Going Dutch

12 09 2007

I visit I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? a few times a week, what can I say – I’m a cat lover – so that is how I am justifying all the visits I make to the site. . .   🙂

This one made me laugh out loud, and thus I feel the need to share it here. . . . .


I’m not sure if I’m making a window to my life with posting this one. . .  .

Taco Smell

1 03 2007

I get these cravings for certain types of food – and when I get one of these cravings I just HAVE to get whatever that food is.  Its usually something I shouldn’t have – which is probably why I crave it so.

My big once or twice a year craving is KFC, all the thick crunchy artery clogging 11 herbs and spices coated skin on hot piping chicken breast pieces.

I always end up sick as a dog the next day, but time after time, year after year I still give into the urges for KFC.

Recently I’ve been craving food from “south of the border” – not our border, but saying “south of the United Stated and Mexician boarder” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.   Excuse me while I think Outside the Bun. . . .

Colin and I were at Square One last week, looking for a pair of dress pants for Colin and we decided to grab a snack at the food court, recently Square One got a Taco Bell – and after several days of pleading with Colin to have tacos for dinner I decided to just get some Taco Bell.

I let the recent stories of salmonila & E.Coli  leave my thoughts, or the recent discovery of rats in a KFC/Taco Bell in New York hide in the back of my mind.  (Hummmm, doesn’t anyone think I might have a certain subconscience love of salmonila and rats perhaps)

I had a combo 1, 2 soft tacos and some fries (which I got some gooooey fake cheese for)

I should have known better,  I felt like crap the next day.  Bloated and gassy.  And it was the day of the wedding rehersal.

I think some of the family thought I was being standoffish at the rehersal, the truth of the matter is I had to fart and didn’t want to subject everyone to Taco Bell the second time acround.  Needless to say Taco Bell doesn’t sit well if you are trying to be prim proper and posh.

I still love KFC, and I love Taco Bell. . . . .but I need to find a way to curb my cravings!  Any suggestions?