Respect ‘da Van

18 08 2007

Props to C&C on their newest family member!



9 08 2007

Disappointment is an ugly little beast. Wikipedia says that Disappointment is the emotion felt when an expectation of something positive desired is not met. Disappointment can also occur when a desired outcome is not met, even if it was not fully expected.

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25 07 2007

Congrats to my cousin Jorden and Kurt on their engagement!

Also, to Nicky and Bev on their engagement too!

I love weddings!

Life’s Seasons

9 06 2007

My life is like a tornado, like thunder when I cry.

If snowflakes were my happiness, then winter would fly by.

People are like teardrops, that glisten in the night.

We are all but mirrors, breaking in the light.

If our souls could shine, and tell all that we feel,

Then mirrors would be windows, for our words to heal.

This poem was written in 1994, by a girl went to high-school with ‘M’.

M is dead.

She has been dead for over 10 years now.


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So We Were Down In Snowden . . . .

7 06 2007

Colin and I went to dinner with Chow and Alex tonight to Kanda Sushi in Snowden.

On the walk back to the car after dinner we saw the oddest thing.

A Hasidic Jewish Bachelor Party, at 8:30pm on a Thursday.   Of course the backdrop to the shenanigans was a smoked meat joint called ‘Benny’s’

Gotta love Montreal.

Ruby Friday

18 05 2007

Cheryl and Michael are visiting tonight, they are headed to Quebec City for a wedding tomorrow.

It will be really nice to see them.  They will also be staying over on Sunday night before driving back to Ontario on Monday.

Cheryl and Michael are expecting their first baby in late July, the sex of the baby is unknown, and currently the baby is simply and humourously called ‘Ruby’.

To the Mothers in my Life

13 05 2007

Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers in my Life . . . . .
I love you!


Also a special Happy Mother’s day to Jo-Ann, this is her first Mother’s day as a mum!