Forgot the Potato Chips!

23 09 2007

Colin just got home, he went to the store to get the rest of the supplies needed for tonight’s television extravaganza. . . and he forgot the chips.

I wonder if we could send one of the moggies out to the depaneur like this chap . . . .

Wishful thinking. . . .

Cats on Sunday

23 09 2007

With the soon to be historic playing of the Family Guy Star Wars episode just mere hours away, I wanted to get a post in before the festivities began.

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Meow Meow Meow! (That’s Thank You in Moggie)

23 09 2007

Marty and I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes for recovery.  Although we aren’t out of the woods (we are still waiting for additional test results and we still have to do the FIV and FeLV tests too) he is feeling much better.

He is up and about, playing and he is has his appetite back.  All very good signs.  We have our fingers and paws crossed that he has a severe kidney infection and nothing else. . .  . .

I appreicate that everyone was so understanding with me.  Marty, Minou and Manny are more than just cats.  They really are family.  I don’t have children of my own, I don’t live close to any of my family or life-long friends. . . . they make the pain of living so far away from people I love and care for most much easier to handle.

This was the first time any of my cats have been sick.  Those that know me know how anally retentive I am about pets and cats, and know the great lengths I go to keep them safe and healthy.

Part of me felt a failure with Marty falling ill, like I wasn’t holding up my part of the bargain of keeping my moggies safe and healthy. . . .

I think with the amount of purring, headbuts and kisses Marty has bestowed on me the past couple of days, its fair to say he has forgiven me.

I will update everyone on Marty’s progress.

Thanks again for thinking about my moggie!

Family Guy Hour Long STAR WARS Episode to air SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23 2007

22 09 2007

Tomorrow is the long anticipated one hour season premiere of The Family Guy. At least Colin has been long anticipating it. . . . . (This poster is not accurate the the episode that will be playing tomorrow – I couldn’t find a Family Guy Star Wars poster besides this one)

This kick off to the fifth season of Fox’s animated hit “the Family Guy” will see the Family Guy characters morphed into Star wars characters, who will recount Star Wars : Episode IV A New Hope.

The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a huge Star Wars fan, and worked tirelessly to get George Lucas’ blessing to do the episode.

Stewie as Darth Vader. . . . does it get better than that????

Here is a sneak preview!

The snacks are ready, the chicken wings are in the freezer, the beer is cooling. . . . . . . At this historic moment, will you be able to say “I know where I was”???

Death by Caffeine

21 09 2007

Check out this website, it will tell you based on your weight the appromiate number of units of your favourite poison it would take to kill you.

I haven’t decided if this website is a deterant or not. . . . you decide.


Loonie for the Loonie!

21 09 2007

Wednesday saw the Canadian Loonie briefly reach the 99-cent US mark in the overseas trading markets – inching closer to parity with the US dollar.
The Loonie drifted down 0.14 cent to close at 98.5 cents US on Wednesday making the 99-cent rise short-lived. But SWEET none the less! The release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada Wednesday morning slowed the dollar’s ascent, forcing the minor drop before close of market.

This is the first time in almost 30 years that the Canadian dollar has been on-par with the US dollar. That means the first time in MY LIFETIME that the Canadian dollar has been so strong.


This rise may be not be totally attributed to a strong Canadian economy, The U.S. currency also plummeted to a new low Thursday against the 13-nation Euro, which traded above $1.40 for the first time since it was introduced in 1999.This is a great time for Canadians to spend their money in the US, with internet shopping sites like Ebay very affordable on the very best deals around. There has also been a sharp increase in Canadian holidaymakers booking trips because of how much you can get with the Canadian dollar.

After reading several American based websites, there are a lot of Americans (espeically those so close to the border) who are disappointed their money will not get them the deals they are more accustomed to receiving driving north. This decline in the US greenback, will also affect the number of American holidaymakers. With their currency not providing them with the big-bang-for-the-buck, as well as concerns for value will drive people to stay home.

The biggest economic concern is in the manufacturing sector, which may see loss in jobs when companies will have to outsource to keep costs low and keep competitive in markets.

Canada (specifically Montreal) was again seeing a rise of Hollywood movies looking to shoot in the historic Quebec city, with the rise of the Canadian dollar many of these movies may look elsewhere to shoot to conserve their movie budgets.

Even with the scary economic concerns, I’m proud of the Loonie – the little dollar that could. . .


