Look at What the Cat Dragged In

1 04 2008

look at what the cat dragged in

Hello everyone.

Its been a really long time. I’m sorry. I’ve missed my blogging.

I won’t go into a lot of details right now about my long long absence, I’ll simply sum it up by saying. . .

Life got in the way of blogging.

Glad to be back to blogging, I need this outlet right now. I don’t think I will be here in the full force I was before, but I’ll be here.



image source : www.moggies.co.uk



9 responses

1 04 2008

OOOO M G!!!!

Welcome back girl!!!

YOU WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MISSED. Glad to have you back!!!

2 04 2008

Welcome back Joey.

2 04 2008

Hey, welcome back!

6 04 2008

Welcome back!

6 04 2008

welcome back Joey!

25 05 2008

Thanks, very interesting.

26 06 2008

Although I am very behind in my blog reading, looks like you’re behind in your blogging. ;D

11 07 2008
tom simmons

Like your site.
I had 2 moggies, Moglet (because he was a very small kitten) and his brother Purdy (because he sat on my shoulder to purr)

Sadly I had to foster them to a neighbour when I started travelling, but they are happy as can be . their favourite ‘catch’ was rabbit, which they shared between them. But birds and mice they would sometimes bring in, and would let me take from them to release back into the wild.

3 08 2008

Glad to see you’re back. Be strong. Writing is a wonderful outlet for stress. Hope you find time to post.

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