Middle-Class Middleton & Posh Prince Break Up

15 04 2007

I am so sad!!!  I heard this morning that Prince William and his lovely girlfriend Kate Middleton broke up this past saturday, as a part time royal watcher this is truely a sad day.

I had high hopes of seeing his royal wedding.

I suspect that the fact that Kate was only a mear middle class, and not the upper crust posh that the Queen would have prefered probably helped with the demise of the relationship.

Kate found it hard to deal with the media. .  . . .

I for one have my fingers crossed that there will be a reconcilliation. . . .

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The Reason I Love Alanis Morisette

11 04 2007

Source – Alanis’ Website

I love Alanis, and this parody makes me love her even more.  Brilliant, I’m now even more convinced she is God.   I’m off to watch Dogma.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Thats a Big Boner

10 04 2007

Sometimes I enjoy a good bit of internet flith, it makes me laugh.  And one always needs a reason to use the word  ‘boner’.

Check out how embarassed he gets after dancing with the lady. . . .

I have a stitch in my side from giggling.

“I Told You So” – Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby Danielynn

10 04 2007

Today news broke that Larry Birkhead is in fact little Danielynn’s father, by results from a DNA test.  He left the court proclaiming “I told you so”.

Howard K Stern will not fight Birkhead for custody, although none of those details have been decided.

I’m glad that this long coming decision is finally out – but I hope Birkhead realizes that Stern has been an important part of the baby’s life, and allows him to continue to have a relationship with her.

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