I Have a New Baby

11 09 2007

Not a “human baby” and not even another moggie. . . . . . this is a baby of an electronic type.

I got a new Blackberry this past weekend. Its the Blackberry 8300 Curve. Its lovely silver and sleek.

I’ve been playing with all the tools and trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.

I have finally got my email forwarding set back up, and I’ve Synched my new hand held to my Outlook.

This little puppy has a camera, voice dialing and a host of other new Blackberry updates! I’ve been well pleased so far. . . .

I am happy, I am giddy. I’ve been dancing!

I was feeling so detached, I adore that feeling of being ‘connected’ again.

Never will I go without a cell phone again. I am far to dependent!!!!


My New Baby.


Manny being a little jealous of his new little brother.




16 responses

11 09 2007

Very nice! I’m going to email you lots and lots so you can break it in!
Your cats look very sweet too 🙂

11 09 2007


Thanks Katie!!!

Call me in the morning, I sent you a bunch of forms tonight I need you to look at. . . .

12 09 2007
Daddy P

That could easily get stolen …………… by me

12 09 2007

Congratulations on the new toy.

12 09 2007
Linky Love

Whoopee, you have one in silver!!!! Cute!!!!

Mine is ugly dark blue, present of my dad and dad of course has no taste (and luckily he doesn’t read this website 🙂 )

Can you take pics with yours? That’s what’s missing on mine, further on z best gift in the world!

12 09 2007
Linky Love

Ok, I should read first in stead of commenting on pictures and than start reading…. silver with a camera, now u got me jealous 🙂

12 09 2007

@ Daddy-O

Try me, you old git. Just try me. I’m like a lioness defending her cub!

@ Jason

Thanks! Its purdy!!

@ LinkyLove

I just upgraded, I’ve been without a blackberry just about 2 months now, but I’m not sure how long (the days were starting to melt together)

I had the old blue one, the 7290.

This one does take pictures. . . . you can see a picture of Manny of the screen. . . . .

12 09 2007

you should send that picture of the cat with the gadget to those cheezburgr dudes with the caption *i has ego*

12 09 2007

THAT cat? Geeesh!

You mean Manny!! hahahahhaahh 😉

And that is a good idea! I might just do that. . . .


12 09 2007
Linky Love

Manny looks so catlicious on your BB 🙂

i kind of didn’t follow anymore what was happening with BB when they started to reduce the keyboard to handphone size. But now they are back to the great old typing size, me licky !

12 09 2007

I’m the same way. . . .thats why I chose this one over, say, the Pearl.

I don’t like the 2 letters per key on the keyboards. . . . . .

This one is actually pretty good. . . .

it is, however, taking a little to get used to. . . .like any new computer/phone/pda. . . .


12 09 2007

The picture on the background of the blackberry is Manny sitting at my kitchen table.

He sits with us when we eat. . . .hahahahah

He knows NO PAWS ON THE TABLE. He will wait for some teeny tiny morsel of something. . . . .

15 09 2007
Linky Love

So well trained 🙂 Molly kind of like that when you are looking, when you are not looking food strangely disappears in the void.

Does your new bb have javascript enabled when browsing?

15 09 2007

Yeah, the Internet looks pretty much the way it actually looks.

I have a great data plan, and a great phone plan. . . the browser plan not so much, so I don’t use it very often. . . . . .

15 09 2007

Manny is a pretty funny cat. . . . .

He is very dog-like

he fetches balls, likes his tummy rubbed . . . . .

My other two are far more cat like. . . .but more friendly than ‘usual’ cats. . . .

9 06 2011

Good !!!

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