Do Smiley Faces have Noses?

16 12 2009

December 16, 2009

One day after the mandatory “Winter Snow Tire” law in Quebec.

9 days before Christmas.

66 days after my birthday.

And well honestly over a year since my last post.

Its not that I haven’t thought about it.  Or wanted to.  Simply put, life got in the way of blogging.  Which in the grand ‘ol scheme of things isn’t quite such a bad thing.

I started blogging because frankly my life was pretty darn boring.  Same ‘ol job, with no prospect of changing.  Same ‘ol schedule, same ‘ol plans, same ‘ol meals. . . . same ‘ol everything.

Blogging was a positive and fun outlet for me, gave me something to look forward to.  I spent a whole year blogging at least one post every day.  It was quite an under taking and I was proud of myself for finishing that.

Last night I was speaking to my hometown bestie, Christine – and she was telling me a story about cousin and the hilarious happenings of her customer service job.  Christine has been trying to get her cousin to write a book about the people she crosses paths with for about a year.  Christine tells me cousin is a no-holds-barred George Carlin-esque kind of personality, of course she is a little more woman, a little less grey, and of course a lot less dead then then late Mr. Carlin.  Cousin has been mulling over the idea, and finally though, “I could put my hand at blogging”.  Christine told her about my blog, and how I could help her get it up and going.  This of course got me thinking – its kinda bad to suggest to someone to check out a dead blog.  And her I am, resurrecting the dead.   This was the push I needed to get back on the horse.

So today I was posed a question, though through a status update on Facebook.  Do Smiley Faces have Noses?

I suggested to Aaron, who posted the above picture, that perhaps this smiley face (who doesn’t actually appear to be smiling at all) that he may have a birth or beauty mark, like Cindy Crawford.


Since my last hoorah of constant posting, a few things have changed in my life. Without going mass amounts of details – the most significate.

1.  The court case at Job1.  I was advised to lay low in my online postings.  People on the other side were reading my (personal) blog, and the Job1 legal team thought it best I didn’t give them ammo.  (I’m still not sure how posting about celebrities, sewing, cats and dance shows would really have helped/hindered a court case).  Who won that anyways?

2.  My S.I.Ls car accident.  It changed alot.

3.  Job1 became old job.  I am no longer then, and considerably more healthy now for it.

My life has come almost full circle, and though I won’t admit to being back to a boring life – I’m certainly more calm, rested with more time to allow for *some* often blogging.

Thank you to all the readers who have emailed me, sent me messages and posted comments to during my hiatus.

I hope you will all welcome me back.

It feels nice to put pen to paper, or keys to screen. . . . . . .


ps.  and to everyone looking for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE music.  give me a week or so, I’ve been keeping track, I have obviously just not updated in a while.



18 responses

16 12 2009
Daddy Papersurfer

Well, well, well …….. and why am I feeling pleased? …….. I have no idea ……. *star jumps and collapses*

16 12 2009
Daddy Papersurfer

Whoops ……. the answer is no ………

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