26 08 2007

So making my usual haunts today to catch up reading some blogs I’ve missed this week. (It was a busy like HELL kinda week!)

Anyways – a “contest” many of us entered turned out to bogus, now granted, none of us expected to win the $2500 grand prize – but we did all expect the contest to be legitimate and offer some link back love to bloggers.

My contest entry page is here

If you want to read about the scum bag Ashwin (who won’t be getting any links from joeymoggie) you can read about it at the following blogs



Contest Blogger

Contest Blogger – Ashwin Khanna is full of Crap


Everyone agrees Ashwin is full of crap and is a ultimate ass-hat.




2 responses

27 08 2007
Biggest Link Contest Scam In Blogosphere! » Wayne Liew Dot Com

[…] was bloghopping around the blogosphere just now and found this post, Scam=Scum at joey maggie. He was posting about someone called Ashwin Kanna, which owns two blogs, 30 […]

27 08 2007
Mark’s Doing It, So Am I « joey moggie

[…] Mark’s Doing It, So Am I 5 08 2007 ——LINKS TO ASHWIN’s SITE HAVE BEEN REMOVED – IT WAS A SCAM —— […]

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