Emo Image Thursday

20 09 2007


Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie.

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Others are welcome to participate in Emo Image Thursday, simply link back to JoeyMoggie and let me know you have participated. If there is some general interest in broadening Emo Image Thursday into a full meme, I’ll start a list of participating sites, and link back.

Please check out Brahanmin’s contribution to Emo Image Thursday this week.

Emo – International Man of Misery

The man is brilliant.



38 responses

21 09 2007

good one.

i’ve got mine up :: double-oh Emo, international man of misery

21 09 2007

I LOVE it Brahnamin!

Oh its Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You, Sir, are a genius!

21 09 2007

thank you for the plug, but if you could take down the *it’s his own original artwork* part i’d appreciate it. i know you are trying to protect my interests, but in this case it could also get me in a spot of trouble.

unless i specifically state that an image is original, then you can go ahead and assume it is a collage (which this one is) rather than 100% mine.

people are usually fine with their artwork being used in a collage (because, well, it is not a copyright infringement to do so) but they can get their backs up if they see their work labeled as someone else’s *original* art.

leave the *brilliant* part. has a nice ring to it. and it looks good on your blog.


21 09 2007

Brilliant has been left. . . .


21 09 2007


21 09 2007

I think you should do some more original emo pictures.

I think you’ve inspired me to do one. . . . .


I suck at art, so we’ll see how we do. . . . . I might cheat and ask Colin to help me though. . . . .


21 09 2007

I hope SkyWindows doesn’t mind me complimenting you. . . .


I hope she doesn’t mind more Emo Images either!

21 09 2007

compliments to her husband reflects well on her.

i think she hates the emo obsession. but then, emo is well to the left of gay and in that direction lies many a bad experience for her.

which is one of the reasons i tend to emphasize the angsty suicidy side of emo rather than the ambiamorous side.

did i just coint a new word?

hrm . . . time will tell

21 09 2007

No problem with the complimenting Joey, I love others recognizing his talent. Regarding the emo kick he is on…


I remember when I had to explain to him what emo was.

21 09 2007

Thats too funny. I can say I like having company for Emo Image Thursday. . . . hahahahahah

21 09 2007

@ Brahanmin

I think you did create a new word!! Wooooohooooooo!

Is that the inspiration for next week 😉

22 09 2007

@sky -would you rather i had been fully versed in emo before you had a chance to explain?

@joey -ambiamorous? i don’t know how much it’s inspiring me, but sure, why not?

22 09 2007

We should both try to use the word and see what we come up with. . . .

Might be interesting to see how we both see the word. . . .

27 09 2007
bennet hassedeck

do you like to cut your wrists with knives or glass?

30 09 2007

uhhhhh, neither.

But thanks for asking. . . ?!?!

8 11 2007

Thanks for taking our image. Can you please acknowledge it by putting a link to the http://www.heartbleed.com website also somewhere in the text as you took it from the site.

Would really appreciate it, otherwise great thing that you like the image.

29 02 2008

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12 03 2008

Wow Your em0 blogx so rox lols!!!

19 04 2008

that hart is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool… that musta rakinlng!!!! lol!!!!

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4 06 2008

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21 11 2008

I like so much this photo!!!

23 11 2008

wanna here a poem i wrote?
okay here it is:

she sits alone in the quite of night
remember the ones that broke her heart
she thinks back to all the pain and all the hurt
as the clock chimes midnight
the room whispers quiet
tell her to forget all the pain
the pain that throbs in her heart
the pain she cant forget
the air around her is calm
in her hand she holds a blade
that refects all her pain and tears on her face
it lays so cold in her open palm
she squeezes her hand tight
feeling a warmth
a feeling of letting go
as the blood falls in the dead of night
the feeling surrounds her
as the tears fall faster
she opens her hand
and pain releases her
she picks up the blades edge
holds it in her hand
as all the pain and all the hurt
she will soon forget
slowly the blade is moved
across her wrist as she sighs
letting all it go
all the pain held inside
of the ones shed been hurt
who never loved back
as they carved thier names
into her heart
the pain of loving
the ones she cared about
given herself to
and to never have been loved
the blade falls from her hand
as she falls asleep
is it really better to have loved and lost
than to never have loved at all

23 11 2008

this pic inspired me to write it =)

12 12 2008


The first thing i did was gather information. After that i used what i learnt and made lists. Those lists are called, lure lists & number lists. I also wrote many paragraphs to test short term and long term memory. Then i tested people. When i got my results i made them into graphs by groups. Such as boys and girls.

***sorry bout this but i need to get it at home and this is the only way.. its for school… and emails and EVERYTHING is restricted…. psh.. so stupid…*** SORRY!!!

3 06 2009
31 10 2009
poker code

Thank you for your help! is nice to be emo 🙂

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