Fox News


Emo Image Thursday

20 09 2007

Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie.

Click the Emo Image Thursday button on the sidebar for more Emo Images. Click the image directly to go to the source.

Others are welcome to participate in Emo Image Thursday, simply link back to JoeyMoggie and let me know you have participated. If there is some general interest in broadening Emo Image Thursday into a full meme, I’ll start a list of participating sites, and link back.

Please check out Brahanmin’s contribution to Emo Image Thursday this week.

Emo – International Man of Misery

The man is brilliant.

Marty is Sick

19 09 2007

My Marty cat is very sick.

He has been sick since this morning, and I’ve taken him to the vet already.

I’ve been so upset and in tears all day and I’ve missed most of work today. I’m so worried about him.

He has been sick to his stomach, his urine isn’t right and he is very very lethargic.

I have to take him back tomorrow for more tests.

The worry and pain I’m feeling is I’m sure how a parent feels about their sick child!

Please have Marty in your thoughts today. . . .


I’ll update his status tomorrow when I hear his test results. . ..

Please Marty, get better buddy!!!! I love you!!!


Update : 7:15pm / September 19. . . . Marty is getting worse than when I brought him home this afternoon. I’ve isolated Marty, he is very grumpy and extremely lethargic, and howls when you touch his sides. His eyes are tired and not bright like usual. 8am tomorrow can’t come fast enough. I hope he is ok. I’m crying again. My baby is so ill, and there is nothing I can do for him right now. . . .

Update : 9:38pm / September 19. . . . I just went to check on Marty. He is in my bathtub with his favorite blanket, a disposable kitty litter tray, some water and the ‘laxative’ food he is suppose to eat before he goes back to the vet tomorrow. He is so sad and tired looking, he looks years older than he is. I know he is in pain, he looks up at me and its all I see. The pain in his eyes. I’m crying (again). I never prepared myself for this. I love him too much, I can’t bear to think about the worst. Please keep thinking about Marty. I know he is “just a cat” but he is my buddy, my baby and my family.

Update : 1:27am / September 20 . . . . I went to use the bathroom and to check up on Marty. He is still and very weak. He got up several times to go pee, which is a good sign. He didn’t drink any water, or finish his special food.

Update : 7:13 am / September 20. . . I got up to have my shower and get ready for work. Marty looks tired, but more alert and awake than yesterday evening. He knows he is headed back to the vet. Perhaps he is relieved. Marty’s fur looks limp and lack lustre, normally his coat is very shinny. He is shedding too, Marty normally doesn’t shed that much. Minou knows something is up, she spent the notice purrring and headbutting me – she slept on my pillow and nuzzled my face, normally actions reserved for her favorite human Colin. What a sweet girl, she knew I needed that affection, that made sleeping easier.

Update : 9:23 / September 20 . . .I just got into work after dropping Marty off. He kept looking up at me from the Rubbermaid container I put him to travel with (he hates the carrier). I think he kept trying to say “Don’t leave me here, I want to go with you, don’t leave me”. I started to cry in the vet office. They keep saying to me “it will most likely be ok, but it might be. . . . . .”. Its not making me feel better, and its not making Marty better right now either. He thinks I’ve deserted him. He is frightened and scared. I send along with him every known contact phone number for Colin and I, as well as his little blanket and bunny toy. I hope those make him feel more at ease. I should have a better idea around lunch what is up with him. One of my bosses said I could leave if I need to. I’m so pleased she understands that Marty is my family – I don’t have skin babies, I have fur babies.

Please continue to think about him please. . . .

Update : 11:41am / September 20 . . . .No word from the vet yet. Is no news good news?

Update : 12:08pm / September 20. . . Just got off the phone with the vet. His fever is very high, and he is not even fighting the vet and the techs when they do invasive poking and prodding. Marty is normally a fighter, he is normally very very strong. He is so weak. He doesn’t have blood in his urine today which is positive, but his white blood cell count is elevated- which could simply be a sign of stress. Some of the blood tests were sent to be performed at on off site lab, we should find out those results tomorrow. He has several culture tests today, and we are waiting on the urology test results. If all this is is a ‘simple’ infection of the bladder or kidneys, he should be able to be treated by antibiotics (for 6-8 weeks). The new tests being done today will rule out (fingers crossed) anything worse than infection.

