April Showers Brings May Flowers ::: Winter Snow Redux

12 04 2007

Montreal got hit with another blast of winter.

I had started an entry earlier that I was going to post tonight when I got home about my purple crocuses starting to bloom.  I wanted to get a picture to post, and do a side by side from the earlier lightly snow covered buds I blogged about earlier here.

The drive home was dreadful, its like as soon as it melts (and subsequently comes back) everyone forgets how to drive in the snow.  Tons of accidents, very slow roads.

I’m grumpy tonight.

Here are the pictures of flowers. . . . .flowers make me happier, even if they are covered in snow.
April 6, 2007

April 12 2007 (this picture shows the same flowers as above)

Minou watching the snow

Joey’s Crafty Weekend

1 04 2007

This weekend I spent alot of time attempting to be crafty.

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Sunlight on an otherwise Rainy Day!

26 03 2007

Saturday was Solenne’s baby shower, its really nice when the little person you are celebrating gets to join in on the fun.

The weather was less than cooperative, so Solenne got to be the ray of sunshine poking through the clouds!

  (Grandma & Solenne)

She was a good sport all day.  Must have been a long one for her.   Solenne was well spoilt and got a ton of very beautiful gifts, including my gift (hahahahah) – I blogged about it here

Here are a few of the pictures from the day that I took below (you can also catch them in the gallery here),  little Solenne also has some pictures up on her blog here & here

  Flower arrangement

   The Sandwiches

 Mrs G & Solenne

   The Cupcakes

  Fruit as Still Life. . . hahaha


   Mrs Delic.  I swear she was laughing like 2 seconds before I clicked snap.  She wasn’t angry

   The lady of the hour

   The next mom-to-be with her mom

 Time with Grampa

I am even more convinced now that I need to spend the money on a good camera!  Some of these pictures could have been “framers” with a little bit better quality image.  Sorry ’bout that Jo-Ann.

Princesses & The Poor Prince!!

20 01 2007

Today is one of the wedding showers for Kate. Its also Paul stag day.

The theme for the shower is Regal/Princesses. . . . for Paul. . . well. . . . .I’ve been sworn to secreacy. There will be alot of photographic evidence though . . .

Needless to say both Kate and Paul will be dressing up for the occasion, although Kate will have her own say to her own attire. Paul – won’t be so lucky.


Hope you both had great days, and I’m sure you new shirt will come right off soon Paul.