Another Day of Sewing : Bit off More Than I Could Chew.

6 04 2007

Colin and I are headed to Ottawa tomorrow to see some friends, B&G, they had their first baby last year and we really haven’t gotten together with them since the baby came.

I wipped up a quick blanket today to take with us, along with Christmas presents and shower gifts we never got to give them. We’re looking forward to the scenic drive.

Of course Manny helped out as usual. I washed and cleaned the blanket to de-Manny the blanket because I’m sure Scout, B&G’s Dog would just *love* to smell Manny. (I do try to keep the cats off my sewing projects, but they just love to help)

The blanket was perhaps too hard of pattern, and I think I bit off more than I could chew, but I’m learning. And enjoying it.

I also wanted to try to make a bag. I took my hand at making covered buttons and Yo-Yos. . . . . I’m reasonably pleased. I still need lots of practise though.



















Tonights Crafty Bits, before I ran out of thread.

3 04 2007

One of Colin’s paintball friends, Will and his girlfriend, just welcomed their first baby over the weekend. A little girl.
I thought I’d make something I could squish into an envelope to send to them to congratulate them. . . . so I made a pair of baby shoes. I’m pretty pleased for a first try.

I also made another headband, I love love love that pattern! So easy! Including cutting and pressing its no more than 15 minutes!


And then I ran out of thread. . . . .      😦


Joey’s Crafty Weekend

1 04 2007

This weekend I spent alot of time attempting to be crafty.

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Project Code Name: Sewing Guinea Pig Subject: Music to my Ears

28 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : IPod Holder.
  • Mission :Your mission, should you choose to accept it, make a nice small gift to send to your new sister in law. Make it up as you go along.



For Christmas P gave K a red Ipod, I thought since I’m on a sewing streak I thought I’d make her an Ipod holder. I’ve got it ready to send in the post tomorrow.

I even made a little pocket on the back for earphones.

I didn’t make a pattern, I just played it by ear. . . .

Get it “played it by ear” . . . .man I crack myself up. . . .  . .




Project Code Name: Sewing Guinea Pig Subject: Ray of Sun

27 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : Baby Quilt Blanket for Solenne.
  • Mission : Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your first quilt – for even more of a danger factor, do so without a pattern. 


I mentioned in my entry about Solenne’s shower that I would post about the gift I made for her.Solenne’s mom is no shrinking violet and isn’t a “pastels” kind of girl, so in that spirit, I made a wild and loud baby quilt for them.

It was my first attempt, so I apologize little Solenne that you had to be the Guinea Pig, but all in all it was a ton of fun and as far as first attempts go I was pretty pleased.  I will probably inflict this new found talent on others.  Be warned!

 I’ve been reading up on quilting etc, so I think I know how I can make some improvements on my technique.  Lucky for me, another friend is having a baby, so I have my next victim  guinea pig   gift recipient already lined up.  Hahaha, poor “Ruby” Cheryl Jr.