Emo Image Thursday

6 09 2007


Emo Image Thursday is a weekly feature at joeymoggie.

Click the Emo Image Thursday button on the sidebar for more Emo Images. Click the image directly to go to the source.

I’m still on the look out for “happy” emo pictures as a continuation of last week, and my “mini challenge” . . . .if you see any let me know 😉

If anyone would like to contribute to Emo Image Thursday (Like JUGGLING CATS) here or do Emo Image Thursday on their own blogs – please be my guest.



22 responses

6 09 2007

I like the way the M is drawn in such a way that it looks like a heart as well.

6 09 2007

Yeah, me too Kenny.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

7 09 2007

Isn’t the whole idea of a happy emo a contradiction in terms?

7 09 2007
Daddy P


7 09 2007


Yeah it is. . . . if you check out Emo Image Thursday weekly, you’ll remember from last week I took a ‘challenge’ of sorts from JUGGLING CATS. . . . we discussed how its a bit of an oxymoron. . . .

click the Emo Image Thursday button on the side bar, and check out last week’s edition.

Daddy P – Straight-O!

7 09 2007

The cruel part of me wants to spray paint ‘no’ under that…

7 09 2007

hahaha. . . .

Would it be bad if I said I thought the same thing?’

8 09 2007

Nice site ….keep it UUP…come to mine blog i like how do u feel about my video blog..


8 09 2007

Thanks Skywatcher. . . . .

I’ll check out your blog too. . .

9 09 2007

Just surfing by…Nice place you have here!

Have a great day

11 09 2007

Hey Wolfbernz,


I appreciate your kind words!!!


11 09 2007

pretty good site you have here

11 09 2007


thank you very much!


15 10 2007
chris gilmore

i really felt the pain whlile cutiing with glass on sunday. Is it worse with glass or knifes?

15 10 2007
chris gilmore

whats the point off life? you live and then you die!!!!!!!!

21 01 2008

hi Joey ur pic is really funky! 🙂
love it!
chris gilmore whts the point in harmin urself it only hurts u n it makes people think the worst of u. You shud b thankful 4 ur life.
Personally emos annoy me especially when they tell other people they self harm, its like there lookin 4 someone to say “oh no thats really bad im here 4 u”.
Attention Seekers!
Go live ur life without needing to self harm just because evry other emo does please
Keep up the good work Joey

21 01 2008
Sxc Ginge

Now dont get me rong im a bit of a emo myself n i love it.
n i think emos have a very good personality but the thing i apsalutly hate is everyone sayin i think i shud kill myself or im gunna slit my rists n bleed to death….
i have a few friends that selfharm n one of them not even a emo :S
u dont have to slit ur rists jus to prove ur a emo…

29 01 2008

Joey, you have a great looking website, full of life and positive energy. Great example of a really creative soul. Keep it up!

15 02 2008

luv it but wot it to do wid emo??

6 04 2008
Amy x

I love it, I aint Emo but I reli Love it lol! plz make some more lyk tat x

7 04 2008

4 05 2010

OMFB…….. haha…=P i no i aint emo ither but alot o pple seem to think i am and i dont got y…. but rili luv it.. lol!…..

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