How to Get your Team Sponsored. . . .or Laughed At

4 09 2006

I get tons of emails every day from teams asking about how to get sponsored, or just plain looking for free stuff, some of these requests are just horrible. So one day when I must have been on my period I wrote a whole long rant about the crappy sponsorship requests I get and offered some help to teams that want to make a good first impression. If you want to see the original post made on Walk On Zone. You can find it here:

I have put the information in my blog as well (because I want to make sure I always have a copy handy for ‘cut and pasting’). Happy reading! Please feel free to repost, but please link this article as the source. Thank you.

——————————————————— ————–THE RANT————————
I know my company endeavors to answer every single sponsorship email – but sometimes you have to say to yourself ‘why bother??’

I thankfully have a sponsorship department that I can forward all the inquiries to, and wash my hands of them..
I understand that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. So in order to keep the paintball circle of life in constant orbit, we really have READ and reply to every message that comes through the in-box, even those from the poorly educated numpties in the emails I have posted for your reading ‘pleasure’ at the bottom of this blog entry . . . . .Some of these ‘requests’ are so poorly thought out; I’m embarrassed for whoever submitted it. The absolutely horrible grammar makes me cringe, although to be fair some just make me laugh!

Putting together a team is not only the preparation on and off the field for game play, its also how you present your team, how each of the members conducts themselves, and how you do (or would) represent your sponsors.

The more effort you put in each area, the more positive results you will see. . . . If you train more – your skills will improve. If you put work into a website, people (or even potential sponsors) will take notice.If you were the director at a large office 9-5 kind of company, and you had one job and two candidates perfect for that job – exactly the same in all respects – except one of them came in a suit, was neat, well groomed and spoke eloquently and the other has cow licked hair, dirty stained tube socks, crusty trousers and spoke like Cleetus the slack jaw yokel. . . .Who are you going to take seriously????Let’s just say there are a lot of crusty trousers around in the paintball industry. . . . . .


First thing first, think like

a Boy Scout


——————————————————— 1. Start off by making a list with your team:
a) what exactly does your team need? (Be realistic)
b) what sponsors would you like to have?
c) What your team can offer the sponsor in return?
Stores and sites want to know what YOU can do for THEM . . .
Just putting their logo on your jersey is not really sufficient compensation. Can you do a trade stand at a local tourney series, can you work for one Saturday a month at the local field cleaning the equipment or marshalling? Can you convert all your friends to loyal ‘Brand X’ product users?
. . . Sponsoring a team is not an inexpensive venture…. make sure you walk around in their shoes. . . .Also, think outside the box, no one said you have to only ask paintball related companies – and to be honest outside industry sponsors probably have more of a budget to sponsor sporting teams anyways. Remember you don’t have to take any sponsorship that is offered. Make sure you represent who you want to represent. Sponsorship without loyalty is worthless.


2. Create a team identity Present yourselves as a team and united front. Try to wear matching uniforms and try to coordinate your equipment. If you team looks very Rag-Tag then the potential sponsor will assume you are just a rag-tag team and that you aren’t serious players.

VERY IMPORTANT: Set out a team portfolio or website; include pictures, accomplishments, roster, equipment currently using, ages, team history, media articles, statistics, team beliefs and mantras. Training regimes can also be interesting.
Be honest; don’t pad your portfolio with false information, its easy to spot.Remember you are SELLING your team. So make your portfolio as professional as you can. A website thrown together in 30 seconds will warrant a potential sponsor to spend no more than 30 seconds viewing it. I think the Dye/Proto approach is the best template for a team sponsorship portfolio.

Think of your team portfolio like a book report you did in school.
Colour pictures, table of contents, a nice coversheet, binded folder. . . . .

Colour copies are inexpensive now, and most people have a publishing software at home (Use computer ‘wizards’ so you already have a report template and just fill in the blanks!)
If sending your portfolio via email, make sure to convert your file to PDF format, this will allow all computers, (and even handhelds) to open your document. This will also allow you to reduce the file size so its nice and small to send. GOOD TIP: Have your parents, a teacher or other reasonably educated person read over your sponsorship portfolio before you submit it. A fresh set of eyes might catch an error you missed.

