1 09 2007

Colin and I went last night to see the movie Stardust. . . .

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Home or Homer?

27 07 2007

Tonight is the opening of the long awaiting Simpson’s Movie (see official website here)

I’m contemplating, because I have things I *should* do tonight at home, but part of me just wants to go see the Simpsons movie!

Hummm, decisions decisions!!!! Hahahahah!

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15 Hours

22 07 2007

Colin and I got up early Saturday morning to go to Chapters to pick up our copy of HARRY POTTER and the DEALTHY HALLOWS.  The store was wonderfully decorated, and lots of kids dressed up as their favorite characters.

After tidying up around the house, Colin spent the afternoon reading it, and was done just after 2am. It took him about 15 hours.

I picked up the book this morning to read, and I hope to be half way through by Monday Morning.  I don’t read nearly as fast as Colin.

This book is very different from all the others. . . . I’m really looking forward to finishing.

I’ve stayed away from all the spoliers. . . I’ve waiting 10 years for the completion of the series. . . I can wait to finish off a few hundred pages!

Happy Harry Reading!

Finally Got to see Harry Potter

19 07 2007

I’ve been working very hard at work. Non-stop for a few weeks, including weekends.

I completed the work I needed to have done yesterday, and as my reward Colin and I went to (finally) go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I’ve really been looking forward to it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday, with the release of the 7th and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Transformers Redux

7 07 2007

Last night Colin and I went to see Transformers. This was our second attempt.

As a kid that grew up in the 80s, and someone who watched the TV show religiously (as well as collected the figures), I was skeptical about seeing this film. I’m a purist, what can I say. 😉

On a whole, a very impressed with the film. I really enjoyed it. Sure, the plot and characters were a little thin – but it was the effects that drove this film. The few flaws that we caught (how the heck did he get those pants back on?) were all ‘human’ related and not CG related.

The movie on a whole was a two-and-a-half hour ad for GM, but worth the price of admission.

My teeny tiny winges:

  • I can accept that Bumblebee is now a GM Camero, but he didn’t ‘look’ like Bumblebee (I really wanted him to have the little horns he had in the cartoon)
  • I wanted the ‘transforming’ noise to be more ‘synthesizer-y’ sounding like the TV show.
  • They transformed way too fast, and unlike the toys, I couldn’t tell where the parts were going.  I missed not being about to ‘dissect’ the transformers back into vehicles in my head.  (Does that make sense??)



4 07 2007

Colin and I went for a meal last night to “Soupbol”.  Colin had the Pad Thai noddles and I had a chicken Tonkinese soup.

I love Soupbol, its one of those few and far between restaurants that you can get a warming hot meal that fills you up, but doesn’t stuff you to the brim.  Also, its very affordable.  You get a meal, and appetizer and a drink for under $30 for two people.

I have to mention the staff as well, I really enjoyed how polite and courteous our server was.  She was delightfully sweet and was able to recommend items to complement our meal.  And she allowed us to make a few out of the box requests.   I love Soupbol’s peanut sauce, and instead of having plum sauce with my imperial rolls, she let me have a bowl of peanut sauce instead.

The plan was to go to the cinema to see Transformers after our meal at Soupbol.  We got to the Kirkland Collisuem, where the movie was playing on 4 of the 16 screens

Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.  Sold out.

Can you believe it was sold out across the board.   (I suggested that we go and see “Knocked Up” and was promptly told – No!  Not a chick flick)

Surely Transformers was not going to be popular with the kids that weren’t even born in the 80s to remember the TV series (or original animated film) .  Why was the movie theatre packed?

Then it dawned on us, cheap ticket Tuesday!  Blasted!  Curses!

Why can’t parents keep their kids home and let the TV raise them like our parents. . . .

Colin and I might go this weekend to see Transformers.   We also have a date set next week with some friends to check out the new Harry Potter film.  We’ll be going to Dim Sum that night.



12 06 2007


So the movie Signs was on tv last night. I vowed never to watch that movie again, I made this vow for several reasons. Reasons which include that it was all together a crappy film, and because vicious attacking lifeforms from other planets scare the bejeebers out of me.

I made the mistake of watching the film for the first time by myself, when Colin was out of town at a paintball tournament. Needless to say I had two nightstands and window sill chock full of glasses filled with water. (Should I have needed to defend myself, of course)

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