Emo Image Thursday

13 09 2007


Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie.

Click the Emo Image Thursday button on the sidebar for more Emo Images. Click the image directly to go to the source.

Others are welcome to participate in Emo Image Thursday, simply link back to JoeyMoggie and let me know you have participated. If there is some general interest in broadening Emo Image Thursday into a full meme, I’ll start a list of participating sites, and link back.




7 responses

13 09 2007

nothing says lovin’ like a fresh spray of arterial fluids

13 09 2007

I know. . .

I wonder if they have that in a hallmark card?

14 09 2007

i doubt it, but if you spring for a fresh razor WITH your hallmark card you can quickly add it in.

or did you just mean the quote?

14 09 2007

either. . . .both. . . . .

14 09 2007

okay, i didn’t get it up til fRiDaY, but i think i’ll try my hand @ playing.

the image links back to this post

14 09 2007

Thats awesome!!!

love it!

13 01 2009

of dabe too ne6to ako me kefu

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