Below is the Dye Portfolio information Template:

Originally Posted by

Dye Paintball is always interested in associating our company with teams that represent the best in paintball. If you are interested in becoming a Dye sponsored team please submit the following information below. Please send the information typed and in the form of a resume binder. The requirements below are mandatory to be considered for a sponsorship program and you may add more information if you like.1) Team name, home location and captain information.
2) Teams general history.
3) Names, ages and playing years of each team member.
4) Color printed photographs of each team member. (can be scanned and printed)
5) Teams practice schedule and home playing location.
6) Future tournament event schedule.
7) Current head to toe equipment list of each team member.
8) Teams past tournament achievements.
9) Teams current sponsors.
10) Team goals for the future.


3. Get to know your potential sponsors Fields and stores want you to already be their customers. If you have never supported their business, how can you expect them to support you?

Do you already use the company’s products? How about your local site, do you play there every weekend? Have you checked out their website, forum or e-commerce site?
Do you know the name of the person or the department you need to send your request to? Make friends with every team and field owner you meet other teams will either spread the “good” or “bad” word about your team. It’s ok to be feared if you good, but you don’t want to blacklisted for being jerks. Field owners are the backbone of paintball tournaments. Its always wise to get on their good side.Also, do not actively promote other companies that do not sponsor you (or you want to be sponsorsed by). It will make current sponsors feel cheated and it will tell potential new sponsors that you don’t really appreciate the sponsors you already have. *think Arsenal being dropped by Redz
A lot of companies offer you information right on their websites about sponsorship:
Such as:

  2. Who to contact directly, like Procaps / DraXxus
  3. Exactly what to include in your team portfolio, like Dye / Proto do
  4. A Sponsorship Application, like Paintball Central…pplication.doc

If they’ve gone to the trouble to make the application process easy for you, make sure you follow their directions.

——————————————————— 4. Contact the potential sponsor.

  • By email
  • By Phone

If you plan on calling said company, first make sure you know what company you are contacting – know what you want, and speak professionally. . . Speak clearly, and don’t mumble – please don’t speak in Ebonics, or ‘Shizzle’, or use ‘uh’ or ‘yo’ between every word. . . .And just so you know, companies never just give away ‘Free Sh*t’.Also, be polite to who ever answers the phone.If you are writing an email or letter, please, please, please, please, PLEASE – do the following.

  1. Use capitals where warranted. Please don’t write an entire email in caps.
  2. Use punctuation and spacing. Periods, commas and paragraphs are good.
  3. Use ‘real’ words; do not use internet/chat room short forms. No one actually understands them, and if your potiential sponsor needs an ‘Internet Chat’ dictionary just to get through your request, can you say ‘delete’?
  4. Same as above goes for slang.
  5. Spell Check is your friend.
  6. Learn to spell ‘S-P-O-N-S-O-R’ and Sponsorship. **a must**

Lay it out in black and white what you are looking for, no point on wasting your time – or that of your potential sponsor if you can’t get what you need/want.


Be realistic in what you ask for. A brand new, 2 month old, 3 man Rookie team, who trains once a month, and has never competed in any tournament can’t expect to have all their entry fees paid for, or be 100% kitted out with everything from Gloves to Guns. . . . .Where this is common place for a high profile, established, winning Professional team.

Most companies and fields have a sponsorship assistance program – these programs help teams purchase equipment well under retail – these are realistic and obtainable programs for teams.
Decisions cannot be made on one email or one phone call, most companies have a committee of people who decide where sponsorship monies are allocated, be diligent but not annoying. Be patient in waiting for a response, remember sponsorship is a serious request and most companies receive multiple requests weekly and in some cases daily. A lot of smaller companies and fields will not sponsor teams outside of their market area and often do not sponsor new teams, If you are a new team the best way for you to earn sponsorship is to play events and become known (paying your dues). You do not have to win events, but you do have to play hard and fair with sportsmanship.


5. Say Thank You! (Even to those who turn you down)

Keep a detailed record of every company and person (by name) you have sent a request to. Send handwritten ‘Thank you’ notes to all of them. This may seem a waste of time (and money) to say ‘thank you’ to companies who said no, but think about this as a long term investment for the future of your team. That company is now more likely to remember you next year when you are looking for sponsors again.

Also, be sure to send a signed photo of the team, a jersey or some other ‘collectable’ from the team to those companies who do sponsor you. Let them enjoy your successes with you. This will also help keep you top of mind with these sponsors when you go through the process again next year.


