well, I really enjoyed how polite and courteous our server was.  She was delightfully sweet and was able to recommend items to complement our meal.  And she allowed us to make a few out of the box requests.   I love Soupbol’s peanut sauce, and instead of having plum sauce with my imperial rolls, she let me have a bowl of peanut sauce instead.

The plan was to go to the cinema to see Transformers after our meal at Soupbol.  We got to the Kirkland Collisuem, where the movie was playing on 4 of the 16 screens

Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.

Can you believe it was sold out across the board.   (I suggested that we go and see “Knocked Up” and was promptly told – No!  Not a chick flick)

Surely Transformers was not going to be popular with the kids that weren’t even born in the 80s to remember the TV series (or original animated film) .  Why was the movie theatre packed?

Then it dawned on us, cheap ticket Tuesday!  Blasted!  Curses!

Why can’t parents keep their kids home and let the TV raise them like our parents. . . .

Colin and I might go this weekend to see Transformers.   We also have a date set next week with some friends to check out the new Harry Potter film.  We’ll be going to Dim Sum that night.



30 06 2007

Colin and I are having a lazy Saturday afternoon, watching “Jaws”  . . .

. . . and you know what dawned on us. . . .

 . . . . . We have no idea where to get good English style Fish’n’Chips in Montreal.


What a shame, eh?  Any body know where to get Fish’n’Chips ’round here?

picture source shark.   picture source fish’n’chips.