White House Wedding?

17 08 2007


One of President George W Bush’s twin daughters, Jenna Bush, announced she is engaged (to long-time boyfriend Henry Hager).

Jenna who is 25, became engaged to Hager, 28, in Maine on Wednesday the 16th August 2007.  They have been dating for over 2 years.

At this time the pair have not set a date. . .

A White House wedding is simply the closest thing to a royal wedding that you can have in the United States.   All eyes will be watching.

A beautiful rose garden wedding (like Richard Nixon’s daughter) would be beautiful. . . .

Weddings show people’s emotional and venerable side – how will this look and effect the united states on the world scene?  Will they look weak?

. . . .or will this simply be a joyful day for a daughter, father and family. . . .

Did I mention that Hager’s father was a lieutenant governor in Virginia?




4 responses

17 08 2007

I couldn’t imagine marrying into that family. I’m not anti-Bush, but I do think the guy is a moron. And Jenna’s no prize pig either. Poor Laura…

17 08 2007


I guess a “bush-isms” calendar isn’t on the list of appropriate gifts for the father in law. . . .

17 08 2007

Why not? I think that would be a great gift.

Or how about an award to commemorate his approval ratings?

Or a plaque with a picture of Chimpy McFlightsuit declaring the war in Iraq victorious on the left and on the right, the names of all the U.S. soldiers who lost life or limb in Iraq since then?

Ooo, I’m on a roll. Although I must admit, it would be much more fun to make fun of Bush in person. Then again, he wouldn’t get it. He’d look at you the way a 4-year old would if you tried to explain Calculus… in Japanese.

17 08 2007

awwww, play nice!


Phewwww, am I thankful I’m Canadian!

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