Cats on Tuesday

18 09 2007


Manny Snoozing!

Cats on Tuesday

11 09 2007

Minou napping.

Welcome to French at Linky Love who did their first “Cats on Tuesday” today

Cats on Tuesday

4 09 2007


Marty in the Cooler Bag in our Kitchen, watching the birds out the screen door.  One Coooool Kitty.

Cats on Tuesday

21 08 2007


Manny in my Lululemon bag.

Cats on Tuesday

14 08 2007

Manny hiding in a box.

Cats on Tuesday

7 08 2007


Minou sitting in the bathroom window.

Linky Luv! Help me Boost my Technorati Rating & Google Page Rank

1 08 2007

I was checking out some of NewHoosier‘s blogroll, and I came across this post on a blog NewHoosier reads. It tickled my fancy because alas, even though I get a thousand (and some times thousands) of hits a day now, my Technorati rating is actually quite low. I’m hoping all this link love will help me boost it a teeny-tiny widdle bitty bit.

In addition to the first list I saw on NewHoosier’s site, a bunch of my favorite haunts also have another link love post, which can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Come on folks, show some love!

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