Is Ronald Goldman Smiling? OJ Simpson Arrested Again

17 09 2007

This morning on Good Morning America Ronald Goldman’s father was interviewed in regards to OJ Simpson’s most recent arrest for robbery in Las Vegas this weekend.

He said that he was never going to let things alone, and that Ronald Goldman is in Heaven smiling down. . . . .

Apparently OJ was simply trying to get back sports memorabilia that belonged to him. . . . .

Is he guilty of this charge, was he guilty before?

OJ Simpson Arrest

TMZ LIVE recording of the robbery! has all the latest breaking news on this continuing story.




4 responses

17 09 2007

He always reminds me of a Columbo villian.

17 09 2007

interesting. . .


Can’t say I’ve watched much of Columbo!


17 09 2007

Ah it was breakfast television when I was a student…

17 09 2007


I stuck to cartoons. . . .in fact. . . .I still watch cartoons during breakfast now. . . .

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