Meow Meow Meow! (That’s Thank You in Moggie)

23 09 2007

Marty and I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes for recovery.  Although we aren’t out of the woods (we are still waiting for additional test results and we still have to do the FIV and FeLV tests too) he is feeling much better.

He is up and about, playing and he is has his appetite back.  All very good signs.  We have our fingers and paws crossed that he has a severe kidney infection and nothing else. . .  . .

I appreicate that everyone was so understanding with me.  Marty, Minou and Manny are more than just cats.  They really are family.  I don’t have children of my own, I don’t live close to any of my family or life-long friends. . . . they make the pain of living so far away from people I love and care for most much easier to handle.

This was the first time any of my cats have been sick.  Those that know me know how anally retentive I am about pets and cats, and know the great lengths I go to keep them safe and healthy.

Part of me felt a failure with Marty falling ill, like I wasn’t holding up my part of the bargain of keeping my moggies safe and healthy. . . .

I think with the amount of purring, headbuts and kisses Marty has bestowed on me the past couple of days, its fair to say he has forgiven me.

I will update everyone on Marty’s progress.

Thanks again for thinking about my moggie!

Trying to Smile

19 09 2007

With Marty so sick, I needed something to make me smile. This did a little.


Marty is Sick

19 09 2007

My Marty cat is very sick.

He has been sick since this morning, and I’ve taken him to the vet already.

I’ve been so upset and in tears all day and I’ve missed most of work today. I’m so worried about him.

He has been sick to his stomach, his urine isn’t right and he is very very lethargic.

I have to take him back tomorrow for more tests.

The worry and pain I’m feeling is I’m sure how a parent feels about their sick child!

Please have Marty in your thoughts today. . . .


I’ll update his status tomorrow when I hear his test results. . ..

Please Marty, get better buddy!!!! I love you!!!


Update : 7:15pm / September 19. . . . Marty is getting worse than when I brought him home this afternoon. I’ve isolated Marty, he is very grumpy and extremely lethargic, and howls when you touch his sides. His eyes are tired and not bright like usual. 8am tomorrow can’t come fast enough. I hope he is ok. I’m crying again. My baby is so ill, and there is nothing I can do for him right now. . . .

Update : 9:38pm / September 19. . . . I just went to check on Marty. He is in my bathtub with his favorite blanket, a disposable kitty litter tray, some water and the ‘laxative’ food he is suppose to eat before he goes back to the vet tomorrow. He is so sad and tired looking, he looks years older than he is. I know he is in pain, he looks up at me and its all I see. The pain in his eyes. I’m crying (again). I never prepared myself for this. I love him too much, I can’t bear to think about the worst. Please keep thinking about Marty. I know he is “just a cat” but he is my buddy, my baby and my family.

Update : 1:27am / September 20 . . . . I went to use the bathroom and to check up on Marty. He is still and very weak. He got up several times to go pee, which is a good sign. He didn’t drink any water, or finish his special food.

Update : 7:13 am / September 20. . . I got up to have my shower and get ready for work. Marty looks tired, but more alert and awake than yesterday evening. He knows he is headed back to the vet. Perhaps he is relieved. Marty’s fur looks limp and lack lustre, normally his coat is very shinny. He is shedding too, Marty normally doesn’t shed that much. Minou knows something is up, she spent the notice purrring and headbutting me – she slept on my pillow and nuzzled my face, normally actions reserved for her favorite human Colin. What a sweet girl, she knew I needed that affection, that made sleeping easier.

Update : 9:23 / September 20 . . .I just got into work after dropping Marty off. He kept looking up at me from the Rubbermaid container I put him to travel with (he hates the carrier). I think he kept trying to say “Don’t leave me here, I want to go with you, don’t leave me”. I started to cry in the vet office. They keep saying to me “it will most likely be ok, but it might be. . . . . .”. Its not making me feel better, and its not making Marty better right now either. He thinks I’ve deserted him. He is frightened and scared. I send along with him every known contact phone number for Colin and I, as well as his little blanket and bunny toy. I hope those make him feel more at ease. I should have a better idea around lunch what is up with him. One of my bosses said I could leave if I need to. I’m so pleased she understands that Marty is my family – I don’t have skin babies, I have fur babies.

