Marty is Sick

19 09 2007

My Marty cat is very sick.

He has been sick since this morning, and I’ve taken him to the vet already.

I’ve been so upset and in tears all day and I’ve missed most of work today. I’m so worried about him.

He has been sick to his stomach, his urine isn’t right and he is very very lethargic.

I have to take him back tomorrow for more tests.

The worry and pain I’m feeling is I’m sure how a parent feels about their sick child!

Please have Marty in your thoughts today. . . .


I’ll update his status tomorrow when I hear his test results. . ..

Please Marty, get better buddy!!!! I love you!!!


Update : 7:15pm / September 19. . . . Marty is getting worse than when I brought him home this afternoon. I’ve isolated Marty, he is very grumpy and extremely lethargic, and howls when you touch his sides. His eyes are tired and not bright like usual. 8am tomorrow can’t come fast enough. I hope he is ok. I’m crying again. My baby is so ill, and there is nothing I can do for him right now. . . .

Update : 9:38pm / September 19. . . . I just went to check on Marty. He is in my bathtub with his favorite blanket, a disposable kitty litter tray, some water and the ‘laxative’ food he is suppose to eat before he goes back to the vet tomorrow. He is so sad and tired looking, he looks years older than he is. I know he is in pain, he looks up at me and its all I see. The pain in his eyes. I’m crying (again). I never prepared myself for this. I love him too much, I can’t bear to think about the worst. Please keep thinking about Marty. I know he is “just a cat” but he is my buddy, my baby and my family.

Update : 1:27am / September 20 . . . . I went to use the bathroom and to check up on Marty. He is still and very weak. He got up several times to go pee, which is a good sign. He didn’t drink any water, or finish his special food.

Update : 7:13 am / September 20. . . I got up to have my shower and get ready for work. Marty looks tired, but more alert and awake than yesterday evening. He knows he is headed back to the vet. Perhaps he is relieved. Marty’s fur looks limp and lack lustre, normally his coat is very shinny. He is shedding too, Marty normally doesn’t shed that much. Minou knows something is up, she spent the notice purrring and headbutting me – she slept on my pillow and nuzzled my face, normally actions reserved for her favorite human Colin. What a sweet girl, she knew I needed that affection, that made sleeping easier.

Update : 9:23 / September 20 . . .I just got into work after dropping Marty off. He kept looking up at me from the Rubbermaid container I put him to travel with (he hates the carrier). I think he kept trying to say “Don’t leave me here, I want to go with you, don’t leave me”. I started to cry in the vet office. They keep saying to me “it will most likely be ok, but it might be. . . . . .”. Its not making me feel better, and its not making Marty better right now either. He thinks I’ve deserted him. He is frightened and scared. I send along with him every known contact phone number for Colin and I, as well as his little blanket and bunny toy. I hope those make him feel more at ease. I should have a better idea around lunch what is up with him. One of my bosses said I could leave if I need to. I’m so pleased she understands that Marty is my family – I don’t have skin babies, I have fur babies.

Please continue to think about him please. . . .

Update : 11:41am / September 20 . . . .No word from the vet yet. Is no news good news?

Update : 12:08pm / September 20. . . Just got off the phone with the vet. His fever is very high, and he is not even fighting the vet and the techs when they do invasive poking and prodding. Marty is normally a fighter, he is normally very very strong. He is so weak. He doesn’t have blood in his urine today which is positive, but his white blood cell count is elevated- which could simply be a sign of stress. Some of the blood tests were sent to be performed at on off site lab, we should find out those results tomorrow. He has several culture tests today, and we are waiting on the urology test results. If all this is is a ‘simple’ infection of the bladder or kidneys, he should be able to be treated by antibiotics (for 6-8 weeks). The new tests being done today will rule out (fingers crossed) anything worse than infection.

