26 02 2007

The Wedding came and went, and everything went according to plan! I took over 500 photos over the weekend, so needless to say I need to filter my pictures down to a few choice ones. . . .

I’ll have my wedding run down post up by weekend! Thanks for your patience everyone!

In the meanwhile, I’ll be slowly and surely putting my pictures onto my gallery, which can be seen here.

Kind thoughts and wishes are gladly welcome – the photo gallery allows comments.





3 responses

26 02 2007

Congratulations Paul and Kate… I do not know you but through this blog, you are a beautiful couple and I wish you the best!

26 02 2007

Great pictures Joey…I only took 12 and they are not very good .Take care and watch that ankle !

27 02 2007

Thanks Auntie Margaret! Send me your photos anyways, I’ll put them up. I’d like to have a huge gallery for Paul and Kate for when they get back!

If Mrs Delic or anyone emails you photos, can you forward them onto me. Nik has a good one on his blog I’d love to add to the collection.

Skywindows, thanks for your kind words!

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