Joey’s Crafty Weekend

1 04 2007

This weekend I spent alot of time attempting to be crafty.

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Project Code Name: Sewing Guinea Pig Subject: Music to my Ears

28 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : IPod Holder.
  • Mission :Your mission, should you choose to accept it, make a nice small gift to send to your new sister in law. Make it up as you go along.



For Christmas P gave K a red Ipod, I thought since I’m on a sewing streak I thought I’d make her an Ipod holder. I’ve got it ready to send in the post tomorrow.

I even made a little pocket on the back for earphones.

I didn’t make a pattern, I just played it by ear. . . .

Get it “played it by ear” . . . .man I crack myself up. . . .  . .