Trying to Smile

19 09 2007

With Marty so sick, I needed something to make me smile. This did a little.


8 Year Old Finds a bag of Marijuana in McDonald’s Happy Meal

19 05 2007

At the end of April I found a story about a child finding a condom in a McDonald’s Happy Meal (thankfully not used). . . . now another child, this time an 8 year old from Illinois, has found a small bag of marijuana (with various drug paraphernalia) in their happy meal.

Even though no one was hurt, in true American style, the family who received the ‘special meal’ will probably sue McDonald’s.  This is even after the true ‘owner’ of the drugs was fired and arrested for drug possession.

Story below.

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Happy Birthday Ryan

23 04 2007

Today is my favourite little guy’s birthday.  He is one!


Happy Birthday RYAN!!!   I sent something home with Mr and Mrs Graham for you until we get to hang out next, ok? Your mom PROMISED Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake! 

I hope your mommy and daddy let you play with that drum set I got you from Christmas soon.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they give you the car that night you want to go out with that really hot chick.

I promise I won’t tell your mom when we go out to get your first tattoo. .  . . .

“Aunt” Joey!

Happy Birthday Sonia

15 04 2007

Last night we helped Sonia celebrate her 25th birthday.

Nice time, good food, good conversation. . . . . .

here are some pictures. . . .

Colin and Joey

  Mona & Joey

Mona & Sonia
The birthday Girl, enjoying a Raspberry Daquiri.

Happy Easter.

8 04 2007

Happy Easter everyone.

Colin got me a chocolate cat for easter. . . . check out the FREAKY eyes!!!

Motorbikes and Sandles

29 03 2007

Its Spring. 

I broke out my sandles today (finally my feet are free of their stocking prisions).  I really could use a nice lick of nail polish on the tootsies though.   (NO Christine, I REFUSE to go for a pedicure, we’ve discussed that a million times already hahahah)

The couple of guys who ride motorcycles to work all rode their bikes in today, a true first sign a Spring and the warmer weather to come.


Another Mrs Graham in 7 Days

17 02 2007

Next Saturday my Brother in Law Paul is getting married to Kate.

I wish them luck on the final countdown and last minute preparations.

Have fun guys, the day is over before you know it! Remember to stop, breath, and take a good look around the room to see the faces of every person in the room who loves you and supports you. . . .

I’m so looking forward to seeing Colin in a skirt. . . . .yeah yeah yeah. . . .I know. . . . its not a skirt, its a kilt. 🙂

One week till. . . .. . .PARTY TIME! 🙂