What the Heck is Technorati?

18 09 2007



This coming week I will celebrate one year in blogging. Actually, one year of consistant blogging.

I don’t pay to blog, I don’t get paid to blog. I blog for amusement, and my own personal education about the Internet and all the weird, neat, cool things about it. (Although perhaps I might finally go to a ‘real’ blog in the next year, who knows. . . )

Anyways, I’ve spent most of the last year playing with Top Site lists trying to gain hits, and in my opinion, I’ve been pretty successful. I’ve received more than half a million hits in the past year. Not bad for the pretty random ramblings that I spew out ’round here.

This new coming blogging year I’d like to concentrate on figuring out Technorati, Feeds and Google Ratings.

Currently my Technorati Rating stands at 88, I have 4 RSS Feed Readers my Google page rank is at 5.

These numbers are nothing to snuff at, but considering how long my blog has been live and the sheer number of hits I receive (on average about 2500-3000 a day), shouldn’t my Technorati Rating and such be more in line with the volume of hits I receive?

I’m excited for the next year, and I’m looking forward to reading about all the suggestions and tips you all out there have for me!




  1. To have 300 or more Technorati Rating by my next Blogoversary.
  2. To have 50 Technorati ‘Fans’ by my next Blogoversary
  3. To have 30 RSS Readers by my next Blogoversary
  4. To have a 6 or 7 Google Page Rank by my next Blogoversary

Solutions and Solves:

  • Beg and pled to all my loyal readers to favorite me, subcribe to me, and visit every day (Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink!!)
  • Write Better Content!!! (ding ding ding! I need to be more serious on content!)
  • Start a weekly meme. Must be original and different (Think Fracas Monday Melee)
  • Actually choose a niche, and stick to it.


  1. What the heck is Technorati, and why should I care?
  2. How do you gain readers and fans?
  3. How do you KEEP readers and fans?
  4. How do you choose what sites you read and favorite?
  5. What other tips can you offer me?

(I’m going to add to this list)

Things I’ve Learned in my First Year of Blogging :

(even though I don’t do some of the things I’ve learned!!)

  • Have a niche
  • Find other like-minded bloggers and create a mini-community (this is done by commenting on blogs and replying to comments on your own)
  • Staying current in your niche
  • Adapting to changes in your niche
  • Link Love. Link everything and anything you put on your blog. (I’ve learned this one the hard way)
  • Have a relevant and meaningful Blogroll. Only put sites on your blogroll that your really read and support. Delete and change things up as needed.
  • Write only in your native tongue. No ebonics, shizzle speak, 1337 or text, no one knows what the frig you are saying.
  • If you want to blog seriously, or for money, you need a domain almost right from the start.
  • Get your name out there, top lists, memes, forums, social bookmarking.
  • Use Technorati and all its features. You can save all your fave blogs for easy one place clicking – like bookmarking. It keeps all the blogs outside of your blogging software together as well (I have a bunch of friends who use Blogger, and I’m on wordpress – Technorati is where I save those blogs) Technorati also allows you to see who is linking to you, if someone is linking to you find out why (could be a niche topic) and thank them. . . . link love, link love.
  • Use Feeds. Subscribe to all your favorite blogs, and you’ll have all the latest content from your favorite blogs all in one place.
  • If you dig something DIGG it! If you stumbled across it, STUMBLE IT. If you think someone else would DIGG it, post it on DIGG. If you think someone else would Stumble on it, post it on STUMBLE IT.
  • People love Flickr & YouTube
  • Great headlines always bring people in.
  • Naughty words and tags always bring people in.
  • Be savvy enough to pre-empt news. . .if you think its going to be big news tommorrow, blog about it today.



13 responses

18 09 2007
Linky Love

10 Solutions and Solves from Linky Love!

1. Technorati is THE place to find all the other blogs that know about blogging (yeah, as easy as that).

2. You gain readers and fans by ranking on top of a directory like Joey Moggie does at http://www.linkylove.net/addyourlink/

3. You keep your male readers and fans if you are a woman and you show some occasional flesh once in a while 🙂 You keep your more substantial readers by giving them substantial posts. If you have a winning strategy already like Joey, don’t change strategy Joey!

4. Same like “how do you chose the food you eat”: some for the taste, some for the fun and some to fill you up. In blogs’ case: some blogs because you like to read them, some blogs because you like the pictures (like your hummingbird!), some blogs because they give you tips to blog better, some blogs because you need to partner up in order to become more famous more easily.

