Cats on Sunday

23 09 2007

With the soon to be historic playing of the Family Guy Star Wars episode just mere hours away, I wanted to get a post in before the festivities began.

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An Afternoon in Ste Anne De Bellevue

16 09 2007

After our lunch with Mr and Mrs G on Saturday, we decided to work off some of our maple surup hangover with a walk along the water in Ste Anne De Bellevue.

It was a beautiful brisk day, the winds were strong and the current was heavy.

The water is much lower than usual for this time of year, normally all the rocks in these pictures are covered, and there are no small peninsulas in the water.

It was glorious to be outside in the fresh air, wind in my hair, colour in my cheeks.

I haven’t felt that ‘alive’ in a long time.  It was very refreshing!

Lost $25 Found $25

24 08 2007

We’re going to be having some guests in and out of our house during September, so I wanted to get a good clean and scrub in before hand.

I was tiding the guest bedroom (aka my closet) on Wednesday night and I found a 25$ Amazon gift certificate I’d been looking for for AGES!!!  Sadly the expiry date was 2 days earlier than when I found it 😦

As I continued to clean, bummed out a bit over my Amazon gift card, I found a gift card I didn’t know I had for one of my fave clothing stores!  And the expiry date was today!

So I got some new threads!

. . . .and now I’m happy 🙂

Dead Tree

21 08 2007

Colin and I decided that the dead tree at the front of our house simply had to go.

The roots were pushing aganist the foundation of our house.

We’ll plant two smaller shrubs in its place.

The Biggest Weed Ever

20 08 2007

Well, I have a secret to admit.

As those that follow joeymoggie know, I worked very hard to have a lovely front garden. My back garden, however, is another story.

Please behold the most massive weed I’ve ever seen in my life! And I’ve grown it! Its more (yes more) than 9 feet tall.

I can’t decide if I should be proud or very very ashamed!

Garden Version Four

2 06 2007

Some more stuff has been blooming in the garden. . . . . am I allowed to be all proud?

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Garden Version III

30 05 2007

The next installment of pictures from my Garden.

Everything seems to be growing, so hopefully I have some more ‘blooming’ flowers soon.

More pictures to follow. . . . . .

Garden Version 1

Garden Version 2.0

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