Cats on Tuesday

11 09 2007

Minou napping.

Welcome to French at Linky Love who did their first “Cats on Tuesday” today



4 responses

12 09 2007
Linky Love

Thanks for the linky love back and good idea to take pic when Minou is asleep, otherwise the eyes are in my poor photographers hands always a bit “out”.

12 09 2007

You mean Laser eyes, eh?

I get that a lot too. . . . .

I find the best way to get the best pictures is daylight so you don’t have to use the flash. . . . .

12 09 2007
Linky Love

Yes, those glowing 😈 eyes.

During the day in daylight it’s quite difficult to keep him still, whoah, I should start an excuses blog 🙂

12 09 2007

I find treats does wonders, and also if I want to take a bunch of pictures I tend to do it in a smaller room. . . . .

and you have to get right down to their level. .. .

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