Death by Caffeine

21 09 2007

Check out this website, it will tell you based on your weight the appromiate number of units of your favourite poison it would take to kill you.

I haven’t decided if this website is a deterant or not. . . . you decide.


Trying to Smile

19 09 2007

With Marty so sick, I needed something to make me smile. This did a little.



26 08 2007

So making my usual haunts today to catch up reading some blogs I’ve missed this week. (It was a busy like HELL kinda week!)

Anyways – a “contest” many of us entered turned out to bogus, now granted, none of us expected to win the $2500 grand prize – but we did all expect the contest to be legitimate and offer some link back love to bloggers.

My contest entry page is here

If you want to read about the scum bag Ashwin (who won’t be getting any links from joeymoggie) you can read about it at the following blogs



Contest Blogger

Contest Blogger – Ashwin Khanna is full of Crap


Everyone agrees Ashwin is full of crap and is a ultimate ass-hat.

Blog Milestones

26 07 2007

Today joeymoggie had four blog milestones today. . . .

  1. joeymoggie has now had more than 200 000 hits
  2. Today was the best day ever in terms of one day hits
  3. This is the first full month (since June 26) that joeymoggie has had more than 1000 hits every day.
  4. joeymoggie is on theTop 100 blogs (Granted at number 79, but were there!) Top Blogs



UPDATE : July 27th :

 Today joeymoggie received 9039 and  was number 63 on the top 10o blogs!


I’ve discovered several things. . .

  1. Your all stuck with me now, I’m here to stay!
  2. A lot of people like Daniel Craig Naked, So You Think You Can Dance, Harry Potter Spoilers, Mini Wheats Commercial and Emo Kitty Pictures.

Happy Blogging everyone, and thanks for visiting me in my little place in the blogosphere!


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Who’ ???

13 07 2007

Check out this cool site I came across this week. Who’

It tells you in real time how many people are reading your blog, and what specific entries they are reading.

website stats

Cool, eh?

How To Make My Blog Better?

6 06 2007

Since reaching the coveted 100 000 hit mark, I’ve been thinking about how I blog, and how to improve my blog and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I’d like to ask some questions to my fellow bloggers, and see if you can help me improve.

I’d appreciate any constructive criticism.

I’ll be adding these lists as ideas come to me . . . . .
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Woohoo! Made the Vote Page, but can you keep me there?

29 05 2007

Fracas just posted on her blog here that you can now see my blog on the View Votes page on Fuel my Blog!

THANK YOU everyone!!


. . . .but. . . .

I’m at the very bottom! I still need everyone’s votes to STAY on the page!

While your surfing your favourite blogs, and fueling other Fuel My Blog blogs – don’t forget me. . . . . Please keep on Fuelin’!!


Vote for Fracas —->HERE

Vote for Jayleen —> HERE

Vote for Mark @ Blogitude —> HERE