My Hero! “Jimmy Justice”

16 08 2007

As many of you know, I have a little tiny teeny-weeny case of Road Rage. Just a little.

I blog about it often. My most recent entry was about a fabulous website I found called You can read my entry here.

Anyways, I’ve been hearing about this guy on a few places around the web. . . .

He calls himself “Jimmy Justice” and he’s goal – to catch the people who give traffic violation tickets in NYC BREAKING THE LAWS themselves.

You can read a story about him here. Here is his YouTube profile page, you can see ALL the videos he has posted there.

Seriously, it feels like a little bit of justice. . . .

I’m thinking I should become Jimmy’s Canadian counterpart “Joey Justice”

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?





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17 08 2007

Other than the fact that this guy seems like a tool and it’s not news (we’ve known about corruption for hundreds of years), it is good to see this issue brought back into the limelight. Well, for the next 14 minutes anyway.

17 08 2007

I agree he is silly, but I love it. . . . . .

bringin’ da power back to ‘da peoples!

17 08 2007

It’s hard for people to take you seriously when you go after establishment. It’s even harder when you’re clearly a raving lunatic. Certainly a lot of people think he has something here, but he could be going about it in a more professional/intelligent manner. I hope change will come from this; but it won’t.

17 08 2007

but it makes for great viewing on YouTube. . . . .

I agree that no change will happen, but hopefully the people inforcing the laws are thinking twice about what they are doing themselves. . . ..

17 08 2007

I just hope that when Dunkin Donuts opens, I can use the law-breaking cops as a plow through the traffic to get there more quickly.

Good night, Joey. 😀

17 08 2007

ewwwww Dunkin’ Donuts.

Have you ever tried Tim Hortons?

19 08 2007

No, I’m pretty sure they don’t have any in Indiana. I think our neighboring states of Michigan and Ohio, but not Indiana. I would love to try Tim Hortons though, I here it’s pretty good.

19 08 2007

hahahaha. . . .

Ok, I’m going to admit a lie.

I don’t like coffee, I have tried both Dunkin’ donuts and Tim Hortons, I don’t like either, but I dislike Timmy’s less than I dislike dunkin’


21 08 2007

For Jimmy.
Your simply a bully trying to wrangle some cash from city officials. I noticed you have not “Defended the people” by confronting any illegal aliens. But i’m sure that that immigration law can be overlooked just this time. Wanna enforce the letter of the law only when you think it’s important and call yourself a hero. Grow a pair and become one. Confront a drug dealer. Please tell me you can’t find one. Odd how some of the people you hound do have what it takes to hunt them down.

21 08 2007

William. Thank you for your interesting comment.

I must say there is a tad bit of irony with the fact you did not leave a name/website for yourself. . . .

24 08 2007
D. Peace

Ignore William… there are people roaming around the internet looking for an excuse to deliberately start a political fight.

Personally, I like Jimmy Justice. He’s entertaining and he makes a great point that often gets overlooked: cops are human and therefore fallible. They make mistakes and commit nearly as many crimes as anyone else, but because we’re taught to treat them as heroes and valiant saviors of society, we ignore these problems.

Well, good on Jimmy.

Also, good luck with your Joey Justice campaign. You like REMARKABLY similar to Supergirl in that picture, I have to say. 😉

25 08 2007

Peace – I know what you mean.. . .

I like Jimmy Justic too. . . . . .for EXACTALLY the same reasons you do. (Great minds and all)

hahahaha, thanks! Had to dye my hair for the photo shoot!

24 12 2007
Benjamin Wright

Jimmy Justice is a splendid example of a general phenomenon. Technology is making all abuse by people in power or authority more difficult.

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