I Remember

11 09 2007


I remember 8:45 am Tuesday September 11, 2001.

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Last Day for Tony Blair

27 06 2007

Today is the last day in office Tony Blair. He was the British Prime Minister for 10 years.

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LaKisha gets the Kiss-Off

9 05 2007

LaKisha Jones is the latest American Idol to have their hopes and dreams squashed.

No more sweet kisses from Simon Cowell **eeeewwwwwwww**
Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle and Blake Lewis are the top 3.

Our poor Engrish Lanuage

9 04 2007

This is going to be ranty, so if you’d like to avoid all the rantiness – the moral of this story is, Please. . . .



I spend my day talking on the phone, from CEOs and Senior Purchasing Directors for large paintball companies, to stores and fields, to teams, to end users.

Everyone basically.

Let me start off this little rant by saying, I love talking on the phone and conversing with our customers.  I get a lot of complements and positivefeedback from various people about my phone manner.

One of the large segments of phone calls I receive right now is for Sponsorship.  Young, up-and-coming paintball teams seeking assistance.  I wrote earlier about steps a team should take when trying to obtain Sponsorship.  This was written to help teams out, and was not written as a surefire way to get sponsorship.   Its also a bit of a rant in itself.

Anyways. . . .

When I speak to these teams, I go through my spiel, letting the team know their options – and how to get the team’s details to our Sponsorship Department etc.  I’m always polite, courteous and give as much information and assistance that I can.  I do it with a gritted smile and grinding teeth. 

I do not understand how such a proud nation of patriots can spawn children who can’t even speak English as a FIRST language.

I’m not talking about immigrants, or people who speak English as a second or third language – these people have the right to be less than perfect in their verbal skills

 . . . . I’m talking about the 12 year olds from some thick accented state, who speak in “shizzle speak” or “ebonics” slurring and mumbling their words while speaking very quietly in a crowed room or playground, saying “uhhhh” or “yoooo” between every word.


Don’t be angry at me when I ask you to repeat yourself.  I don’t understand what you are saying.

No need to be rude when I ask you to say that again.  I don’t understand the words you are speaking

I don’t advise yelling at me.  Your the one speaking in some bastard English, that people can’t be expected to understand
At time poor English can be funny, the written word in my opinion.  Think of the website www.engrish.com, (but again we are talking about people who don’t speak English as a first language. . . .  )  The way these kids speak is no laughing matter,  its downright appauling.

 Who teaches kids to speak like this? Surely it can’t be allowed in the classroom.  Or is it???  I can just see it now:

Teacher : “Yo, De Von, is Shizzle like uhhh a verb, or izzzz it a noun, aiiiiight?

I remember when I taught dancing and the little kids (I generally taught 4-6 year olds) would tell me a story, and they would say

“me and my friend. . . .” .  I would correct them, “My Friend and I. . . . ”

I wouldn’t let them continue until they corrected themselves.  By the end of the year, I could have semi-adult conversations with the six year olds.  Why talk down to them?

I will be the first to admit my spelling and grammar are sh*t and my vocabulary is definatly not Ivy League – but people do not question or have trouble understanding me.

When I took my first job when I lived in England, I re-learned how to say words, and how to fully pronounce words out so that the people I talked to on the phone everyday understood what the heck I was saying.  It was only fair and just that I did that.


How did our kids end up speaking like this?  How can we change it or is the damage done.

Is there a dictionary, or translator I can use so I can understand what the heck these kids are saying to me?

Praying to a False Idol ::: Why do you like American Idol & Stop Voting for Sanjaya, Jesus Says So!!

28 03 2007

I didn’t think after blogging about the “Novelle Star” Idol show that I would do it again. Hahaha. . . round two.

I was in England when Will Young won the very first Pop Idol competition, I had been rooting for him all along.  At that time I was still living in Canada and only visiting the UK a few times a year to see Colin.     I followed the show (which was a whole season then) by reading “Hello” and “Ok” magazines.  It was such a new and different concept for a reality show.  Week after week the rating numbers climbed and jumped.


(Download a song or two of Will Young’s – you won’t be disapointed!)

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Just for the Record, I love Americans

25 03 2007


Recently I’ve been having some fun with Brahnamin with the good ‘ol Canada versus the US of A debate.  Source.  Source.

Just for the record, I love Americans.

I think its easy (and often funny, see here) to point out the flaws of Americans.  But lets be honest, would the world be the place that it is now without the loud and boisterous cousin to South?

Shakespeare said “All the World’s a Stage” and that being said wouldn’t you prefer to have America as an agent, because certainly you’d get more time up in the lights. 🙂

Now, I adore Canada, and in truth I can’t imagine being anything other than Canadian.  This is one heck of awesome country to be citizen of and I can say that as I’ve tried my hand at being an immigrant, (and that didn’t really suit me).

I remember once doing tours of the Embassies in London England on one of my trips there, and when I was at the US Embassy there was a wall of pamphlets.  One in particular caught my eye, (and somewhere squirreled away I still have it), it was called “Backpacking for Americans”.  The first thing, as recommended by the government of the United States of America for Americans to do when backpacking

1.  Sew a Canadian Flag patch on your bag.  Canadians are often treated with more respect than Americans.

 I’m not sure where I was going with that. . . .  anyways. . .

 I don’t always agree with their policies on war, or their playground bully mentality towards other countries (Poor France), but I respect their patriotism and their continued strive for freedom for all.  They are a proud group of people, and perhaps that is something other countries could take a page from.  I also believe that Americans drive for total consumerism puts food on my table.  Both my husband and I work in industries that without Americans purchasing our goods our companies would not flourish, grow and be profitable.  So for that, I say Thank You America!

I might not always agree with the US, but I love them like family.