Perched in the Window

22 08 2007

After all the weed wacking, and tree tackling this past week – I really wanted to get stuck into making a “window seat” for the moggies. Those that have cats know how they like be “up high” and love the obstacle of jumping to a cozy place to snooze.

With the dead tree from the front yard moved, the window in the front seemed the best place. Best views of the street and passerbys, most sunlight during the day and a central vantage point in the house (you can see upstairs and downstairs all at the same time)


What do you think?

They look comfy, eh?

(Lasers locked and loaded)

(What you guys looking at?)

(Moooove over! I’m going to fall off!)

(its a crap picture, but it gives you an idea of what the moggie’s window seat looks like)

Spoiled kitties aren’t they?? 😉




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