Don’t Walk into this Walk in Clinic

2 05 2007

“You can’t just walk into this walk in clinic; you’ve never walked in here before” 

Yes – that is the reply I got from happy-sunshine “Bessie” at a local walk in clinic. 

Lau William Dr

Address: 4415, boulevard Notre-Dame,
Laval, QC
H7W 1T7
Telephone: 450-687-2221


I am writing the REAL names of the receptionist and the doctors office to ‘warn’ others that this WALK IN CLINIC does not accept new patients, only people who have walked into this walk in clinic before will be seen.  Truth! 

Those who read the blog will know I’m having some problems with one of my ears.  It’s plugged or something deep in the ear channel. I have little hearing out of that ear, and its causing me spatial awareness and depth perception problems, as well as a dull constant throbbing in my ear.  It’s happened to me before, (I’m prone to ear infections), and all I need is to have my ears flushed out.   I’m so grumpy and irritable.  It’s probably the ear; actually I know it’s the ear. 

I thought I could walk in to the local walk in clinic and get my ears cleaned out and be on my merry way in a 5 minute appointment (waiting in the waiting room would have taken longer) 

Bessie, the receptionist with the customer service abilities of an amoeba, and the language skills of a Cave Man (sorry Geico Cave Man), certainly helped the situation.  Bessie not only hung up on me twice, but was rude at the same time.  Of course I called her back and asked her why she felt the need to be rude to me, she said that I’m not a patient at the clinic, and didn’t have time to speak to me.  Click!   

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised,  its very very hard to find a doctor (any doctor, of any specialty) here in Quebec (and specifically the
Montreal area) – and then add in that I would prefer a English language doctor, (and preferably a woman), well in short – I’m fucked.  Plain and simple. 

Like anywhere there are a shortage of doctors & nurses, and an even shorter list of GOOD doctors & nurses.  Funny that the largest medical university in Canada (
University) is right here in

I respect the medical professional, and can only imagine the stress of being spread so thinly.  But to be spoken to on the phone in the manner I was by this receptionist, it was appalling.  No one, no customer, no patient, deserved to be spoken to like that.  I am writing a letter to the doctors office to tell them how I was treated.  I expect that it will be ignored.  But it will make me feel better. 

And anything that makes me feel better right now is a good thing


If anyone does have a phone number/contact details for a doctors office or walk in clinic that will actually see patients, please email me.  Please!



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2 05 2007

That kinda defeats the purpose of a walk-in-clinic! Sweet service…

2 05 2007

I know!!!!!!!

I called to find out when they had a ‘slot’ I figured I could ‘reserve’ a spot for myself. . . . .

But instead I got lip service from Bessy.

My ear is KILLING me!! Tell me you feel bad for me, tell me you feel bad.

I promise I won’t tease you about loaders.

pinky swear.

2 05 2007

I do feel bad. I had an ear ache on Saturday and couldn’t even lie on my right side. I used to get swimmer’s ear all the time as a kid and it friggin’ killed!!!!
I feel your pain, I swear!

3 05 2007

Joey.. my husband and one of my kids has had that problem with ears needing to be flushed. I wish I could give you a Dr.’s name but being all the way here in SK.. I don’t know any.

I can offer a suggestion that you try buying from the pharmacy, those drops that soften the ear wax and allow it to drain. I bought the drops for my daughter. They’re between $10 and $20 (here anyway) but you can get them OTC which is good.

Another thing I can tell you is that if you’re having ear pain (like you get with an ear infection) you can take anti-histamine and it will lessen the pain. I also know that if you have serious pain, you can for a short time, combine Ibuprofin and Acetaminophen (So Advil and Tylenol) and together they make the equivalent of a prescription pain killer. I was told that in the Emergency Dept. with someone who had severe tooth pain and had to wait till the next day for a dentist.

Those are only temporary measures unless the ear wax softening drops do work for you. Bessie is a shithead but I have to say you’re not alone. I was trying to find my daughter a female doctor to switch to and we have a shortage of them here too. I hope you do find someone soon.. and hope that at least one of the things I’ve mentioned can give you some relief.

Hugs! Ear pain sucks.

3 05 2007

Oh.. just make sure you’re ok with Advil (Ibuprofin) since not everyone can take it. It can be hard on the tummy for some. If you’d feel better checking.. call a pharmacy and ask about taking the two together (I won’t be offended that you checked it out first). I’m sure they’ll tell you not to make a habit of it but I occasionally get a 3 day migraine (from an old injury I had) and I’ve done it several times in my life without croaking (well except when I try to sing).

3 05 2007

Thanks Fracas! I’m going to the pharamcy before work. . . . I need to post my letter to that doctors office and all. . .

21 04 2008
Walgreens Clinic

Don’t deal with the mom and pop clinics. Go with the brand name that you can trust. The drug stores are getting into the walk-in clinic business. By operating a clinic out of a drug store, like Walgreens and CVS, you will be able to get the treatment you need and the medication as well. These clinics are operated by Take Care Health Clinic.

27 05 2008
JJ Lesser

I too feel your pain. I don’t know what is going on in Montreal. I now live in Ontario.
Was in Montreal visiting parents when my 5 yr old got really sick. Went to emergency at a large hospital. I was told you cannot just walk into emergency if it is a child, you need to book an appointment. Like I am supposed to know my kid is going to be sick?
They suggested a family doctor. Being from out of province, no doctor would see me, unless I had been there before?? I guess it makes sense to people like Bessie??
Anyway, got a friend to call her pediatrician. He saw her, prescribed medication and we left the province in a hurry.
Been trying all day to find a family doctor who are still living in Montreal. Seems nobody is seeing new patients.
What’s the deal with private clinics? Does this mean you now have the option to pay for medical services that should be covered by Medicare? The only place who would accept new patients was Rockland Medical Clinic.
Is it worth a look? Is it affordable or is it covered?
Should not be this hard to find a doctor.

13 09 2011

the one thing you left out is that Bitchy Bessie will let people she knows walk in (mainly greek people) sorry but it is true. I walk in to see my doctor in the same building i was having a full blown asthma attack and my doctor was not in his office. SO i went into that office barely could speak and she told WE ARE NOT A WALK IN CLINIC!!! Thank god Dr. Lau was standing there he took me in right away and treated me, while i was finishing up i noticed she told a man in greek that its ok dont worry he will take you as soon as possible dont worry he will do it if i tell him too. Bessies a bitch!

14 09 2016

I was referred by a neurologist and Health Canada to see Dr.Lau for a prescription to cannabis oil to treat neurological symptoms that ease with the use of cannabis. He ‘was’ my family doctor at the time.

Dr.Lau specifically lied and said he didn’t have a license to prescribe cannabis. This was obviously a lie as he is the only one that can sign a prescription (Doctor). As Health Canada advised me during application. He even said in these surprisingly exact words that “Health Canada is lying to you”. And HUNG up on me!. So much for my constitutional right to easy access to medicine.

I understand that the doctor has the right to refuse prescribing cannabis at his will if he is not educated in the use of cannabinoids, however lying and misdirecting a patient is wrong. Dr.Lau’s actions can confuse a patient in need of medication. What happened to Hippocratic oath?

I have filed complaints with governing regulatory bodies and am looking into the situation with an attorney to assure service like this doesn’t go unnoticed.

*please research the medicinal benefits of high doses of cannabinoids in neurological conditions as well as other health issues here:

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