Please continue to think about him please. . . .

Update : 11:41am / September 20 . . . .No word from the vet yet. Is no news good news?

Update : 12:08pm / September 20. . . Just got off the phone with the vet. His fever is very high, and he is not even fighting the vet and the techs when they do invasive poking and prodding. Marty is normally a fighter, he is normally very very strong. He is so weak. He doesn’t have blood in his urine today which is positive, but his white blood cell count is elevated- which could simply be a sign of stress. Some of the blood tests were sent to be performed at on off site lab, we should find out those results tomorrow. He has several culture tests today, and we are waiting on the urology test results. If all this is is a ‘simple’ infection of the bladder or kidneys, he should be able to be treated by antibiotics (for 6-8 weeks). The new tests being done today will rule out (fingers crossed) anything worse than infection.

Update : 6:22pm / September 20. . .I’ve just picked up Marty. He looks a thousand times better than when I dropped him off, the vet says he perked right up when they told him I was coming to get him. That makes me happy. We are waiting on the results of the extended blood tests, and part of the culture tests done. Right now, he has an elevated fever, his white blood cells are high, his ph is high and another something or other I can’t remember is too low. The vet does not believe that he has a urine infection, as his urine is clear from blood today – however she does feel that he may have a kidney infection. I have been given special food and antibotics to treat his kidneys. If thats all he has, he will get better. The scary news out of this is that she wants to test both Marty and Minou for Feline leukemia and Feline AIDS. If they both score positive for the two tests, the vet figures they will have one to two years to live max, and they will get sicker and sicker. If they score positive she suggests I put them to sleep. I can’t even wrap my head around this idea. And on top of that she said I will have to rehome Manny, because with Feline AIDS is can be contracted by fighting/scratching. Marty is home and resting right now on my lap, purrrring. Releaved he doesn’t have to go to the vet again (for 5 days), I’m happy to have him home and what looks like to be on the mend. I’m scared to death to do the cancer/aids test. . . .I don’t want to think about it today. I want to enjoy my purrrrrrry little buddy.

Update : 7:41pm / September 20. . .Marty is sitting with me still.  I got a moist papertowel, and gave him a ‘sponge bath’ to get rid of all the ‘vet smell’.  I could tell he appreicated it, even though he doesn’t like baths.  I got him some food, and he is eating.  Not very much, but I didn’t have to force feed him which is a blessing.

Don’t Walk into this Walk in Clinic

2 05 2007

“You can’t just walk into this walk in clinic; you’ve never walked in here before” 

Yes – that is the reply I got from happy-sunshine “Bessie” at a local walk in clinic. 

Lau William Dr

Address: 4415, boulevard Notre-Dame,
Laval, QC
H7W 1T7
Telephone: 450-687-2221


I am writing the REAL names of the receptionist and the doctors office to ‘warn’ others that this WALK IN CLINIC does not accept new patients, only people who have walked into this walk in clinic before will be seen.  Truth! 

Those who read the blog will know I’m having some problems with one of my ears.  It’s plugged or something deep in the ear channel. I have little hearing out of that ear, and its causing me spatial awareness and depth perception problems, as well as a dull constant throbbing in my ear.  It’s happened to me before, (I’m prone to ear infections), and all I need is to have my ears flushed out.   I’m so grumpy and irritable.  It’s probably the ear; actually I know it’s the ear. 

