Emo Image Thursday

20 09 2007


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Please check out Brahanmin’s contribution to Emo Image Thursday this week.

Emo – International Man of Misery

The man is brilliant.

Trying to Smile

19 09 2007

With Marty so sick, I needed something to make me smile. This did a little.


What the Heck is Technorati?

18 09 2007



This coming week I will celebrate one year in blogging. Actually, one year of consistant blogging.

I don’t pay to blog, I don’t get paid to blog. I blog for amusement, and my own personal education about the Internet and all the weird, neat, cool things about it. (Although perhaps I might finally go to a ‘real’ blog in the next year, who knows. . . )

Anyways, I’ve spent most of the last year playing with Top Site lists trying to gain hits, and in my opinion, I’ve been pretty successful. I’ve received more than half a million hits in the past year. Not bad for the pretty random ramblings that I spew out ’round here.

This new coming blogging year I’d like to concentrate on figuring out Technorati, Feeds and Google Ratings.

Currently my Technorati Rating stands at 88, I have 4 RSS Feed Readers my Google page rank is at 5.

These numbers are nothing to snuff at, but considering how long my blog has been live and the sheer number of hits I receive (on average about 2500-3000 a day), shouldn’t my Technorati Rating and such be more in line with the volume of hits I receive?

I’m excited for the next year, and I’m looking forward to reading about all the suggestions and tips you all out there have for me!




  1. To have 300 or more Technorati Rating by my next Blogoversary.
  2. To have 50 Technorati ‘Fans’ by my next Blogoversary
  3. To have 30 RSS Readers by my next Blogoversary
  4. To have a 6 or 7 Google Page Rank by my next Blogoversary

Solutions and Solves:

  • Beg and pled to all my loyal readers to favorite me, subcribe to me, and visit every day (Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink!!)
  • Write Better Content!!! (ding ding ding! I need to be more serious on content!)
  • Start a weekly meme. Must be original and different (Think Fracas Monday Melee)
  • Actually choose a niche, and stick to it.


  1. What the heck is Technorati, and why should I care?
  2. How do you gain readers and fans?
  3. How do you KEEP readers and fans?
  4. How do you choose what sites you read and favorite?
  5. What other tips can you offer me?

(I’m going to add to this list)

Things I’ve Learned in my First Year of Blogging :

(even though I don’t do some of the things I’ve learned!!)

  • Have a niche
  • Find other like-minded bloggers and create a mini-community (this is done by commenting on blogs and replying to comments on your own)
  • Staying current in your niche
  • Adapting to changes in your niche
  • Link Love. Link everything and anything you put on your blog. (I’ve learned this one the hard way)
  • Have a relevant and meaningful Blogroll. Only put sites on your blogroll that your really read and support. Delete and change things up as needed.
  • Write only in your native tongue. No ebonics, shizzle speak, 1337 or text, no one knows what the frig you are saying.
  • If you want to blog seriously, or for money, you need a domain almost right from the start.
  • Get your name out there, top lists, memes, forums, social bookmarking.
  • Use Technorati and all its features. You can save all your fave blogs for easy one place clicking – like bookmarking. It keeps all the blogs outside of your blogging software together as well (I have a bunch of friends who use Blogger, and I’m on wordpress – Technorati is where I save those blogs) Technorati also allows you to see who is linking to you, if someone is linking to you find out why (could be a niche topic) and thank them. . . . link love, link love.
  • Use Feeds. Subscribe to all your favorite blogs, and you’ll have all the latest content from your favorite blogs all in one place.
  • If you dig something DIGG it! If you stumbled across it, STUMBLE IT. If you think someone else would DIGG it, post it on DIGG. If you think someone else would Stumble on it, post it on STUMBLE IT.
  • People love Flickr & YouTube
  • Great headlines always bring people in.
  • Naughty words and tags always bring people in.
  • Be savvy enough to pre-empt news. . .if you think its going to be big news tommorrow, blog about it today.