In the end you must remember: Be aware that most of your requests will not be accepted, you need keep trying and not get discouraged. . . . .
Don’t forget that


Real sponsorship is a serious request for any business. No company gives away anything for free.It must be earned, appreciated and respected.Two articles that all teams looking for sponsorship should read….369&clickon=DB…tory041841.phpA

Sponsor, as defined on is:

  • One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.
  • One who vouches for the suitability of a candidate for admission.
  • A legislator who proposes and urges adoption of a bill.
  • One who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation; a godparent.
  • One that finances a project or an event carried out by another person or group, especially a business enterprise that pays for radio or television programming in return for advertising time.


More links to other articles about getting sponsorship:

  2.…ticle&sid= 49
  4. http://www.paintball-tips-and-tricks…-sponsors.html


An interesting company. . . . .I have no idea if it works though.


Our goal at Sponsor Paintball is to match up teams of all skill levels with an appropriate company seeking the publicity gained from a paintball Sponsorship. Teams may enroll via the Sign up portion of the page, listing valid detailed information regarding their experience. Soon teams will be able to upload a portfolio for sponsors to view. From there, businesses may browse the archive of teams by statistics and other information provided. If a specific team should strike a Sponsor’s interest, they may then propose an agreement to the captain of that team and thus, a deal is landed.

And of course, Sponsor Paintball is free to use for Businesses and Teams alike.


Some of the many crappy requests I have received (besides removing names and team names these are unaltered!!!)Welcome to my life. . . . . . . .


Me and my freinds just all started playin pain tball bout a year ago. Now we aren’t those little paintball players we were before. We are a brotherhood, and we will not stop until we make it to the top and play against xsv and dynasty. But there was one thing in our way, the coast of paint! We had been using to buying stinger paintballs for so long and it was so expensive! So one day when I was flipping threw paintball magazine I saw like 3 adds for draXxsus paintballs and how teams have won and won with there paint. Now I would like to makea propersition or e-mail me back and say no. If you can send us some paint, give us some stickers or a banner and we will slap those stickers on everyone we see down at ***********and ****************l. We just need paint and we will do anything you want. We have entered a contest at ************rookie leval. Last time we came in second! This year with your paint and banner we can take the cup from those kids who think they know how to play and pay $10000000 in paint. And since we are all 13 and 14 we know about 20 people who want to play and have just joined. So we give them some of your stickers tell them that your the best and, boom you make triple! I will tell my freinds about your website and say order some of there paint if you want! I might be 14 but, you must realize this too, invest in the new kids, invest in the ones that will be seen in the nppl in 5 years cuz ollie wont be playing then! Nor will xsv!


Hi I am *************one of the 5 members of team ***** of *********. we desprately need sponsers if were gonna make it any futher then we have. we pratcie 3 days a week for about 8 hours a day paint is very expensive gear is also. we sold many of our own belongings to fuel our paintball team but recently most of us have gotten laid off due to school. we pratice after school though. if we dont get any help soon im afriad team ****** gonna break apart due to money issues. is really lame i know but i wouldnt ask for help if our team didnt need it. please contact me back at ********or email ***********thanks alot for reading =)


Hi! I was wondering who I would email to talk to them about sponsership possibilities and just givin me da free paintballz. Thanks for your time.


My name is *********and I am the captain of the *********paintball team from **********. We have been playing together for 6 months and are getting quite good. We just need help with getting paintballs and tournament entry fees and other necessary products for free. We have not been able to enter any tournaments yet but are hoping to enter a few tournaments around our area later this month and into the upcoming school year. We would be able to promote your products on our uniforms, banner and at our station at tournaments. We could also promote you on our website www.myspace*********. We would be willing to work hard at every every event and every time we put on our uniforms we would represent your company with dignity and respact. We practise at our local field ******** every Saturday or every other Saturday or sometimes on sunday or both satuRday and Sunday. And in the summers we practice whenever we can during the week. We love to play the game and work hard and play our best every time we pick up our markers. Pls give us free paintballs


Hi we have a team called****** and we came in second place in a
recent tournament and we were wondering if we could get some help out on the paint end and all the expenses that comes with paintball so we as a team were wondering if you could give us a sponsorship for free or heavily discounted paint for free


My name is ********i am part of a 3 man team named*****wehave played in one tourney and finished in 4th im not going to be like other people and beg the crap outta you and im not gonna lie and saywere “uber awesome” were pretty good looking for our first sponsership of free bullets


My buddies and I have created a Woodsball team. We are currently browsing for sponsors. How do I get free paint?