Update : 6:22pm / September 20. . .I’ve just picked up Marty. He looks a thousand times better than when I dropped him off, the vet says he perked right up when they told him I was coming to get him. That makes me happy. We are waiting on the results of the extended blood tests, and part of the culture tests done. Right now, he has an elevated fever, his white blood cells are high, his ph is high and another something or other I can’t remember is too low. The vet does not believe that he has a urine infection, as his urine is clear from blood today – however she does feel that he may have a kidney infection. I have been given special food and antibotics to treat his kidneys. If thats all he has, he will get better. The scary news out of this is that she wants to test both Marty and Minou for Feline leukemia and Feline AIDS. If they both score positive for the two tests, the vet figures they will have one to two years to live max, and they will get sicker and sicker. If they score positive she suggests I put them to sleep. I can’t even wrap my head around this idea. And on top of that she said I will have to rehome Manny, because with Feline AIDS is can be contracted by fighting/scratching. Marty is home and resting right now on my lap, purrrring. Releaved he doesn’t have to go to the vet again (for 5 days), I’m happy to have him home and what looks like to be on the mend. I’m scared to death to do the cancer/aids test. . . .I don’t want to think about it today. I want to enjoy my purrrrrrry little buddy.

Update : 7:41pm / September 20. . .Marty is sitting with me still.  I got a moist papertowel, and gave him a ‘sponge bath’ to get rid of all the ‘vet smell’.  I could tell he appreicated it, even though he doesn’t like baths.  I got him some food, and he is eating.  Not very much, but I didn’t have to force feed him which is a blessing.

Hummingbird Who Forgot to Pray

18 09 2007

Came across these pictures online today and I thought they were crazy!

I bet this hummingbird was thinking he should have said his prayers last night!

From Bird Watcher’s Digest

Picture 1.

The mantis captures the bird with a swift swipe of its forelegs.

Picture 2.

The mantis impales the hummingbird’s chest with its foreclaws.

From the website:

Though we tend to think of hummingbirds as cute, dainty little things, in reality they make bold and fierce competitors. They don’t let their guard down for a moment while defending their territories from other hummingbirds. They must also watch out for other animals that might prey on them, such as American kestrels in North America or tarantulas in South America. Praying mantises are also known to capture and kill hummingbirds, as a reader from West Chester, Pennsylvania, describes. – Bird Watcher Digest

What the Heck is Technorati?

18 09 2007



This coming week I will celebrate one year in blogging. Actually, one year of consistant blogging.

I don’t pay to blog, I don’t get paid to blog. I blog for amusement, and my own personal education about the Internet and all the weird, neat, cool things about it. (Although perhaps I might finally go to a ‘real’ blog in the next year, who knows. . . )

Anyways, I’ve spent most of the last year playing with Top Site lists trying to gain hits, and in my opinion, I’ve been pretty successful. I’ve received more than half a million hits in the past year. Not bad for the pretty random ramblings that I spew out ’round here.

This new coming blogging year I’d like to concentrate on figuring out Technorati, Feeds and Google Ratings.

Currently my Technorati Rating stands at 88, I have 4 RSS Feed Readers my Google page rank is at 5.

These numbers are nothing to snuff at, but considering how long my blog has been live and the sheer number of hits I receive (on average about 2500-3000 a day), shouldn’t my Technorati Rating and such be more in line with the volume of hits I receive?

I’m excited for the next year, and I’m looking forward to reading about all the suggestions and tips you all out there have for me!




  1. To have 300 or more Technorati Rating by my next Blogoversary.
  2. To have 50 Technorati ‘Fans’ by my next Blogoversary
  3. To have 30 RSS Readers by my next Blogoversary
  4. To have a 6 or 7 Google Page Rank by my next Blogoversary

Solutions and Solves:

  • Beg and pled to all my loyal readers to favorite me, subcribe to me, and visit every day (Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink!!)
  • Write Better Content!!! (ding ding ding! I need to be more serious on content!)
  • Start a weekly meme. Must be original and different (Think Fracas Monday Melee)
  • Actually choose a niche, and stick to it.


  1. What the heck is Technorati, and why should I care?
  2. How do you gain readers and fans?
  3. How do you KEEP readers and fans?
  4. How do you choose what sites you read and favorite?
  5. What other tips can you offer me?

