The Daughter She Never Had

13 06 2007

Its our wedding anniversary this week.  5 years.  A long time by today’s poor standard of marriage.

Both my parents and Colin’s parents are still married.  Its almost like we are out of the norm having both sets of parents in 30 year plus marriages.

Mrs Graham sent us a lovely anniversary card, and this card convinces me I’m the daughter she never had.

Read closely. . . . . .

In addition to the card my Mother in Law sent, was a postcard sent by our mortgage broker.

It was about how to buy your Ex’s share of the house WHEN your marriage fails!

Interesting sense of timing on that, eh??

Poooooooohey!  Colin is stuck with me for a very very very very very very long time!  🙂

I love you Colin.


To the Mothers in my Life

13 05 2007

Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers in my Life . . . . .
I love you!


Also a special Happy Mother’s day to Jo-Ann, this is her first Mother’s day as a mum!