Another Day of Sewing : Bit off More Than I Could Chew.

6 04 2007

Colin and I are headed to Ottawa tomorrow to see some friends, B&G, they had their first baby last year and we really haven’t gotten together with them since the baby came.

I wipped up a quick blanket today to take with us, along with Christmas presents and shower gifts we never got to give them. We’re looking forward to the scenic drive.

Of course Manny helped out as usual. I washed and cleaned the blanket to de-Manny the blanket because I’m sure Scout, B&G’s Dog would just *love* to smell Manny. (I do try to keep the cats off my sewing projects, but they just love to help)

The blanket was perhaps too hard of pattern, and I think I bit off more than I could chew, but I’m learning. And enjoying it.

I also wanted to try to make a bag. I took my hand at making covered buttons and Yo-Yos. . . . . I’m reasonably pleased. I still need lots of practise though.



















Tonights Crafty Bits, before I ran out of thread.

3 04 2007

One of Colin’s paintball friends, Will and his girlfriend, just welcomed their first baby over the weekend. A little girl.
I thought I’d make something I could squish into an envelope to send to them to congratulate them. . . . so I made a pair of baby shoes. I’m pretty pleased for a first try.

I also made another headband, I love love love that pattern! So easy! Including cutting and pressing its no more than 15 minutes!


And then I ran out of thread. . . . .      😦


A Quilt for Ruby

1 04 2007

I started a new quilt today for “Ruby”. Ruby is C&M’s soon-to-be baby, and the sex isn’t even known yet. I have no idea why C&M call their baby Ruby, but all the same, its kinda stuck. Although, talking to C she says if it is a girl, she won’t be named Ruby.

Ruby’s arrivial is probably late June, but I wanted to get a head start on it now while I had a realitivly free weekend.
This is my second quilt, another small baby sized quilt. I’ve tried something a little different than my first. I’m not sure how its going, but thankfully if I decide I don’t like it I have enough time to try it again.

C is a very very talented musician and music teacher, so I wanted to reflect that in my quilt – looking for “music” fabric you often find black and white stuff, so I decided to add a bit of “Ruby” to it, and go black, white and red.

I like the combo, and so does Manny. I’ll update soon when I get the border, backing, and quilting done. . . . .

Joey’s Crafty Weekend

1 04 2007

This weekend I spent alot of time attempting to be crafty.

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Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig. Subject : Cat Cushie

18 03 2007
  • Project Code Name : Sewing Guinea Pig
  • Subject : Cat Cushie.
  • Mission : Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sew an additional cat cushion for Manny, your only cat without a cushion of his own. 


Marty and Minou were given these wonderful cushions last Christmas from Mrs Graham, since we got Manny he has been a little left out not having a cushie.

Since getting my sewing machine I decided to sew a new cushie for Manny. I got a discontinued, liquidation remenant from WalMart for $2.90 so I figured no better time then now to make a new one.. Anyways, its finished, and we put it out the front window by the door.

Turns out Marty likes new cushie best. . . . .but best of all, all three of them fit on it at the same time.
Here are some pictures. . . . .

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A Stitch in Time, for some new curtains

4 03 2007

My mother in law gave me an old sewing machine she had recently aquired. It a 30 years old Bernina machine, and it has never been used. She took it in for servicing before she gave it to me to make sure it was in good working order.

The maiden voyage of this 3 decade old beast was some curtain for my guest bedroom.   Chris and Christine are coming up this coming weekend to see us, and I figured they might want some privacy in the room from the neighbours who can look right into the window 🙂

They were a valent attempt, and I look forward to trying my hand at even more sewing!

Pictures to follow. . . .

Idea: Photo Index Cards

21 12 2006

Have you ever lost your wallet?  I have.

Now its a royal pain in the arse to have to go out to all your card sevices and get replacements, but putting that a side I found the most devestating thing was losing pictures!

I came up with an idea I’ve been using myself since I had one of the APS film camera in the 90s. (before I went all digital!  seems so long ago *sigh*)

Anyways, I cut out the pictures on the photo index card you get and stick them in my wallet .. .. .. .. (I have on occasion photocopied the index card if I needed, but gerenerally they get squirreled away, never to see light again.

Works like a charm, you get a pint-sized little picture and no guilt or sadness if something happens to them!

I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the pictures in my wallet. . . . .