5. 1. Technorati only remembers your 180 days old links, so you need to keep on looking for new links if you want to have a great authority

5. 2. Don’t boost your Technorati linking with quick and easy ideas. Your Pagerank will go down

5.3. If you make real friends like in the real world, you not only gain a friend, but his or her knowledge as well 🙂

5.4. Finding a niche is hard work, and never tell anybody you found a niche!

5.5. Become a guestblogger on http://www.linkylove.net or ask Linky Love to be a guestblogger on your site about a topic you think Linky Love could cover.

5.6. From time to time some aggressive begging pays off 🙂

19 09 2007
Daddy P

I knew you could be quite useful [and listened to old men].
I think I’ve joined ‘Linky Love’ but I’m not sure – I don’t really understand their site – oh well, nothing new there, I don’t understand much out here.
Anyway, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I’m going to print off a hard copy of a post [this one you fool] cos I fink it’ll be ‘andy. [thought I’d slip into cockney in case you were getting bored].

19 09 2007
Daddy P

Whoops – congrats on your anniversary!

19 09 2007
Linky Love

@Daddy P

I quite found it usefull to let you know here that you successfully joined http://www.linkylove.net/addyourlink/

I could have let you know on your own blog, but people tend to read other people’s blog more.

If you no understand, is bcz me speako in strange lingo 🙂

Main reason of linky love is to link and to love and multiply all that 🙂

Second reason is to try top get Joey ranking on number 2 and you on number 1 🙂

19 09 2007
Linky Love

Aaaaw, is your birthday today? I thought next month? Happy birthday!

19 09 2007

Thanks for the replies Linky Love and Daddy-O

It isn’t my birthday (it is next month) – but I’m “celebrating” one year in blogging this week. . . .my blogoversary if you will! 🙂

I appreciate the tips and info, I’m going to look into them all. . . . .

Keep the ideas commin’

Thanks again!!

19 09 2007

Thanks for the replies Linky Love and Daddy-O

It isn’t my birthday (it is next month) – but I’m “celebrating” one year in blogging this week. . . .my blogoversary if you will! 🙂

I appreciate the tips and info, I’m going to look into them all. . . . .

Keep the ideas commin’

Thanks again!!

19 09 2007

As soon as your English starts to improve, I start seeing double – sod’s law

19 09 2007

har har. . . . .

I didn’t notice the double posting. . . . .

19 09 2007

Happy Anniversary to you Joey. I’m not fussing about mine.

I want to share some advice from an old friend who just happens to be someone who (though not currently focusing on blogging) was in the awesomely legendary category for his blog.

He suggested to me that letting your whole being become consumed with getting more trafffic just might not be the healthiest thing for a person, especially if you started blogging for enjoyment. He said that if you become all about how to get the next hit (and isn’t that prophetic, that they’re called hits) blogging will become a pressure and eventually not be the enjoyment you wanted it to be.

I can see why a person earning an income from a blog, or blogging to raise their business profile would be concerned with traffic and hits, but personal blogging is about you.. the person, and your enjoyment. Don’t allow getting the hits to take over being Joey. Being Joey is more important. It’s like what we tell our kids… Would you rather have 30 friends that aren’t really friends or 10 who are.

I try remind myself of that from time to time. If I have a specific reason (like the anorexia thing or an upcoming project I haven’t told about yet) then I’ll try get traffic around that time, so the campaign or project gets exposure. Otherwise, I try not worry about hits and just write what makes me happy, which is why sometimes my post calendar has a few holes in it.

So whatever you do Joey, just remember that the most important thing is to be Joey. Don’t apologize for how you write, just write like you and don’t let your desire for hits and rank replace your desire to blog for enjoyment because it’s always obvious when a person has become about the hits and that sends the readers away. You’ll get the fly by night hits, but what you want is the readers that stay.

Mwah! Good Job!

19 09 2007

My google expert tells me:

Lots of inbound links, especially of high authority sites. Lots of original content and grouping content under themed landing pages.

Oh and the blog platform itself is really important – if you do go for hosting your own blog use the wordpress download it really is the best platform at the moment.

These tools are useful (you may already know them as they’re very popular):


The most important thing is content, you have that in spades and it’s really good.

That’s what keeps me coming back. Hope this helps.

27 10 2007
Donald Mckenzie Jr

Thanks a lot fro this great information. A lot of this, I learn the hard way. Keep up the great work with this blog.

11 05 2011

I do not understand why these sites contain?
Who can tell? Ah!

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