Family Guy Hour Long STAR WARS Episode to air SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 23 2007

22 09 2007

Tomorrow is the long anticipated one hour season premiere of The Family Guy. At least Colin has been long anticipating it. . . . . (This poster is not accurate the the episode that will be playing tomorrow – I couldn’t find a Family Guy Star Wars poster besides this one)

This kick off to the fifth season of Fox’s animated hit “the Family Guy” will see the Family Guy characters morphed into Star wars characters, who will recount Star Wars : Episode IV A New Hope.

The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a huge Star Wars fan, and worked tirelessly to get George Lucas’ blessing to do the episode.

Stewie as Darth Vader. . . . does it get better than that????

Here is a sneak preview!

The snacks are ready, the chicken wings are in the freezer, the beer is cooling. . . . . . . At this historic moment, will you be able to say “I know where I was”???



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23 09 2007
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23 09 2007
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25 11 2007

nooooooooooo this is not fair why wont it show=(

10 12 2007
u all suck my nuts

you all dont have f****** lives

7 08 2008
chelsea heard

it would be better if you can have some picts of black and white so you can colour them, in

21 02 2011

Family Guy Сезон 9 серия 9 (2010)

30 07 2011

Friends with Benefits –

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