Take a Seat?

3 09 2007

Have you ever been out somewhere and so tired on your feet you needed to rest, lean up on a wall or find a place to sit?

Especially in the “big cites” in Europe, you a likely to be greeted by any of the following deterrents.

Found this website by chance during a routine web-‘trolling’, they cleverly called these deterrents the “Anti-Sits”

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3 09 2007

only in the UK

cuz here in the americas, the first bum who tripped and fell into one of those would own the whole building in short order

3 09 2007

hahahahah, true enough.

Although, there is more “public seating” available in the USA . . . .there are some European cities that are are so small and narrow, there simply isn’t space to park your arse where ever you please. . . . .

I’ve been thinking about these ‘anti-sits’ I wonder how often they are justified as being pigeon deterrents?

3 09 2007


3 09 2007

hahaha, Thanks for stopping by Kenny.

3 09 2007
Linky love

Hi Joey,

Thanks for giving yuor linky love, guess who is featured blog of the day in return 🙂

Read on how you canbecome blog of the entire weekend as well 🙂

3 09 2007


Thank you very much, I’ve added the honor to my trophy case! Thank you!!

I’ll read up on that too!!

Thanks again.

3 09 2007
Linky love

Thanks for joining and you have been approved already 🙂

4 09 2007
Linky love

Aw, it seems that you are going to burst my drectory! Well deserved that is!

4 09 2007
Daddy P

Who do they think we are – a load of fakirs?

4 09 2007


this is a great heads for people like me who are thinking of visiting Europe (in the next millenium)


greetings from Manila, Philippines!

4 09 2007

Awwwww, poor Daddy P. . . . perhaps lets try to look at it cup is half full. . . .perhaps these are reminders that Europeans on a whole are more active, and thus healthier, than North Americans. . ..

Thanks for stopping by Thet. . . . . .

Linky Love . . . .Thanks!!!! Looking forward to the challenge!

4 09 2007

Pshaw.. I got to lie on a bed of nails while I was on holidays. Those “Anti-Sits” wouldn’t stop me! 😉

4 09 2007

hahhah, true true!!

The nails, however, were probably more comfortable than some of the torture devices on that website!



4 09 2007

That’s interesting !

Believe the aliens don;t like the earthling’s hospitality ! ha ha ha : P

4 09 2007

Oh my.. I didn’t check the site. Now I’m going to have to. Reminds me of several years back when I came across this kids’ skateboarding magazine (published by the same people who publish Hustler though) and they had this feature with cool boarding shots to make the parents think it was all about skateboarding. The fine print at the bottom of each page was a paragraph describing a medieval torture in graphic detail.

Now I have to go see that site. Shame on you Joey. 😉

OH… and hey… did you know you are BLOG OF THE DAY at FUEL?


4 09 2007

James. Thanks for stopping by. . . .

Fracas. . . .hahahaha. bad me! Yeah, I got the email last night from Sylvie. . . .

WoooHoooooo! Thanks!!!

Changing my ‘icon’ on all my toplists and identities made a huge difference. . . .now they are streamlined, like yours. . . .

5 09 2007

wow nice blog man

lol man if I tripped and fell on those my face would probably be still on the side walk O_O scary stuff…

6 09 2007

Thanks zm0ney. . . .

I’m a girl though. . . . .

I know what you mean about these “anti sits” its funny how we do this to our fellow man though, eh?

6 09 2007

I hate those things…they have them for pigeons too.

6 09 2007

Thats what I thought too. . . . .

Hope all is well Katie. . . .

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