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25 08 2007

August was a very good month at Joeymoggie!

Now, I don’t blog for money – I do it because its fun, it entertains me and watching my hit counter go up  amused me.

I wrote about some of the other blog milestones here.

1.  I bought a domain.  Currently its set to forward to my WordPress blog, but who knows what the future holds.  Having a domain is the first step. 🙂

2.  joeymoggie was the 9th largest blog on WordPress on August 17.  On that day, joeymoggie was BIGGER than Scobleizer (number 19) and larger than Pollycoke (number 15).  Once in a life time.  Once in a life time!

  (click for larger image)

3.  joeymoggie was named BLOG OF THE DAY on “Famous Blogs – Blog of the Day” August 16 2007 – Read about it here

4. joeymoggie has a 21, 232 hits on one day!  Thats more than the total number of Spam comments collected by Akismit since joeymoggie started.

5. joeymoggie has received more than 200,000 hits in AUGUST, and more than 400,000 total.

6. joeymoggie was reviewed by  Best Blogs Ever here




8 responses

26 08 2007
Daddy P

I had 32 hits one day – that was quite exciting – ooo, and a cup of Earl Grey.

26 08 2007

Impressive stats. Any traffic driving tips?

26 08 2007

Daddy, I love Earl Grey. I still have this fancy little tin I got from Harrods that I keep it in. Keeps the memories of the Queen’s land fresh in my mind (and my tea fresh too)

Neil, not really. . . . to be fair, a lot of my traffic over august was from people looking for music from So You Think You Can Dance.

In short I found a Niche. . . . it was something people wanted, that no one else was doing. . . .

August was a crazy month, and no where near my ‘normal’ stats. . . .

A normal day I usually see 2000-6000 hits.

I’ve been blogging for about a year, and consistantly since September 2006 – there are things I blog about often (or ‘features’ I have weekly)

You develop an audience of readers. . . .usually people who have the same like mind about things (Although this does not explain Daddy Papersurfer 😉 )

I don’t know if I can even call my blog ‘successful’, but what I’ve read, and experienced in blogging leads me to believe that some ways to create a successful blog are.. .

– have a niche
– find other like-minded bloggers and create a mini-community (this is done by commenting on blogs and replying to comments on your own)
– staying current in your niche
– Adapting to changes in your niche
– Link Love. Link everything and anything you put on your blog. (I’ve learned this one the hard way)
– Have a relevant and meaningful Blogroll. Only put sites on your blogroll that your really read and support. Delete and change things up as needed.
– Write only in your native tongue. No ebonics, shizzle speak, 1337 or text, no one knows what the frig you are saying.
– If you want to blog seriously, or for money, you need a domain almost right from the start.
– Get your name out there, top lists, memes, forums, social bookmarking.
– Use Technorati and all its features. You can save all your fave blogs for easy one place clicking – like bookmarking. It keeps all the blogs outside of your blogging software together as well (I have a bunch of friends who use Blogger, and I’m on wordpress – Technorati is where I save those blogs) Technorati also allows you to see who is linking to you, if someone is linking to you find out why (could be a niche topic) and thank them. . . . link love, link love.
– Use Feeds. Subscribe to all your favorite blogs, and you’ll have all the latest content from your favorite blogs all in one place.
– If you dig something DIGG it! If you stumbled across it, STUMBLE IT. If you think someone else would DIGG it, post it on DIGG. If you think someone else would Stumble on it, post it on STUMBLE IT.
– People love Flickr & YouTube
– Great headlines always bring people in.
– Naughty words and tags always bring people in.
– Be savvy enough to pre-empt news. . .if you think its going to be big news tommorrow, blog about it today.

26 08 2007

Cheers Joey. Very interesting.

26 08 2007

What about you Neil. . . .

Any blog tips you’ve learned so far??

28 08 2007

Joey, you stats are very impressive! congratulations. I thought my blog was doing well getting two hundred visitors plus in a day – now I see I’m just a beginner.

Having said that though, I do nothing to fuel my blog. For me the writing of my blog is more about … well, the writing. Obviously I love people to read and comment but not to the point of fueling deliberately. Hats off to you though, I’m well impressed!

28 08 2007
Daddy P

You should do that comment as a blog – if you haven’t already.
BTW it’s the reading ‘in between the lines’ that often fascinates me….. and anyway you seem nice

28 08 2007

hahhah, you ‘seem’ nice too Daddy-O!


And your little llama, too!

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