Traffic Songs

13 09 2007

Recently I’ve started listening to my husband’s radio station “CHOM 97.7“, its a classic rock station and is quite a soft and mellow change from my normal listenings to one of CHOM’s sister stations with its barrage of new music, repeative riffs and bass-filled banging tunes. My ears have stopped ringing and I am finally hearing the music.

I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, so people watching has become an afternoon hobby.

I have discovered over my time of Montreal traffic people watching that there is a secret society, a club if you will, among fellow “stuck in traffic-ers”. This club – similar to the Free Masons – is known, but never spoken of. Perhaps a fight club with out the fighting. (Just don’t tell Edward Norton I’ve broken the first law of fight club, please).

CHOM has shown me the light, and let me enter this secret yet widely visable club.

I’ve often questioned what the heck people are singing to when in the car – and now I know. Its CHOM.

Over the past several weeks, I have been conducting rigerous experiments to confirm these findings.

At every stop light and stop sign. On the 40 past St Jean in the Gridlock, or on Des Anciens Combattants Boulevard in Ste Anne de Bellevue in stopped traffic jams I see them, the members of the secret society belting out tunes, jamming on air guitars, and keeping beat on steering wheel drums.

I thought this station that keeps all armchair (or driver’s seat) disc jockeys in unison was a fable, a story. . .
I see CHOM listeners everywhere. They are many. . . .

I’ve let my hair down, and tuned my air guitar. . . . .I’m in the Spirit to Rock!

And Revisionist history is pretty good, too.

(For those that want to listen to CHOM live on their computers, simply log onto their website, and choose listen now!)




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13 09 2007
Linky Love

Hi joey,

Does your new baby play music, and if so can it tune in online at chom?

Do they have french music?



13 09 2007

I have no idea if I can tune right in from my Blackberry. . . .

. . .it does have an MP3 player though. . . . (I need some more memory to put songs on it though, I bought a 2 gig card waiting on it to be delivered)

As for French music, they do play a few French songs. . . . .

Buts its primarily an English station . . . .they do have to have a certain amount of “Canadian” content, which is where the few French songs come it.


15 09 2007
Linky Love

Gosh, canada also has a law where they need to have canadian content on the radio? In malaysia they do the same thing: bunch of nice english songs suddenly gets interupted with malay music.

Mp3 not on my bb either, just wondering if my comment gets tru?

15 09 2007

yeah, your comments are coming through.

I have my comment setting set high for wordpress. . . .perhaps wordpress holds them, takes a peek and then posts them. . . .who knows.

Akismet catches A LOT of spam . . . . .

Its good that we are required to have Canadian content on the radio, otherwise we’d be listening nothing but American music. . . . . we are already bombarded by pretty much nothing but american content for Television. . . . .

16 09 2007
talking dynamics

cvool. atleast now i will not get bored up while ill be sitting long ours near the desktop

16 09 2007

glad I could help. . . . .

16 09 2007
Jen / domestika

Ah, CHOM, memories! I can remember walking three blocks out of my way up Atwater to catch the end of a certain song on radios in car after car gridlocked in rush hour traffic… Of course, that was a long time ago, back when the earth’s crust was still cooling and McGill had a decent hockey team…

You’ve prompted me to check it out again and do a little CHOM-listening online — The Who, The Band, Doobie Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, oooh, and now it’s Aerosmith — Back in the Saddle Again, for sure! Thanks for this, Joey!

17 09 2007

hahaha, no problem Jen. . . . .

Hope it brings back some good memories. . . .


18 09 2007
Rock the Housework, Lose the Rolls

[…] Montreal radio station, CHOM-FM — Spirit of Rock — and mentioned that they’re streaming the classic rock […]

23 02 2008

Thanks for tuning in Joey!
Rawk On!

Weekend Overnights!

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