Meow Meow Meow! (That’s Thank You in Moggie)

23 09 2007

Marty and I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes for recovery.  Although we aren’t out of the woods (we are still waiting for additional test results and we still have to do the FIV and FeLV tests too) he is feeling much better.

He is up and about, playing and he is has his appetite back.  All very good signs.  We have our fingers and paws crossed that he has a severe kidney infection and nothing else. . .  . .

I appreicate that everyone was so understanding with me.  Marty, Minou and Manny are more than just cats.  They really are family.  I don’t have children of my own, I don’t live close to any of my family or life-long friends. . . . they make the pain of living so far away from people I love and care for most much easier to handle.

This was the first time any of my cats have been sick.  Those that know me know how anally retentive I am about pets and cats, and know the great lengths I go to keep them safe and healthy.

Part of me felt a failure with Marty falling ill, like I wasn’t holding up my part of the bargain of keeping my moggies safe and healthy. . . .

I think with the amount of purring, headbuts and kisses Marty has bestowed on me the past couple of days, its fair to say he has forgiven me.

I will update everyone on Marty’s progress.

Thanks again for thinking about my moggie!

Trying to Smile

19 09 2007

With Marty so sick, I needed something to make me smile. This did a little.


Perched in the Window

22 08 2007

After all the weed wacking, and tree tackling this past week – I really wanted to get stuck into making a “window seat” for the moggies. Those that have cats know how they like be “up high” and love the obstacle of jumping to a cozy place to snooze.

With the dead tree from the front yard moved, the window in the front seemed the best place. Best views of the street and passerbys, most sunlight during the day and a central vantage point in the house (you can see upstairs and downstairs all at the same time)


What do you think?

They look comfy, eh?

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Definition of Moggie

1 03 2007

I’ve been trying to clean up my side bar a bit, I was cramming too much into it – so in that spirit my definition for a moggie is becoming an entry instead of a widget. 🙂

Mog, Moggie, Moggy – A slang name for a cat. A cat of indeterminate breeding, also a household cat not conforming to any recognized pedigree breed, nor having any parent as a recognized breed.

Moggy or moggie (plural moggies) in Commonwealth English is an affectionate term for a domestic cat, but is also used as alternate name for a mongrel or mixed-breed cat whose ancestry and pedigree are unknown or only partially known. Because of this mixed ancestry and free-breeding, a moggy can either be very healthy, or, if from an inbred feral colony, genetically unsound and sickly. However, as feral colonies are often left without any form of human intervention and veterinary attention, the sickly generally do not live past kittenhood, leaving the colony as a whole healthy.


[Q] From Arthur Middleton: “In the British TV series Are You Being Served a cat is often referred to as a moggy (I’m not sure of the spelling). Can you explain the derivation of this?”

[A] Though I have to tell you that Are You Being Served has hardly been shown on British televisions for the better part of twenty years, that word is still common, often spelled moggie and sometimes shortened to mog. The latter often refers to a feline of undistinguished type and manners, the cat equivalent of a mongrel dog, but in general usage the former is just a pet name for any domesticated cat. It seems to be from Maggie, the affectionate short form of Margaret. In the eighteenth century, this was applied as a name for a cow or calf. In the nineteenth century it could refer to an untidily dressed woman or slattern. It was only in the twentieth century that it became a pet name for a cat. How or why the sense shifted in this way is not understood. Eric Partridge, in his Dictionary of Historical Slang implies that the cat sense may be Cockney rhyming slang, but I can find no evidence for that origin

The Cat That Wouldn’t Nap

17 02 2007

Colin and I have been kicking back at home all day, I had to finish my wedding present project today (Will be blogging about it later 🙂 )

Manny, our littlest moggie, has been a royal pain the arse all day. He just won’t go for a sleepie. He has not once had a cat-nap once today.

Now, if Manny was a human baby surely he’d be sullen, grumpy and most likely red-faced and tears welling in his eyes. Manny is still bright-eyed and bushy tailed as it were.

He has been playing fetch all day, and ‘talking’ to us in a series of peeps and mews all day. Often Colin and I aren’t home on weekends, or are really busy that perhaps we don’t spend the quality time with the moggies as they would like (Although Marty and Minou don’t seem to look like they care much) it was nice to spend a whole day with the little bugger.

I’m hoping he’ll sleep all the way through the night, and I don’t get an early morning wake up call like last time!