Looking for Love in Montreal

8 09 2007

Lifted from the Montreal Gazette newspaper, many radio stations and television stations have been trying to help the lad who put a small ad classified section to find a woman he felt he had a connection to. . . .

Do you know the woman in the polka dot dress?

I WENT into D’Aversa restaurant on Saturday, June 9, 2007 with a group of friends and saw a beautiful blonde woman in a Marilyn Monroe inspired red and white polka dot dress. She also had a dozen red roses on her table as a salute from the restaurant and DJ for being the most beautiful woman the room. I spoke with her and danced with her. I felt we had an instant connection. She wanted to continue to dance but I broke off to collect a drink from my friends at the bar. When I returned to dance I was dismayed to find that she and her friend had left. I would love to have her call me at 928-234-2005 to see if there really was that connection.”

The actual ad can be seen here : Montreal Gazette




2 responses

11 09 2007

Sweet and creepy all at once

11 09 2007

it is a little (alot) creepy. . . .

and you know Montreal is small enough that this girl KNOWS this guy is looking for her. . . .


I wonder if she’ll contact him?

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