My team, *******, was wondering if you could sponser are team. We already all have your VForce Profiler masks. We are a rookie team that has competed in 4 tournaments as a team and are all experianced tournament players that have been playing for 2+ years. We are currently planning on playing the winter season at our indoor fields. Next year we are going to be playing Chicago PSP at either Divison 4 or Young guns depending on how much we can get done this winter and the begining of next summer. Our team is currently on a practice schdule of playing atleast 6 times a week for two hours a day at our local ******** . We have been practcing hard all summer and has showed in our tournys by just missing the playoffs in all of our tournys by a marjin of about 5-10 points. As for our gear we all have high end markers.******** has a Generation two ICD Freestyle, ***** shoots a Virtued Pm5, *******shoots a Smart Parts Shocker and ****** shoots a Virtued Dm5 or a Virtued Naughty Dogs Intimidator. We are clean and don’t do drugs now.Thank you for your time and considering us.


hey yo i was wondering if my team *****is able to get a sponsoarship from draXxxxus/procaps for the rest of the 06 season we are a yg/D3 team that has been together 4 months we have played 2 locals so far and practiced every week once or twice the two tourneys we have played we placed in both
Pba tourney 1st out of 20 or so teams
Wana Play Paintball Tourney 3rd out of 20 or so teams
we will be playing in the next gpl event and love to shoot your paint by then and use any of your gear we can we will be finishing off the gpl events and maybe one psp or nppl event but next season we will be playing most of the psp or nppl events right now we are sponsoared by ****** and will be shooting there guns the remainder of the season we have a deal worked out with ******* and everything and then we are sponsoared by virtue paintball and use their boards in our aliens we will be getting customized jersays and if you sponsoar us we will be putting your logo on our jerseys your stickers on our hoppers and masks and the link to your website in out pbnation signatures and aim profiles also we will thank your company at award cermoneys and hold up your companys banner (we will need a fee banners to) we will only support draXXxxus/procaps in a nice and friendly manner by having good attitudes on and off the field we are a very competitive team that scrimmages D3 teams at our local field everyweekend we will deffinitly be on the podium alot and would love for your company to be there with us

This is the first email this kid sent me: Quote:

To Proto Paintball,

I am writing to inquire about a possible spawnsorship of my young guns paintball team. We in return for a spawnsorship, will wear proto gear (which we already partially wear), and support Proto in any way possible or in any way in which you request.***** has been together playing tournament paintball for two years. We have played in ten tournaments and placed in seven of them. We practice at ******once a week, and sometimes during the week also. We have been spawnsored by *****for a year and a half and have helped them grow from a small shop to a larger shop and a field. We do our best to promote our team and our sponsors in a positive manner.*****is comprised of five players. All have at least a year of tournament experience, and are good players. Those players are *************************************************. For being such a young team in young guns(normally 15 or 16 and under) we have done suprisingly well. We are based out of **********, ******* and travel to tournaments all around us. We have played at fields such as *********** and *********** which are the larger ones in our area. We also plan on attending the PSP Mid-Atlantic Open this year in
Charlotte, North Carolina.
We look forward to your response and hope that something can be worked out between us.We also really like your paintballs, they are much better than everything else, like Diablo, Draxxxus and xballs.Thank you,

Well, as you can imagine, I replied to the kid that he sent this email to the wrong company. . . .(he even dissed my products in that email) he replied with:

I am terribly sorry for the mix up but would like to inquire to you the possibility of becoming sponsored by Procaps. It is a great company with great products and service. My Team was sending multiple emails to different companies and this one somehow accidentaly got into this email.
We dont think your paint is bad, we just said that to get sponsorshipps.
It would be an honor to be able to wear your logos on our jersey’s and shoot your paint, etc.


Hi my name is ******* and I have a 5 man team. I am wondering if your company can sponsor us. What we can do to get your company out we will use your products and put your name on our banner, jerseys, and team site. We would also purchase your products i planned on buying some stuff so ill get it from you because you need to make money.

I just can’t make this stuff up. . . . .please have sympathy on me. . . . help me to help teams. Stop the madness!!!!Thank you!
Thanks for taking the time to read this . . . . . .
Hugs and Kisses, Joey



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Paul W. Silvis

This is a great article, thank you. I could have used this years ago when my team was just starting out. Now to repay the paintball community I have created as a way to help other new teams enter the sport. I appreciate the link, and I assure you it does work for teams who follow your general guidelines listed here. Goodluck to you all,

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Glad you stopped by….