(I’m going to add to this list)

Things I’ve Learned in my First Year of Blogging :

(even though I don’t do some of the things I’ve learned!!)

  • Have a niche
  • Find other like-minded bloggers and create a mini-community (this is done by commenting on blogs and replying to comments on your own)
  • Staying current in your niche
  • Adapting to changes in your niche
  • Link Love. Link everything and anything you put on your blog. (I’ve learned this one the hard way)
  • Have a relevant and meaningful Blogroll. Only put sites on your blogroll that your really read and support. Delete and change things up as needed.
  • Write only in your native tongue. No ebonics, shizzle speak, 1337 or text, no one knows what the frig you are saying.
  • If you want to blog seriously, or for money, you need a domain almost right from the start.
  • Get your name out there, top lists, memes, forums, social bookmarking.
  • Use Technorati and all its features. You can save all your fave blogs for easy one place clicking – like bookmarking. It keeps all the blogs outside of your blogging software together as well (I have a bunch of friends who use Blogger, and I’m on wordpress – Technorati is where I save those blogs) Technorati also allows you to see who is linking to you, if someone is linking to you find out why (could be a niche topic) and thank them. . . . link love, link love.
  • Use Feeds. Subscribe to all your favorite blogs, and you’ll have all the latest content from your favorite blogs all in one place.
  • If you dig something DIGG it! If you stumbled across it, STUMBLE IT. If you think someone else would DIGG it, post it on DIGG. If you think someone else would Stumble on it, post it on STUMBLE IT.
  • People love Flickr & YouTube
  • Great headlines always bring people in.
  • Naughty words and tags always bring people in.
  • Be savvy enough to pre-empt news. . .if you think its going to be big news tommorrow, blog about it today.

On Top of Spaghetti

18 09 2007

Joey don’t cook.  Those that know me know that I simply don’t have the talent or skill for it. 

Colin thinks that maybe that somewhere I have a loose wire or malfunction in my brain that can be attributed to my lack of desire to cook.  I think its because I just like people to cook for me.   Is it wrong to want to be waited on hand and foot?  J

Anyways, I had this brilliant idea early in the day I would make spaghetti for Colin for dinner.  

Colin loves spaghetti, and we don’t make it very often. 

Actually, the infrequency of the spaghetti making could be credited to the fact that I hate spaghetti.  It is the food that I detest most above all others, combined with my other nemesis – tomatoes – you have a ‘recipe’ for disaster for me and any sort of culinary enjoyment.

I’m doing the “Lemon Cleanse” detox right now, so given that I would not be joining my husband for his feast, I figured there would be no better time to make him spaghetti.  No ulterior motive, just doing something nice for the man I love.

I rushed home after work with my quick and simple guideline recipe I printed from online.  To the grocery store I went to pick up the additional supplies and meat needed to make a secret newly developed power sauce.  After the grocery store marathon I went home to quickly assemble the meal so it would have time to simmer.

I added a pinch of that, a smidge of this, a handful of the other. . . . I rolled meatballs, stirred sauce and chopped vegetables.  I worked with speedy precision, and quickly the house filled with the aromas of an Italian Grandmother’s kitchen.  I tidied up the kitchen, and went back to the pot to marvel at my work.  It was an impressive sight!  It looked edible, smelled edible, it simply had to be edible.

I took a box of harvest wheat spaghetti, and tied a ribbon on it and headed off to the train station to pick up Colin.  On the ride home I presented Colin with the box of spaghetti, and told him I had made him dinner just because I love him.

He looked surprised, and a little relieved that he didn’t have to cook, then the fear took over, with nightmares of the numerous occasions been guinea pig to my cooking experiments.  (Think garlic eggs of 2006).

With a glare, one eye thinning into an ‘evil eye’, head titled,  he asks. .  . .”What’s your motive?  What did you do?  How much is this going to cost?”

I actually had not thought what my gesture of kindness looked like. .  . .perhaps I did look guilty about something. . . . .

We got home, boiled up the spaghetti noodles, and I proceeded to watch him twirl the noodles around his fork.  He dipped it in the sauce, and then moved the fork slowly to his mouth.  His pupils large and dark, unsure of what to expect.

The room was quiet as I waited for the verdict.

“Its good.  Its really, really good” he said half relieved, half shocked.

“Gee thanks, he of little faith” I said back. . . .

The spaghetti was a hit, and there is enough sauce for another 10 bowls (at least!)


