Paintball Jersey Collection

20 06 2007

I’ve finally taken picture of my paintball jersey collection. You can see pictures of each jersey here.

And you can read how I got each one of them here. 

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How Paintballs Are Made

11 05 2007

This is from the Discovery Channel’s show ‘How it is Made’ – this particular episode was filmed where I work.  Most of that paintball goodness happens 20 feet behind my desk.


How to Get Your Team Sponsored. . .or Laughed At.

30 04 2007

 A list of valuable helpful tips to help your team get sponsorship and support from businesses. Centered around paintball more | digg story

I am ‘reposting’ this entry.  I wanted it nice and ‘fresh’ as its ‘that time of the year’ when all the little paintball teams call up all the various companies with their hands out screaming ‘gimme gimme gimme’

I think its important to support the young and upcoming althletes in any sport, but for all you said young and upcoming althletes you need to know how to approach requesting sponsorship.

Please note that these steps are here to HELP you, but they do not ensure guaranteed sponsorship.

They are centered around Paintball Sports, but can be applied to any sport.

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Our poor Engrish Lanuage

9 04 2007

This is going to be ranty, so if you’d like to avoid all the rantiness – the moral of this story is, Please. . . .



I spend my day talking on the phone, from CEOs and Senior Purchasing Directors for large paintball companies, to stores and fields, to teams, to end users.

Everyone basically.

Let me start off this little rant by saying, I love talking on the phone and conversing with our customers.  I get a lot of complements and positivefeedback from various people about my phone manner.

One of the large segments of phone calls I receive right now is for Sponsorship.  Young, up-and-coming paintball teams seeking assistance.  I wrote earlier about steps a team should take when trying to obtain Sponsorship.  This was written to help teams out, and was not written as a surefire way to get sponsorship.   Its also a bit of a rant in itself.

Anyways. . . .

When I speak to these teams, I go through my spiel, letting the team know their options – and how to get the team’s details to our Sponsorship Department etc.  I’m always polite, courteous and give as much information and assistance that I can.  I do it with a gritted smile and grinding teeth. 

I do not understand how such a proud nation of patriots can spawn children who can’t even speak English as a FIRST language.

I’m not talking about immigrants, or people who speak English as a second or third language – these people have the right to be less than perfect in their verbal skills

 . . . . I’m talking about the 12 year olds from some thick accented state, who speak in “shizzle speak” or “ebonics” slurring and mumbling their words while speaking very quietly in a crowed room or playground, saying “uhhhh” or “yoooo” between every word.


Don’t be angry at me when I ask you to repeat yourself.  I don’t understand what you are saying.

No need to be rude when I ask you to say that again.  I don’t understand the words you are speaking

I don’t advise yelling at me.  Your the one speaking in some bastard English, that people can’t be expected to understand
At time poor English can be funny, the written word in my opinion.  Think of the website, (but again we are talking about people who don’t speak English as a first language. . . .  )  The way these kids speak is no laughing matter,  its downright appauling.

 Who teaches kids to speak like this? Surely it can’t be allowed in the classroom.  Or is it???  I can just see it now:

Teacher : “Yo, De Von, is Shizzle like uhhh a verb, or izzzz it a noun, aiiiiight?

I remember when I taught dancing and the little kids (I generally taught 4-6 year olds) would tell me a story, and they would say

“me and my friend. . . .” .  I would correct them, “My Friend and I. . . . ”

I wouldn’t let them continue until they corrected themselves.  By the end of the year, I could have semi-adult conversations with the six year olds.  Why talk down to them?

I will be the first to admit my spelling and grammar are sh*t and my vocabulary is definatly not Ivy League – but people do not question or have trouble understanding me.

When I took my first job when I lived in England, I re-learned how to say words, and how to fully pronounce words out so that the people I talked to on the phone everyday understood what the heck I was saying.  It was only fair and just that I did that.


How did our kids end up speaking like this?  How can we change it or is the damage done.

