Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

14 09 2007


Today is my parents 34th Wedding anniversary.

In a time of throw-away marriages, I’m so happy and proud of my parents!


I love you both!


6 06 2007

Visiting with my family over the weekend the topic of the ‘storage boxes’ came up.

Before I got married I boxed up my life into 8 Rubbermaid containers and stuck them in the garage.   I was moving across the ocean, and knew I WANTED to keep the stuff inside the boxes, but didn’t want to travel that far with the contents.

A few years past, and when we came to visit the running joke was my parents threatened to throw away the boxes.   I would get all in a tizzy about it, saying that my whole life was in those boxes.  I was already sensitive about it, as they had converted my room to a computer room which they now lovingly call “the middle room”.

It was very clear that I didn’t live there anymore.

When we moved back to Montreal and we lived in our small downtown apartment, we simply didn’t have the space to accomadate my boxed childhood.

Since buying our house my parents have been insistant and almost forceful about me taking the boxes.  I’ve hestitated.   Perhaps I’ve been trying to keep a bit of at my family home, I’m not sure.

With heavy heart, and perhaps a little joyful excitement I took two of my Rubbermaid containers back with us to Montreal.

Last night I opened them up to reveal their contents.

I ended up with the boxes that contained some of my books, my diaries, photo albums and boxes of photos.  My collection of un-opened McDonald’s beany babies and the vintage Barbie clothes I had collected.

I found the wooden box I had made in shop classes in Grade 7, filled with nic-naks from my dating relationship with Colin.

There was also a large plastic envelope with ever letter, note, card and correspondence Colin sent me in highschool.

I opened up the envelope and peered inside at the worn and yellowing lined papers with the beautiful, romantic and slightly awkward words he said to me all that time ago.

I kept every little drawing, table napkin & gum wrapper.

I truly loved Colin, and finding all these things makes me see how much I love him still. I don’t believe I tell him or show him that near enough now. . . . .

I’m looking forward to our next trip home, so I can get a few more of my Rubbermaid containers.  These memories have been making me very happy.

To the Mothers in my Life

13 05 2007

Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers in my Life . . . . .
I love you!


Also a special Happy Mother’s day to Jo-Ann, this is her first Mother’s day as a mum!