I thought I could walk in to the local walk in clinic and get my ears cleaned out and be on my merry way in a 5 minute appointment (waiting in the waiting room would have taken longer) 

Bessie, the receptionist with the customer service abilities of an amoeba, and the language skills of a Cave Man (sorry Geico Cave Man), certainly helped the situation.  Bessie not only hung up on me twice, but was rude at the same time.  Of course I called her back and asked her why she felt the need to be rude to me, she said that I’m not a patient at the clinic, and didn’t have time to speak to me.  Click!   

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised,  its very very hard to find a doctor (any doctor, of any specialty) here in Quebec (and specifically the
Montreal area) – and then add in that I would prefer a English language doctor, (and preferably a woman), well in short – I’m fucked.  Plain and simple. 

Like anywhere there are a shortage of doctors & nurses, and an even shorter list of GOOD doctors & nurses.  Funny that the largest medical university in Canada (
University) is right here in

I respect the medical professional, and can only imagine the stress of being spread so thinly.  But to be spoken to on the phone in the manner I was by this receptionist, it was appalling.  No one, no customer, no patient, deserved to be spoken to like that.  I am writing a letter to the doctors office to tell them how I was treated.  I expect that it will be ignored.  But it will make me feel better. 

And anything that makes me feel better right now is a good thing


If anyone does have a phone number/contact details for a doctors office or walk in clinic that will actually see patients, please email me.  Please!

My Husband Makes the Best Grilled Cheese.

8 02 2007

It was after 5:30 when Colin finally came and picked me up today. He’d taken the car in today, for what reason can’t remember. I had been calling him on and off since before noon to come early to pick me up.

I was feeling tired, drained and generally ill, irratible and grumpy. My whole body was achy, and at one point I could barely keep my head up. I believe I have a mild case of sun stroke, brought on by all the fake and bake tanning I’ve been doing in the recent weeks. In short, I had built up my base, and I was adding colour by using a stand up bed. under my arms (on my side) was still fairly white, and I burned a bit yesterday.

I can hear everyone right now, you shouldn’t use tanning beds, they are so bad for you. . . .blah blah blah. Its a cavalier attitude, but its my choice. I love to have the colour. It makes me feel better, sexier, more alive – and more active and aware of what I am doing with and putting into my body.

I believe that since I’ve been tanning, I’ve lost 10lb. I put that down to the stupid amounts of water and veg I’ve been consuming. And I like it.

Anyways, I’m lying here in bed feeling horrible and congested. Then my knight in shinny armor, Colin, brought me one of his famous grilled cheese sandwiches. It was so good, warm, gooooie and melted. It hit the spot.

Although I’m still really tired (and still in bed) I’m feeling the life pump back through my veins.

The life giving sandwich of love . . . .

****Update**** April 2md 2007, I’ve put up Colin’s receipe for Grilled Cheese sandwiches. . .  .
grilled cheese

Easy like Monday Afternoon. . . .

1 01 2007

Being a holiday, and the fact that I’m starting to get ill with ‘something’ I took the opportunity to truly be ‘slothful’ and rest.

I laid in bed all day and watched movies on my lap top, occassionally doing some random ‘next blog’ reading. I had breakfast in bed for the first time in my life today, thanks to my husband – who was quick to point out “don’t get used to this, you hear, eh!”.

Yes Sir!

breakfast in bed

I imagine if I was a cat, most days would be like this.

cats in bed

The only reason to get up is to use the bathroom, and even then, should I ever feel the need to take a day of slothfulness to the next level, I could ‘depend’ on some products already available in the market. Ewww! The thought!


My cats are an interesting bunch. They are all genuinely intersested in people and their goings on, espeically company. Marty and Manny will get right up on your lap if you let them. Its funny – they almost put on a show for guests.

kitty on the keys

Today, each one of my cats came to sit with me, each wanting to sleep right beside me, touching me – but not ‘on’ me. After about an hour or so all three of them were huddled around me. My own personal purring heating devices.

Who needs an electric blanket!

electric blanket

I’d like to think they know when I need them. It was such a warming comfort to have all my little buddies with me while I am under the weather. Or could they just be trying to con me out of more treats. . . . . .