Update : 6:22pm / September 20. . .I’ve just picked up Marty. He looks a thousand times better than when I dropped him off, the vet says he perked right up when they told him I was coming to get him. That makes me happy. We are waiting on the results of the extended blood tests, and part of the culture tests done. Right now, he has an elevated fever, his white blood cells are high, his ph is high and another something or other I can’t remember is too low. The vet does not believe that he has a urine infection, as his urine is clear from blood today – however she does feel that he may have a kidney infection. I have been given special food and antibotics to treat his kidneys. If thats all he has, he will get better. The scary news out of this is that she wants to test both Marty and Minou for Feline leukemia and Feline AIDS. If they both score positive for the two tests, the vet figures they will have one to two years to live max, and they will get sicker and sicker. If they score positive she suggests I put them to sleep. I can’t even wrap my head around this idea. And on top of that she said I will have to rehome Manny, because with Feline AIDS is can be contracted by fighting/scratching. Marty is home and resting right now on my lap, purrrring. Releaved he doesn’t have to go to the vet again (for 5 days), I’m happy to have him home and what looks like to be on the mend. I’m scared to death to do the cancer/aids test. . . .I don’t want to think about it today. I want to enjoy my purrrrrrry little buddy.

Update : 7:41pm / September 20. . .Marty is sitting with me still.  I got a moist papertowel, and gave him a ‘sponge bath’ to get rid of all the ‘vet smell’.  I could tell he appreicated it, even though he doesn’t like baths.  I got him some food, and he is eating.  Not very much, but I didn’t have to force feed him which is a blessing.

8 Year Old Finds a bag of Marijuana in McDonald’s Happy Meal

19 05 2007

At the end of April I found a story about a child finding a condom in a McDonald’s Happy Meal (thankfully not used). . . . now another child, this time an 8 year old from Illinois, has found a small bag of marijuana (with various drug paraphernalia) in their happy meal.

Even though no one was hurt, in true American style, the family who received the ‘special meal’ will probably sue McDonald’s.  This is even after the true ‘owner’ of the drugs was fired and arrested for drug possession.

Story below.

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Happy Birthday Ryan

23 04 2007

Today is my favourite little guy’s birthday.  He is one!


Happy Birthday RYAN!!!   I sent something home with Mr and Mrs Graham for you until we get to hang out next, ok? Your mom PROMISED Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake! 

I hope your mommy and daddy let you play with that drum set I got you from Christmas soon.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they give you the car that night you want to go out with that really hot chick.

I promise I won’t tell your mom when we go out to get your first tattoo. .  . . .

“Aunt” Joey!

2 Kids in the Hospital (joke)

14 04 2007

Two little kids are in a hospital lying on stretchers next to each other outside the operating room.

The first kid leans over and asks, “What are you in here for?”
The second kid says, “I’m in here to get my tonsils out and I’m a little nervous.”

The first kid says, “You’ve got nothing to worry about. I had that done when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you lots of jello and ice cream. It’s a breeze.”
The second kid then asks, “What are you here for?”

The first kid says, “A circumcision.”

“Whoa!” the second kid replies, “Good luck buddy, I had that done when I was born. Couldn’t walk for a year.”

Are You SMARTER than a 5th Grader??? 5th-graders accused of sex in Louisiana school

7 04 2007

Late March I made an entry about a little daughter of one of my co-workers, she is six, and the little ‘sex’ song she came up with – read about it here.  That amuzed and worried me.. . . . then  I stumbbled across the below posted article, about 5th graders having sex in an unsupervised class room.

My jaw dropped, not only for the pure fact that its about 11 year old fornicating, but by how severe the penalities may be for these children.   Shocked yes, do I agree,  is it unfair.  I’m not sure.

I’m just shocked. I’m not sure how to wrap my head around it.  Problems of our kids are far more grave than they were when we were children.

When did sex become a “problem” for pre-teens?   Parents, have you had “the talk” with you teeny boppers?

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Getting a New Puppy

28 03 2007

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, and thinks I’ve switched sides from “cat person” to “dog person”  I’m just posting up a joke.   I’m too far into the cat fold to go back now!  hahah

 Breederx visited my site earlier, so I took a quick little gander at their little place on the expansive blogosphere. . . .

This entry, cut and pasted below, gave me quite a giggle – so I had to repost it.

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Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

28 03 2007

I was talking to a guy at work, and he was telling a story about something his 6 year old daughter said. . .

He and his daughter have special time before she goes to bed, they sing & read stories and stuff.

One night she sang him a song for “mommy and daddy” she said. . . .

“mommy and daddy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G,

first comes sex, then comes the house . . . .”


Things have changed alot since I was 6.  I swear, boys still had cooties till I was. . . . well. . . .I still think they have cooties.