. . . .by all means you can use this article on your website. . . .

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Eric Grooms

Although I’m “one of those airsofter guys or whatever” I still think this was an EXCELLENT article and the tips in it translate easily into the airsoft world.

I’m very sorry you had to endure some of those requests. Some of them were so painful to read it made me feel like the only way I could stop the suffering was to bash my face repeatedly against a concrete wall.

Once again – great article. I plan on putting this knowledge to good use for my own Team. Thanks for writing it!

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Michael Duft

While we will not be soliciting your company for support, as we are a High School mountain bike team, I found your blog very informative. Thank you for your advice. I look forward to putting it in use, or rather our team members putting it to use.
Michael Duft
Asst. Coach
Northshore Composite Mountain Bike Team, Kenmore, WA
Washington State High School MTB League

23 07 2011

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My name is Coach Tawfiq . i am a coach for an amatuer team. I have strong,excellent and good 23 players.This players include,2 goal keepers,4 strikers 7 defenders and 8 midfielders.I named it RAINBOW FC after we won a match between us and a team called Koo-o-hoFC . the match was won 3 goals against1. The team is strong but we dont have a sponsor.I am here looking for someone who will cater for the team and make the team proud . so i am pleading with u so that u will help the team and the team may even become urs and. Reply me this message after wards and i will appreciate it if u tell me some thing good. If u are in need of pictures u may ask me

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Moeketsi Mofokeng

My name is Moeketsi from 11 experince a soccer team consist of 28 players. I’m the captain of the team. I would like to be sponsored by your company,and our team have 6years running till nw. We need full attire of soccer and all everythng you can help us with. We will impress you by everything to advertise your company. Thnk you for reading.

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We play amateur football its our 1st season together and r on a good run we train hard&play tough we r looking for contributions to our club so we can make our club a better respected club we huv 1 of the best football parks in dundee which dundee fc maintain so any kind of sponsored eauipment would be very grateful thank u

13 05 2015

Hello my name is Hassan and am the manager in my football team called SS Assad fc in Kenya coast mombasa.i run this team for many years but the problem is we play without kits or I can say we are lack some football kits like balls,jersey and other training kits so am just asking if I can get a sponsor who will support my team and now they are near to super league so we can not afford to travel like going to Nairobi cause away games are in Nairobi so it’s hard.
If you need some photos of the team I will send to you and if you Are ready to support you can write to my email address or my phone number is +254712793914

3 06 2015
victoria mooko

hello my name is Victoria and am the coach in the team there is a manager in my team who is the one who started the team called Real Brazilian fc in south Africa western cape, cape town. we run this team for so many year and trying to get sponsors from many companies we are not willing to give up on looking for sponsorship. we played without kits like jersey, balls equipment and other training kits. am asking if I can get a sponsor for my team and a support here are my details below:
my email address:
my contact details: 0797363365 or 0824171961

8 07 2015

Due to increase of use of drugs and crime I just started a football team that is aimed on taking those guys away from the street and try to minimise the usage of drugs.I just ask the sponsor to help me with anything e.g soccer kit, cones,squeeze bootle, or any in relation with football.

Thanks in advance

Yours respectively
Jacob Motokolo

5 08 2015

We will appreciate that if we can get a sponsors we can change our life an our feature will be come true

11 08 2015

we would like to get be in partner with the sponsor and prosper the talents of the kids. this team also involves in dancing as its on yvco website katovu yvco fc

5 10 2015

I beg for a sponsor

15 11 2015

Hi my team need a sponsorship for next year we supposed we join a western cape basketball log but we don’t have nothing..but we are the good players you won’t regret

24 01 2016
collins chilufya

We hav a team it was promoted to play division 2 by FAZ my managed to sponsor from under 12 to that level this level is advanced and he can not manage to run the team alone we need help please.

15 04 2017
Gonzaga Deo

am Gonzaga Deo from Uganda Katentebere Village am the team captain of Katentebere Youth FC we are a team of 20 players but we lack balls, training kits and jerseys please help us.

2 09 2018
Musanje Amos

Hello thanks for this opportunity granted. Am a baseball and softball coach in one most performing baseball and softball teams in Uganda and I do seek for sponsorship to make my teams prosper cos the players do tail but they need prospering by providing us with equipments, uniforms, shoes, most best coaches who can guide us for improvement, transportation to distant game places among others not listed. Thanks

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