Don’t Walk into this Walk in Clinic

2 05 2007

“You can’t just walk into this walk in clinic; you’ve never walked in here before” 

Yes – that is the reply I got from happy-sunshine “Bessie” at a local walk in clinic. 

Lau William Dr

Address: 4415, boulevard Notre-Dame,
Laval, QC
H7W 1T7
Telephone: 450-687-2221


I am writing the REAL names of the receptionist and the doctors office to ‘warn’ others that this WALK IN CLINIC does not accept new patients, only people who have walked into this walk in clinic before will be seen.  Truth! 

Those who read the blog will know I’m having some problems with one of my ears.  It’s plugged or something deep in the ear channel. I have little hearing out of that ear, and its causing me spatial awareness and depth perception problems, as well as a dull constant throbbing in my ear.  It’s happened to me before, (I’m prone to ear infections), and all I need is to have my ears flushed out.   I’m so grumpy and irritable.  It’s probably the ear; actually I know it’s the ear. 

I thought I could walk in to the local walk in clinic and get my ears cleaned out and be on my merry way in a 5 minute appointment (waiting in the waiting room would have taken longer) 

Bessie, the receptionist with the customer service abilities of an amoeba, and the language skills of a Cave Man (sorry Geico Cave Man), certainly helped the situation.  Bessie not only hung up on me twice, but was rude at the same time.  Of course I called her back and asked her why she felt the need to be rude to me, she said that I’m not a patient at the clinic, and didn’t have time to speak to me.  Click!   

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised,  its very very hard to find a doctor (any doctor, of any specialty) here in Quebec (and specifically the
Montreal area) – and then add in that I would prefer a English language doctor, (and preferably a woman), well in short – I’m fucked.  Plain and simple. 

Like anywhere there are a shortage of doctors & nurses, and an even shorter list of GOOD doctors & nurses.  Funny that the largest medical university in Canada (
University) is right here in

I respect the medical professional, and can only imagine the stress of being spread so thinly.  But to be spoken to on the phone in the manner I was by this receptionist, it was appalling.  No one, no customer, no patient, deserved to be spoken to like that.  I am writing a letter to the doctors office to tell them how I was treated.  I expect that it will be ignored.  But it will make me feel better. 

And anything that makes me feel better right now is a good thing


If anyone does have a phone number/contact details for a doctors office or walk in clinic that will actually see patients, please email me.  Please!

How to Get Your Team Sponsored. . .or Laughed At.

30 04 2007

 A list of valuable helpful tips to help your team get sponsorship and support from businesses. Centered around paintball more | digg story

I am ‘reposting’ this entry.  I wanted it nice and ‘fresh’ as its ‘that time of the year’ when all the little paintball teams call up all the various companies with their hands out screaming ‘gimme gimme gimme’

I think its important to support the young and upcoming althletes in any sport, but for all you said young and upcoming althletes you need to know how to approach requesting sponsorship.

Please note that these steps are here to HELP you, but they do not ensure guaranteed sponsorship.

They are centered around Paintball Sports, but can be applied to any sport.

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