I’m off to think of a motive, after the fact. . . .

Cats on Tuesday

18 09 2007


Manny Snoozing!

Meme Monday at Linky Love

17 09 2007

This meme at Linky Love is based on the Thinking Blog Awards
The participation rules are simple and in true Linky Love style changed :

  1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think, sit, read, stop by again or sizzle!
  2. Explain why each of these blogs make you think, sit, read, stop by again or sizzle.
  3. Link to this Linky Love post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this most popular meme ever!
  4. Make sure this counter gets copied, so we all know how popular you are making this meme! (I can’t personally put the counter up on my blog as its script code, which I don’t know how to get it to work on but if you click onto the meme page directly, you’ll be able to see the counter.)


I was actually awarded the Thinking Blog award a little while back, you can check out my entry here and read about the blogs I nominated for that award.

So because I’ve done a similar meme already, I’m changing things up even more. I’m going to tell you about 5 new blogs I’ve come across in my travels on the vast wide interwebs. . .

1. So You Wannabee a Domestik Goddess

Crafts, girly gadgets, recipes, ideas, thrifty things and really cool online shopping finds. I’ve only just discovered this blog, and to be honest I’ve only scratched the surface in reading it. But its great!! I think the author Jen and I have a lot in common which is perhaps why I enjoy her blog so much. Fun colours and easy to navigate. Worth the read!

2. Linky Love

The website from which this meme is from. A great new little community, lots of great ideas in generating hits, and money from your blog. I really appreciate the ‘hands on’ approach to blogging, Linky Love always comments on your blog, as well as answering all questions, kudos and comments on their own blog. There is also a Linky Love top list, which JoeyMoggie is a top member.

3. Daddy Papersurfer

Now, I’ve been reading Daddy Papersurfer for a few months, but I’ve not highlighted my favorite old git in any memes, so here he is! A sly silver-fox. This is a daily read, and a daily giggle for me. Daddy-O is active on Fuel my Blog, attempting for a world record longest Forum Thread in history (He’ll have to check out there are some threads over 1000 pages there!). He visits and fuels all his favorite blogs every day, and always leaves a little message to make you smile.

4. Mister Peace

A great humor blog, a funny outlook on a lot of varied topics. Mister Peace has a smooth and very concise writing style that flows really well. There have been a few times I’ve been in tears reading what he’s written.

5. Grace Magazine

A fresh look at current fashion trends, beautiful pictures and descriptions. Sometimes there is nostalgic looks at vintage fashions – love those, like the entry on the little black dress. Always a great source for tips and tricks for makeup and personal hygiene.






The Monday Melee (September 17 2007)

17 09 2007

Monday Melee

Joey’s Monday Melee Answers!

The Monday Melee is a Fracas Project! You’re invited to participate. Get all the details and see the participant list here.
The Monday Melee Questions:


1. The Misanthropic: Name something (about humanity) you absolutely hate.

People who will walk over friends to climb the corporate ladder.   No regard for who helped you get where you are, no regard for the people who stood in your corner!

2. The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent or bogus.

Indian cigarettes . . .they have more tar and nicotine than ‘real’ cigarettes.  I have friends that are now so addicted to cigarettes as they were enticed by the cheap cost per carton on the indian reservations. . .  ($10 per carton, instead of $60)


3. The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.

My grey hairs are poking through my nicely coloured hair!

4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.

F.G. that I work with.  He is simply BRILLIANT!  He is easy to work with, super creative  and an all round nice person!


5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.

I’ve done 7 out of 10 days of my Lemon Cleanse

6. The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.

I could use an easy way to loose some weight before my trip to Florida in October.


Bob the Wealthy Widower

17 09 2007

Bob, a 70-year-old, extremely wealthy widower, shows up at the Country Club with a breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year-old blonde who knocks everyone’s socks off with her youthful sex appeal and charm and who hangs over Bob’s arm and listens intently to his every word.

His buddies at the club are all aghast. At the very first chance, they corner him and ask, “Bob, how’d you get the trophy girlfriend?”

Bob replies, “Girlfriend? She’s my wife!”

They’re knocked over, but continue to ask. “So, how’d you persuade her to marry you?”

“I lied about my age”, Bob replies.

“What, did you tell her you were only 50?”

Bob smiles and says, “No, I told her I was 90.”