Forgot the Potato Chips!

23 09 2007

Colin just got home, he went to the store to get the rest of the supplies needed for tonight’s television extravaganza. . . and he forgot the chips.

I wonder if we could send one of the moggies out to the depaneur like this chap . . . .

Wishful thinking. . . .

Recipe That Joey Can Actually Cook : Belgian Endives withHam with Cheese

17 08 2007

8 Belgian endives
8 slices boiled ham (not too thick)
1 c. white wine


2 tbsp. butter
2 tbsp. flour
1 c. milk
1/2 c. grated Swiss cheese
Nutmeg, salt & white pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.Wrap each endive with a slice of ham. Place in a baking dish and pour wine over them. Cover and cook for 20 minutes. Melt butter, blend in flour and add milk, stirring constantly until the sauce begins to thicken. Add cheese and continue to stir until melted. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Pour the sauce over the endives with ham and return to the oven for approximately ten minutes until the sauce bubbles and is nicely browned.



30 06 2007

Colin and I are having a lazy Saturday afternoon, watching “Jaws”  . . .

. . . and you know what dawned on us. . . .

 . . . . . We have no idea where to get good English style Fish’n’Chips in Montreal.


What a shame, eh?  Any body know where to get Fish’n’Chips ’round here?

picture source shark.   picture source fish’n’chips.

So We Were Down In Snowden . . . .

7 06 2007

Colin and I went to dinner with Chow and Alex tonight to Kanda Sushi in Snowden.

On the walk back to the car after dinner we saw the oddest thing.

A Hasidic Jewish Bachelor Party, at 8:30pm on a Thursday.   Of course the backdrop to the shenanigans was a smoked meat joint called ‘Benny’s’

Gotta love Montreal.

Hepped Up on Goofballs

16 05 2007

Last night we had Scott over for a wonderful Adonis Steak BBQ, and a little Guitar Hero battle.

Scott was telling us about his girlfriend’s evil cat, so we decided to give Scott some of our Premium cat nip to mellow out the devil cat.

We put it in a little snack-sized zip-lock baggie.  We were laughing about the fact that if Scott got stopped by the cops on his drive back into the city and they found the baggie, he’d surely get in shit (it was totally more than for personal use, if you know what I mean)

We put the baggie on the counter and forgot about it as we dined on wonderfully prepared steak, baked potatos, grilled asparagus. . . .  .

We retired to the basement for some all out battle of the bands in Guitar Hero, then we hear a small crash of a plate hitting the floor and a mad scramble of paws and claws along the wood floors.

Scott and I didn’t think much of it, its a common sound in our house and Colin was upstairs at the time.

About 10 minutes later Scott went upstairs to get Colin (it was his turn to play Thunderkiss 65 on Hard).

Scott discovered 3 Slothy Bob Marley-esque mellowed cats lounging in the middle of the dinning room with a bag of the good stuff ripped and strewn across the floor.  I can just imagine the conversations the three of them were having, I’m sure there was some Bevis and Butthead “huuuhuuuu” laughing among them.

(Not one of my cats – but it sets a picture for the scene. . . hahaha)

Quickly after they were discovered they decided to become super-active and run up and down the stairs like mad fools.  Chasing each other, trying to nip each other’s tails.  There was quite a few little scraps and hiss fits.  In the immortal words of the Simpsons, they were certainly ‘Hepped up on Goofballs’

I thought given the antics, perhaps I should feed them their evening meal, this was to ensure they didn’t get the ‘munchies’ later.

They acted the fool for the remainder of the evening.  And I got the stern talking to from Colin reminding me that I shouldn’t ‘give’ the cats ‘nip in such high dosages.

I kept trying to tell him that they’d simply helped themselves.

Needless to say my moggies got locked out of the bedroom last night. . .  .hopefully they are sleeping off the trip right now and I have normal & well behaved moggies when I get home.

No more ‘nip for a while.

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LOVE Marche Adonis!

9 05 2007

On the past weekend while Colin and I were out on our errands (looking for lawn mowers) we decided to stop at Marche Adonis for some fresh steaks to put on the BBQ for dinner.

When we’ve been to Richmond’s house for a BBQ he always buys his meat from there, so we knew we were expecting good beef.

We walked up and down the fresh fruit and vegetables, not since we lived in England and bought from the local fruit market have we seen such beaufiul, undamaged, ripe and perfect produce! That is one thing I’ve always hated about Canada – is that you can only really get good produce for a short period of time each year.

Marche Adonis is Lebanese, and imports much of its fruit and vegetables this time of year (from Spain & Greece), but because they are a small market everything is well taken care of. There was little to none bruised fruit on the counters.

I was very impressed! (Remember I worked in a grocery store, so I’m a grocery snob as it were)

We continued onto the fresh cheese counter, the large Olive and anti-pasto counter, then to the glorious fresh meat counter.

We bought filet minon. 5 huge beautiful and tender steaks for $20.00. There was also fresh made souvlaki and brochettes as well sausages.

We checked out the fresh fish (which all looked great and very fresh!). Then onto the bakery and fresh bread. We picked up a still warm french baguette (that we ate in the car on the way home)

Pickled eggplant, jalapenos stuffed with feta cheese, fresh made spicy steak rub rounded out our purchases.

We quickly went home and got started. Colin being the master of the BBQ got to work on preparing the meat with the spicy steak rub.

I cut the vegetables up so we could grill them too on the BBQ (We have one of those grilling baskets, which is a MUST for anyone who BBQs alot like us)

The meat was by far the most glorious steak we’ve ever cooked at home. It was simply perfect!

The ingredients of the perfect steak are as follows:

  • add one Colin who loves to BBQ, and understands the importance of tempurature on the BBQ
  • add great and beautiful FRESH meat from a place like Adonis
  • add good quality spices

I went back to Adonis last night to pick up some more steak and other fresh meats and vegetables. We plan on BBQing all week!


Marche Adonis

4601 Boul Des Sources
Roxboro QC, H8Y 3C5

Phone: 514-685-5050
Fax: 514-685-9268

This is not fast food. It is slow food :

25 04 2007

Have you ever wondered how long cheese takes to age, or the process it takes to make it.

Now the makers of West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers invite you to watch cheese ripening. . .LIVE!

They have a webcam that allows you to continually, live and un interupted, view the ripening of cheese!

The process should take about a year (and we are only a mear 125 days in).  For those that are a little impatient, or weren’t able to enjoy watching grass grow – there are links on the main home page to time lapsed YouTube videos.

Is it me, or is this all a little cheesy?

(Gawd I love puns)

Yahoo News 

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