They Think I’m in a Same-Sex Partnership

18 08 2007

Colin and I were out today doing errands (buying tupperware and a weedwacker to be precise)

We were chatting about how we talk to one another, as I was remarking how even when there is just the two of us, I still use his name as a talk.  . . “What do you think about ‘this’ Colin?”  “What would you like for dinner Colin” “Colin pick up your socks in the bedroom”.   Since he is usually the only one in the room the need for using his name is mute.

I asked him how often he uses my name in a day, and he says not very often.  I’m puzzled, why not Colin? I ask him.

Well, saying “My wife” is a heck of a lot easier to explain than “Joey” – everyone thinks I’m in a gay partnership!

We ARE in Montreal, after all. . .  .





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18 08 2007

If G uses my name I know I’m in trouble….

18 08 2007

Ahhh, see Joey is my nick name. . . .only a few people really know my real name. . . . (besides my immediate family) if someone calls me by my real name then i’m far past trouble.

Only my optometrist calls me by my real name (its on my chart) incidentally he is the only one (besides my family) that can say it right either. . . .

18 08 2007
Christine Hann

I think Colin should call you by your real name. That would be so romantic. I would like to call Chris Christopher but because I met him as Chris, I can’t get the full name out. Chris said he would not like that either, you would think I would make more of a Christopher effort. Also I never really call him Chris, it’s usually hun. It gets worse, I call my son Punkin. I watched the Matt Lauer interview with Wills (and Harry) and he mentioned that he gets teased for his nick name Wombat given to him by his mother. Poor Ryan, future Canadian Idol 2026, when he’s interviewed it might come out that his mother called him Punkin. Although Chris said he hopes Ryan is more successful than Canadian Idol. Talk to you later Joy… don’t worry, I won’t give it away!

18 08 2007

hahahahahahah, Please do!

hahaahah. . . .

BTW, we’ve decided what we are getting ryan for Christmas. . . .way better than the drum set!

19 08 2007


19 08 2007



You won’t guess it. . . .its a ‘made’ up name by my family. . . you might guess a similar name, but not my exact name. . .

19 08 2007
Christine Hann

Wow you two are organized! I’m just starting to think about Hallowe’en. Any suggestions? So far the suggestions are Alfalfa, Clark Kent, Elvis (that would require commitment, I don’t think Ryan would wear a wig, so I would have to grow his hair out). Just remember we don’t have a lot of room here, so don’t go overboard…

19 08 2007

Christine, you have to remember who I’m married to. I spend more time in toy stores than the average person without kids. . . . .

I can hardly wait until Ryan is 3 or 4. . . I’ve already planned what were getting him then.

I will say Colin already nixed the puppy – so tell Chris he doesn’t have to worry about that. . . . .

Shopping for kiddies is fun.

19 08 2007

LOL! That’s cute.
Marc and I have not called each other by our real names for a very long time. It’s always Minou or Min. It feels really weird when I call him by his real name and vice versa. It gets weird looks in stores when I call him Minou!
People have started calling me Minou at work too! 🙂

19 08 2007

Minou is such a great name!


One of my kitties is named Minou . . . . .

20 08 2007

I can see how a nickname like Joey could cause some raised eyebrows… well except in Montreal.

If I marry a girl called Samantha I don’t think I’d be calling her Sam in public.

Other names that might have trouble:

Stephanie (though that’s usually abbreviated Steph rather than Steve)

Any others?

20 08 2007


hahahaha, I could go on. . . .

Thanks for dropping by Jason. . . .

21 08 2007

My nickname is Joy…

That’s funny and I can see his point. lol

25 08 2007

a lot of people guess that as one of my nick names. . . .


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