Meme Monday at Linky Love

17 09 2007

This meme at Linky Love is based on the Thinking Blog Awards
The participation rules are simple and in true Linky Love style changed :

  1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think, sit, read, stop by again or sizzle!
  2. Explain why each of these blogs make you think, sit, read, stop by again or sizzle.
  3. Link to this Linky Love post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this most popular meme ever!
  4. Make sure this counter gets copied, so we all know how popular you are making this meme! (I can’t personally put the counter up on my blog as its script code, which I don’t know how to get it to work on WordPress.com but if you click onto the meme page directly, you’ll be able to see the counter.)


I was actually awarded the Thinking Blog award a little while back, you can check out my entry here and read about the blogs I nominated for that award.

So because I’ve done a similar meme already, I’m changing things up even more. I’m going to tell you about 5 new blogs I’ve come across in my travels on the vast wide interwebs. . .

1. So You Wannabee a Domestik Goddess

Crafts, girly gadgets, recipes, ideas, thrifty things and really cool online shopping finds. I’ve only just discovered this blog, and to be honest I’ve only scratched the surface in reading it. But its great!! I think the author Jen and I have a lot in common which is perhaps why I enjoy her blog so much. Fun colours and easy to navigate. Worth the read!

2. Linky Love

The website from which this meme is from. A great new little community, lots of great ideas in generating hits, and money from your blog. I really appreciate the ‘hands on’ approach to blogging, Linky Love always comments on your blog, as well as answering all questions, kudos and comments on their own blog. There is also a Linky Love top list, which JoeyMoggie is a top member.

3. Daddy Papersurfer

Now, I’ve been reading Daddy Papersurfer for a few months, but I’ve not highlighted my favorite old git in any memes, so here he is! A sly silver-fox. This is a daily read, and a daily giggle for me. Daddy-O is active on Fuel my Blog, attempting for a world record longest Forum Thread in history (He’ll have to check out www.pbnation.com there are some threads over 1000 pages there!). He visits and fuels all his favorite blogs every day, and always leaves a little message to make you smile.

4. Mister Peace

A great humor blog, a funny outlook on a lot of varied topics. Mister Peace has a smooth and very concise writing style that flows really well. There have been a few times I’ve been in tears reading what he’s written.

5. Grace Magazine

A fresh look at current fashion trends, beautiful pictures and descriptions. Sometimes there is nostalgic looks at vintage fashions – love those, like the entry on the little black dress. Always a great source for tips and tricks for makeup and personal hygiene.






I want the signed oneredpaperclip book given away on fuelmyblog

12 09 2007

I was over at the Fuel My Blog blog, and they’ve got a contest going.  . .

And you know how I love contests.

This one is to win a signed copy of oneredpaperclip by Kyle McDonald.

You remember Kyle, the guy who traded a single red paperclip and eventually traded his way to a house.


Check out Fuel My Blog’s blog HERE

Check out the Contest at FMB  HERE

Check out oneredpaperclip HERE

Going Dutch

12 09 2007

I visit I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? a few times a week, what can I say – I’m a cat lover – so that is how I am justifying all the visits I make to the site. . .   🙂

This one made me laugh out loud, and thus I feel the need to share it here. . . . .


I’m not sure if I’m making a window to my life with posting this one. . .  .

Meme Monday at Linky Love

10 09 2007

Its Meme Monday over at Linky Love, the newest TopSite joeymoggie has signed up at. . .


Today is:

Pick my pic meme

Tell everyone whom tagged you here!

The rules of Pick my Pic meme are simple:

  1. Grab the pic you love the most on your blog
  2. Explain why you love this pic the most on your blog
  3. Link back to Meme Monday and your pic will be picked and shown on Linky Love
  4. Pass the meme to at least 5 people
  5. Change the rules where-ever and when-ever you feel appropriate

Joey’s Answers

  1. Grab the pic you love the most on your blog

Explain why you love this pic the most on your blog

I just adore this photo, it shows just how handsome Marty is, and you can just tell how senstive he is!  I love all the picture of my cats I’ve posted. . . but this one is a “good photo” as well, nice and crisp and clear.

Link back to Meme Monday and your pic will be picked and shown on Linky Love

Done!  😉

Pass the meme to at least 5 people

Anyone who would like to participate is welcomed to do so!  🙂