Cats on Sunday

23 09 2007

With the soon to be historic playing of the Family Guy Star Wars episode just mere hours away, I wanted to get a post in before the festivities began.

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Cats on Tuesday

21 08 2007


Manny in my Lululemon bag.

Corona Inspired Quilt

28 07 2007

I’m going to a baby shower today. This is the quilt I made last night for the occasion. . . .The first time Dad-to-be is pretty cool guy, and he loves Corona beer, so the colours in the quilt are inspired from that! Plus it gave me an excuse to buy fabric with FLAMES on it! 😉

Marty, Minou and Manny all approve. . . .

He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy in September. . . .

The inspiration :

Scott & Manny

13 06 2007

Scott came over last night for a little more Colin BBQ action.  We made brochettes.

Scott adores Manny.   His girlfriend’s cat, as discribed by Scott, is the devil incarnet.

We had Scott and another friend Vlad over on Sunday for a BBQ for Colin’s birthday.  Vlad had arrived first, and Manny being the attention whore that he is tried everything to get Vlad to pay attention to him.  No dice, little kitty!  Vlad isn’t really a ‘cat person’.

Vlad and Colin went out to the shops to pick up a few last minute items, and while they were out Scott arrived.

A few minutes before Scott arrived I was telling Manny that he was coming over.  And as Scott’s car rolled into the drive way little Manny was at the door like a speeding bullet doing little circles, purrs and whiirrrrrs in excitement.

He knew Scott would pay attention to him.   Manny loves all the attention Scott gives him, and generally Manny follows him around while he visits.

Even last night Manny was ever so excited to see Scott.  Its very cute actually.

Colin and I have made an important decision about Manny.  If Colin and I die, or end up in a situation or move that means I can’t take my beloved cats,  Manny is to go live with Scott.

Scott is even Manny’s friend on Facebook (Yes!  My cats all have ‘CATBOOK’ profiles!)

Aren’t they a cute couple?

More Moggie Pictures

28 05 2007

I’ve been taking alot of pictures of the moggies, here are a few more.

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Hepped Up on Goofballs

16 05 2007

Last night we had Scott over for a wonderful Adonis Steak BBQ, and a little Guitar Hero battle.

Scott was telling us about his girlfriend’s evil cat, so we decided to give Scott some of our Premium cat nip to mellow out the devil cat.

We put it in a little snack-sized zip-lock baggie.  We were laughing about the fact that if Scott got stopped by the cops on his drive back into the city and they found the baggie, he’d surely get in shit (it was totally more than for personal use, if you know what I mean)

We put the baggie on the counter and forgot about it as we dined on wonderfully prepared steak, baked potatos, grilled asparagus. . . .  .

We retired to the basement for some all out battle of the bands in Guitar Hero, then we hear a small crash of a plate hitting the floor and a mad scramble of paws and claws along the wood floors.

Scott and I didn’t think much of it, its a common sound in our house and Colin was upstairs at the time.

About 10 minutes later Scott went upstairs to get Colin (it was his turn to play Thunderkiss 65 on Hard).

Scott discovered 3 Slothy Bob Marley-esque mellowed cats lounging in the middle of the dinning room with a bag of the good stuff ripped and strewn across the floor.  I can just imagine the conversations the three of them were having, I’m sure there was some Bevis and Butthead “huuuhuuuu” laughing among them.

(Not one of my cats – but it sets a picture for the scene. . . hahaha)

Quickly after they were discovered they decided to become super-active and run up and down the stairs like mad fools.  Chasing each other, trying to nip each other’s tails.  There was quite a few little scraps and hiss fits.  In the immortal words of the Simpsons, they were certainly ‘Hepped up on Goofballs’

I thought given the antics, perhaps I should feed them their evening meal, this was to ensure they didn’t get the ‘munchies’ later.

They acted the fool for the remainder of the evening.  And I got the stern talking to from Colin reminding me that I shouldn’t ‘give’ the cats ‘nip in such high dosages.

I kept trying to tell him that they’d simply helped themselves.

Needless to say my moggies got locked out of the bedroom last night. . .  .hopefully they are sleeping off the trip right now and I have normal & well behaved moggies when I get home.

No more ‘nip for a while.

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A Quilt for Ruby

1 04 2007

I started a new quilt today for “Ruby”. Ruby is C&M’s soon-to-be baby, and the sex isn’t even known yet. I have no idea why C&M call their baby Ruby, but all the same, its kinda stuck. Although, talking to C she says if it is a girl, she won’t be named Ruby.

Ruby’s arrivial is probably late June, but I wanted to get a head start on it now while I had a realitivly free weekend.
This is my second quilt, another small baby sized quilt. I’ve tried something a little different than my first. I’m not sure how its going, but thankfully if I decide I don’t like it I have enough time to try it again.

C is a very very talented musician and music teacher, so I wanted to reflect that in my quilt – looking for “music” fabric you often find black and white stuff, so I decided to add a bit of “Ruby” to it, and go black, white and red.

I like the combo, and so does Manny. I’ll update soon when I get the border, backing, and quilting done. . . . .