Is there a dictionary, or translator I can use so I can understand what the heck these kids are saying to me?

Damn Lazy Blogger, Procrastination, Adventures in Christmas Shopping, Parties, Kittens and Databases.

17 12 2006

I think I got it all in the title. . . .

I’ve been a lazy blogger in the past week. Mainly due to some projects at work I need to get finished, and some research I’m doing for some new projects for the new year. I’ve been asked to help the website team come up with some content for the website, write some articles etc and give it some meat for the re-launch at the beginning of the upcoming paintball season. I’m looking forward to it.

The IT guy at work has got a very clean idea for the website, and if we follow the model it should work out nicely-with room to expand and make changes as needed, unlike the current version which is very graphic based and takes a dog’s age to load. My poor mother in law hasn’t had the chance to see any of the websites as she only has a dial up connection.

I’m not sure what the ‘look’ of the site will be, but I don’t have to worry about it much. As long as I’m coming up with the ‘meat’ there are others set to worry about the fixin’s. Should be a cool project though.

I’ve got some ideas for articles, but I really need to get cracking and think of some more, I’m not sure what else I can write about to be able to fill a website for a year. What do paintballers want to read about. . . . . . .hummmmmmm

website designs

This past Saturday Colin and I took to the shops to get our Christmas shopping done. I HATE Christmas shopping this time of year, and for those who know me – this is VERY VERY late for me to be doing shopping.

I am one of ‘those’ people who shop in August and September, and have everything WRAPPED by the first day of December, life happenened on me this year – and even though I’ve had my tree up since just a smidge before Halloween, and my cards done, addressed and stamped since the second week of November I still feel like I’m falling behind! (I hope everyone has got their Crimbo cards by now)

I took my holiday heart burn stress busting tropical fruit flavoured tums, and my twice checked Christmas list and away we went in good spirts. We were very successful, managing to get everything on the list barring what we were getting each other.


I’ve started wrapping. No where near done though.


Saturday Night we went to Doug and Pixie’s house across the street for a Christmas party. They’ve just finished renovating their basement, its just fabulous! They did most of the work themselves. They even built their own fully stocked bar. Good work you two!

Christmas Party

We found out that Manny’s Mom’s owner, Cynthia, is pregnant. They are very excited!!


We also got to meet the new ‘parents’ of some of Manny’s siblings, and this week we hope to have a little kitten reunion with one of his sisters, now called Bootsie.


Today I’m working on fixing stuff in the new database for the European opperations, I’ve had such a busy weekend I didn’t get through as much of the changes as I want (or needed to) but then again it is the weekend, and its not like I’m being paid extra to do it. I’m doing it for the team, I hope they appreicate it. I’ll get everything sorted for them barring the paint. I don’t know when I’ll have time to devote to fixing the paint, I hope there is someone else in the office that can do it. I have my big Prospect Project due this week, and I need another month to finish it 🙂  We’ll get it finished. . . .  .


He Googled Himself.

21 11 2006

Last night when Colin and I were at dinner I was talking about what people use as their keywords when they surf into my blog.

Alot of people right now are hitting my blog searching for information about new loader.. . . 2 people over the weekend surfed in after Goggling ‘mathieu chow’

So at the dinner table we called up Chow to tell him he had fans. . . .Of course Chow being the honest and virtuious man he is fessed up to having Googled himself

He claimed he was looking for images of himself for his own blog. . . . Sure Chow, I believe you where millions wouldn’t . . . . .

Chow’s blog

Sitting Pretty

17 11 2006

I might not have got an office, but I did swing a new office chair for myself today. Pev offered to let me have one of the extras from the new wing.

A nice wide back, plush seats, smooth gliding, comfortable arm rests.

Cheers Pev, my butt thanks you.

Perhaps I needed to approach this office thing in Baby Steps. . . . First the chair, then a private parking space, then the office. . . . .I need to learn to be patient. . . I’ve only worked here a little over a year. . . .